Surprising medicinal values of Indian gooseberry / amla

Want to know the medicinal values of Indian gooseberry which is high in Vitamin C? Read the article to know in detail about the medicinal values of amla.

Amla (Hindi) or Amalika (Sanskrit) is known as Indian gooseberry in English. It's botanical name Phyllanthus emblica and it belongs to the family of Phyllanthaceae. Amla is a deciduous plant and its fruit is the edible part which is rich in Vitamin C. The fruit is nourishing though sour and tangy in taste. It is extensively used in Ayurveda since the ancient times and is attributed the name Dhatri which means the goddess of health.

Medicinal values of amla

Indian gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C. It also contains other vitamins and minerals which include B complex, carotene, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The dried and fresh fruit is widely used in Ayurvedic treatment. There are many medicinal values of amla which include enhancing food absorption, enhancing fertility, flushing out toxins, improving muscle tone, cooling the body, balancing the acidity in stomach, fortifying the liver and many more. Indian gooseberry is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps in regulating and eliminating free radicals.
  1. Amla for hair care

    Since age old days amla is widely used for hair care. The extract is used in hair oils / hair tonics which helps in strengthening the roots hairs, enriching the hair growth. External application of amla extract is a natural way of controlling hair fall Mainly it improves hair pigmentation and is used as natural treatment for controlling premature graying of hair. Hair oils containing amla extract is used extensively in India.

  2. Improves digestive system

    Though the fruit is sour and tangy to taste and is rich in Vitamin C, it helps in normalizing the digestive system by reducing acidity. People who are troubled from constipation can have amla as this helps in relieving from constipation. Amla is rich in fibre which adds to the bulk and helps in free bowel movement. The fibre content present in amla stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and gastric juices which improves the process of digestion. It also fortifies and rejuvenates liver and improves the digestive system.

  3. Amla for eye health

    Amla acts as a natural body coolant. It helps in lowering the burning sensation in eyes and maintains the eye health. Studies have revealed that amla extract together with honey strengthens the vision, controls night blindness, controls cataract and reduces intraocular tension due to the carotene present in amla.

  4. For anti-aging treatment

    Amla is an effective anti-oxidant and is used for anti-aging treatment. It helps in eliminating the free radicals in the body and removes wrinkles from the skin and prevents health related problems.

  5. Improves the urinary tract

    Amla is high in water content, so it helps in improving the urinary tract. Amla is diuretic in nature and helps in eliminating the unwanted toxins from the body through increased frequency of urination. This improves the kidneys health and the health of the urinary system. It also helps in preventing the urinary infections.

  6. For improving male reproductive system

    Studies had revealed that amla is aphrodisiac in nature and increases the sexual desire. Amla helps in rejuvenating male reproductive system by increasing the sperm count and motility of sperms.

  7. For reducing menstrual cramps

    Regular consumption of amla will help in reducing menstrual cramps in women. In addition to turmeric, amla too is used since olden days to reduce menstrual cramps in women. Regular consumption of amla serves the purpose.

  8. Enhances memory power

    According to Ayurvedic medicine, amla is believed to strengthen the nervous system. sharpen the sense organs and thereby helps in enhancing memory power.

Since ancient times, amalaki / amla is known for its wonderful medicinal values. Regular consumption of amla helps in boosting the body's immune system, detoxifies the body and reduces excess fat in the body.

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Author: Partha K.22 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A very informative and useful article. In fact, Amla or Indian gooseberry is considered one of the 'Triphalas [Haritaki-Amlaki(Amla)-Bibhitaki] used in Ayurveda since ages. 100 gram of Amla contains:-
(a) Energry: 58 E Calory
Moisture: 82 gram
Protein: 0 gram
Fat: 0 gram
Mineral: 0 gram
Fiber: 3 gram
Carbohydrates: 14 gram
Calcium: 50 mg
Phosphorous: 20 mg
Iron: 1 mg

In addition, Amla contains good amount of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Some of the benefits of Amla are indicated below:-
(a) Amla helps in enhancing reproductive power. It helps to enhance all seven tissues, including the reproductive tissue. Amla supports the reproductive system in both males and females, overcoming difficulty in conceiving.
(b) Amla is very beneficial for eye health due to presence of vitamin-A.
(c) Amla is a potent stress reliever and can help to induce sound sleep.
(d) It improves nerve health by facilitating proper flow of blood. Regular consumption of amla improves cognitive function, increasing concentration and memory.
(e) Amla prevents health-related complications and slows down the ageing process.
(f) Amla is considered to have a beneficial effect on respiratory disorders due to the presence of vitamin C.
(g) The antibacterial properties of Amla help the body to fight against bacterial, fungal and viral infections, making the body more resistant to diseases.
(h) Amla boosts metabolism, leading to the reduction of fat accumulation in the body.
(i) The high content of antioxidants in Amla protects the body from the action of free radicals.
(j) Amla is also known to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It is rich in many heart-friendly nutrients, which prevents the blockage of blood flow to the heart, reducing bad cholesterol. It strengthens the heart muscles, lowers cholesterol and controls hypertension.
(k)The high levels of antioxidant in Amla restrict the growth of carcinogenic cells.
(l) It is a fibre-rich fruit. It aids healthy bowel movement by keeping the gastrointestinal tract clean.
Besides these, this 'wonder-fruit' has many other astonishing benefits.

Concluding my response, I thank the author for this excellent and informative article.

Author: K Mohan03 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

While I admire the author for penning the surprising medicinal values of Indian gooseberry or Amla as we call it, it may be mentioned here that dry Amla powder when added with Henna or Mehendi will not only enhance the hair strength but will also prevents hair fall. Normally those who are working in public relations are having heavy stress on their work and won't have time to maintain their hair even on Sundays and thus they may lose the beauty of hair due to pollution and non keeping of hair. This remedy is really useful and will enhance the hair growth too. For children, eating raw Amla is their liking and when it is half ripe, the taste would be further wonderful to our taste buds.

Author: Venkiteswaran06 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Avala supari-gooseberry pieces dried added with salt (and some medicinal masala) is taken as an after meal chew instead of betel chewing or smoking habits. This Avala supari like the scented supari (Vaasanai paakku) available in Tamil Nadu and other states.
Avala supari is said to have relief in nausea caused by 'pitha' imbalance.

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