Medicinal values of bottle gourd or lauki

Bottle gourd or 'lauki' does not require any introduction to Indians. This cheap vegetable is regularly present in the kitchens of the Indians. However, it must be told that bottle gourd and its juice have some remarkable medicinal properties. This article discusses the medicinal values of bottle gourd in details.

Bottle gourd or 'lauki' is well-known in entire Indian sub-continent. Bottle gourd is cooked as vegetable in every part of the country. It is available everywhere and is very cheap. Bottle gourd is affordable for the people cutting across the economic barriers. Although some people do know various health benefits of bottle gourd, but most of us are unaware about these benefits. In this article, we will discuss various benefits of bottle gourd and bottle gourd juice.

It helps weight loss

Bottle gourd contains 96% water. Moreover, one hundred grams of bottle gourd contains only twelve calories. The high fibre content also controls the hunger. Because of these reasons, bottle gourd is one of the best foods to control weight and also for weight loss.

Bottle gourd helps digestion: As already stated, bottle gourd contains fibre and water in adequate quantity. So, it helps to clear the food stuck in the colon. In addition, bottle gourd juice is alkaline in nature. So, it is used for the treatment of acidity.

It helps in treating urinary disorder

Bottle gourd helps cooling human body. A glass of bottle gourd juice everyday can be very useful to treat burning sensation while passing urine. The burning sensation is caused due to high levels of acid in the urine, which is effectively treated by the alkaline bottle gourd juice.

Bottle gourd refreshes during summers

Cucumber and bottle juice have very high water content. These vegetables keep human beings hydrated during summer seasons. Drinking a glass of bottle gourd juice ensures maintaining level of sodium in the body. This helps us not to experience extreme fatigue or thirst during the peak summer seasons. Taking bottle gourd juice is extremely beneficial in summers for those people whose jobs require frequent travelling.

It prevents heart disease

Nowadays, due to unhealthy life style followed by most of the urban population of the country, 70% of the Indian urban population is at risk of heart diseases. Bottle Gourd has zero cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin C and various anti-oxidants. So bottle gourd is very good for heart. Heart patients must include bottle gourd in their daily diet plan.

Bottle gourd reduces stress

Due to the hectic life and increasing complexity in society, every person is living a stressful life. As already mentioned bottle gourd has very high water content. So, it has a calming effect on human body. It gives a soothing feeling whenever we take it. It also has diuretic, sedative and anti-bilious properties which help to keep stress away.

Concluding comments

So every person should include bottle gourd juice in his diet for a healthy life. However, it must be remembered that bottle gourd juice which tastes bitter can damage the digestive health of a human being.

Article by Partha K.
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Author: Juana13 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Bottle gourd is an excellent summer vegetable. It consists of mainly water, much like the cucumber.

Apart from the medicinal benefits mentioned in the article, the humble vegetable is also used for the following purposes –

1. Thin slices of the vegetables when applied on the sole is said to bring out the body heat. It is traditionally used thus, in the summer months, in parts of North India.
2. Juice can be extracted from the grated bottle and the same applied on the body to ward off summer boils and prickly heat.
3. The juice applied on the hair serves to treat dandruff.
4. Slices of bottle gourd, when rubbed on the heels, prevents them from cracking.
5. The juice of this vegetable when drunk, serves as a cure for urinary tract infections that is in its initial stage.
6. The juice can also be consumed to lower counts of cholesterol, naturally.

Author: Swati Sarnobat12 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

This vegetable is excellent for people who have undergone a surgery or are feeling weak due to any disease. They can restore their health within a short period. Such persons can prepare a salad from this healthy vegetable by boiling it and adding curds, salt and chilly powder slightly.

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