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Medicinal value of Water

Water is the best gift of nature to human beings. Water is used to cure and to treat many diseases. In this article you will find medicinal uses of water. You will also find how much water should we drink daily?

Water is the best medicine provided by nature to human beings. Many diseases can be cured by water. The process of curing diseases by water is called hydropathy or hydrotherapy. We get water from different sources like rain, well, tube well, ocean, lake etc.

Chemical composition of Water

Chemically water is a compound. Though for a long period of time water was considered as an element but Henry Cavendish in 1776 discovered that water is a compound not an element. Chemically water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The molecular formula of water is H2O. Water is a transparent liquid which does not have any odour or Taste. 70% of our body is made up of Water, similarly 90% of plant body is made up of water.

Medicinal value of Water

The medicinal values of water are given below:

  1. Water is used for the freshness of our body. Every day we take bath for freshness. Water has a capacity to remove fatigue from our body. Water removes all the dirts from the body and makes us fresh.

  2. Blood is very important vascular tissue of our body which performs many functions in our body. 90 percent of blood is made up of water. So water is an important constituent of blood. Blood provides protection from different diseases.

  3. Water is used to cure fever in our body. Human beings are warm blooded and the body temperature of human beings is 37 degree Celsius. At the time of fever the temperature of body increases up 39 -40 degree Celsius. At this high temperate our body organs can be damaged and can stop functioning. So water is the best medium to minimize body temperature. Water can be used to decrease body temperature suddenly.

  4. Water is necessary in our body for the metabolic processes. All the metabolic processes in our body take place in the presence of water. In some metabolic process water molecules are generated as by products.

  5. Water is used to cure constipation. If you drink enough water you will never face the problem of constipation.

  6. Water minimizes the risk of Kidney stones (Pathri). If we are taking enough water per day, our kidney will function well. Generally water is used to cure kidney stones and urine infection in our body.

  7. One glass of warm water every day will reduce extra fat from body. So if you have a problem of extra fat and obesity, you must drink one glass of warm water every morning before breakfast. If you drink warm water twice a day you will get better result.

  8. Massage with warm water is used to reduce pain in our body. Massage with warm water also used in muscular pain and problems related to ligaments.

  9. Water prevents dehydration in our body. Dehydration may lead to death and may be fatal.

How much water should we drink daily?

Most of the people generally ask, how much water should I drink daily? There is not a perfect answer for this question. The quantity of water is generally depends on our body's requirement. Generally 6-8 glass of water should be drunk daily. The colour of urine must be white. If colour of urine is yellow it means your body needs more water.

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Author: K Mohan22 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Yes the author made the right submission that water too has medicinal value. It is said in many history books that in those days Rishis and Munis would live just on water and won't even eat fruits or food. Such is the capacity of water. Water acts as the purifier of our body. After waking up, immediately drink at least one bottle of water and if you drink some warm water it would be further better. Once you drink water, within few minutes, all the stomach upsets would be cleared and you will attend the nature call with ease and no complaints. Moreover during summer season due to over heat outside, our body gets dried due to non drinking of water and we may even get fatigue. So drink plenty of water to hydrate our body so that it may even prevent head ache and other ailments which are normal during summer.

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