Seven amazing medicinal values of lady's finger ('bhindi')

Lady's finger ('bhindi'/'okra') is available almost everywhere in India. It is full of vitamin C, vitamin B9, fibres and other anti-oxidants. Moreover, it has low calorie content. This cheap vegetable has amazing medicinal values. This article discusses seven health benefits of lady's finger in details.

Lady's finger is a non-leafy, green vegetable. It is widely consumed in every part of India. In Hindi, it is called 'bhindi' or 'okra'. Lady's finger is tender and is fully of nutritional content. It has amazing medicinal values. In this article we will discuss seven amazing medicinal values of lady's finger.

Lady's finger controls diabetes

It is full of dietary fibre which helps in stabilization of blood sugar level by regulating sugar absorption. The anti-diabetic property of 'bhindi' is also due to its ability to control enzymes metabolising carbohydrates and enhancement of production of insulin. Lady's finger is found in the diet chart of every diabetic patient.

It prevents heart diseases

In most of the cases people suffer from heart diseases due to high level of cholesterol in their blood. Lady's finger contains pectin (a soluble fibre) which helps lowering the cholesterol level of blood. In addition, lady's Finger is also rich in polyphenols and other anti-oxidants. So, lady's finger helps in preventing heart diseases.

Lady's finger is good for pregnant ladies

It contains vitamin B9 or Folic acid which prevents neurological birth defects in the new born. So, pregnant women will benefit from the consumption of the lady's finger.

It improves immunity

Lady's finger is very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in improving the immunity system of the body and protects from several diseases and infections. So, adequate consumption of lady's finger improves the immunity of a human being.

It improves functioning of the brain

As already stated, lady's finger is a rich source of vitamin B9 or Folic acid. Folic acid is required by the brain to function properly. Lady's finger thus improves the mental function of a person.

Lady's finger helps to lose weight

One hundred gram of lady's finger contains only 33 calories. So, people who intend to lose weight can consume lady's finger to facilitate weight loss.

It also prevents cancer

Lady's finger contains high concentration of anti-oxidant. These anti-oxidants prevent damage of cells from free radicals and prevent the growth of cancer cells in blood. In addition, high level of fibre content causes lady's finger to promote a healthy digestive tract and minimize the risk of colorectal cancer.

Concluding comments

Lady's finger is found all over the country. Even today, it is very cheap. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B9, various anti-oxidants and soluble and insoluble fibres. So, lady's finger is extremely beneficial for health. Every person must include lady's finger in his/her diet in adequate amount.

Article by Partha K.
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