Medicinal values of Ink nut (Haritaki)- Nikki learns from her Grandmaa

Nikki the 12 year old girl studying 8th standard is fed up with the Grandma techniques very often used at her home. Reluctant to the home remedies adapted by her Mom who follows her Grandma, she preferred to take Benadryl syrup for her cough over Haritaki/Ink nut suggested to her. Yet she wanted to know the medicinal importance of Haritaki by surfing the internet.


Nature is the wonderful gift of God and it has given us precious material for us to keep our health in good spirits. Our ancestors were keeping heal and healthy than us. Modern era of science and technology has invented more medicines to cure all types of ailments but we are still struggling with various health problems.

Fairly good looking Nirmala, a home maker still believes in home remedies that were followed by her mother and tries to avoid taking pills and tonic for smaller problems that are seasonal. Her daughter Nikki is 12 years old and studying her 8th standard. She is suffering from cough since the last night and Nirmala asked her to keep a piece of Haritaki in her mouth before going to sleep. Their regular medicine Benadryl was not available at that time and her poor Dad was not allowed to move out to purchase the medicine in the night. Nikki preferred to take Benadryl syrup for her cough over Haritaki/Ink nut suggested to her but helpless. Being a computer savvy, she wanted to know the medicinal importance of Haritaki by surfing the internet.

Haritaki or Ink nut – a quick heal home remedy

Also in known in different Indian languages as Harad or Haritaki in Hindi, Katukkai in Tamil, Alale in Kannada, Karakkaya in Telugu and Harda in Oriya, Ink nut has its own medicinal values and considered as a home remedy for centuries together since ancient times.

  1. It serves as a natural blood purifier. The toxins in the body can be removed by consuming the powdered Ink nut. It also keeps the digestive system in peak order.

  2. It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body effectively.

  3. Those who suffer from mouth ulcers make a mouth rinse with it for an effective treatment of the ulcer. Mouth ulcers usually can be very painful and the food contents having citrus and certain acidic nature would worsen the condition. A powdered Ink nut mixed with water and boiled for half an hour should be get cooled for some time. This mixture should be rinsed in the mouth for several times a day and the ulcer would surely go off. Children also can do it safely and sure it works!

  4. Take half a spoon of Hartaki powder and mix it with a glass of hot water. It clears all stomach related problems from acidity and indigestion as it increases the mucus production in the stomach. The mucus so formed acts as a protective barrier and prevents acidity and ulcer. You can drink 3-4 times a day and the problem disappears.

  5. It inherited the antibacterial properties and it is very often used for treating acne. The paste of powdered Haritaki and water should be applied on acne and acts on it very quickly so that you won't find even scars after relief.

  6. Ink nut powder mixed with water under lukewarm temperature if taken before going to bed would help in to be free from constipation the next day morning.

  7. It is more popular among the rural masses by virtue of its amazing results for treating cough in both adults and infants. A finely grinned Powder of haritaki is mixed with honey is given to infants and children for 2 to 3 days with doses in variance to treat cough very effectively. However it should not be used continuously for children without medical supervision

Also used for preventing dandruff

Ink nut oil is often used as a hair oil to prevent lice infection and dandruff. The powdered outer cover of four to five pieces of Ink nut mixed with a cup of coconut oil should be boiled at a moderate temperature. It should get cooled and stored in bottle and applied to the hair regularly for 3-4 weeks. You can observe the difference as it clearly acts on lice infection and dandruff. A mixture of amla powder, haritaki and curry leaves are pasted together and applied to hair one hour before bath on weekly basis would also give you good results and the hair turn smoothly.

Side effects of Ink nut:

It is not desirable for pregnant women to take Ink nut as it may lead to certain complications. As mentioned earlier diabetic patients also should be careful before Regular intake of Ink nut reduces blood sugar levels and Diabetic patients should be cautious of taking it and their sugar levels should be monitored closely.

Wrap up

Nikki was amazed to know about these health benefits and started thinking why to go to a doctor and wait for hours for their appointment when smaller health issue can be curbed with grandma techniques. Again she wanted to cross check whether her grandmother knows all these things and enquired about the same over phone and complained of her mother for not allowing to have a tonic instead. Surprisingly, grandma also told the same points and took the chance of emphasizing the importance of various home remedies. Little Nikki felt happy to learn that her Grandma is no way inferior to Mr.Google!

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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