Health Benefits of Chili Pepper

The hot multicolored spice that is a daily constant in everyone's meal has some really good medicinal values attached to it. Here we take a look at the numerous health benefits of chili pepper.

Chili Pepper is surely the emperor of all spices. Practically anything we have, except sweets, contain at least a pinch of it. While its hotness is loved by many, as the saying goes 'One can't satisfy everyone' and haters do exist.

Lover or hater whoever it be, their favorite dish too needs the right amount of chili to make it the perfect delicacy. Now there do exist people who simply can't imagine their daily meal without green chili. Hence we knowingly or even unknowingly consume this spice and it would be great to witness the wonders that it has been silently making, ever since the first time we tasted it.

Originated in Mexico and spread across the world due to the Columbian Exchange, this miracle spice has taken over the world. With Guinness book records being made and broken, new species of chili are being added to the market. The following are the popular domesticated chili pepper species:

  • Capsicum annuum

  • Capsicum frutescens

  • Capsicum chinense

  • Capsicum pubescens

  • Capsicum baccatum

Chili is used in many forms, like it is consumed roasted, raw and even pickled. It is important to note down the health benefits of chili pepper in all forms but maximum benefits can be reaped from the raw chili. The reason being that many of its qualities are washed away or accidentally removed while making the other products.

Major Health Benefits of Chili Pepper

Prevents Cancer

Chilli has an immense power in prevention of cancer and it is one of the most important benefits of eating chili. Chili is completely packed with antioxidants which act like natural scavengers and keep free radicals at bay. A widely known fact is that it's these free radicals which are the root cause of cancer and thus when these are absent one is protected from cancer.

Effects on Cardiovascular System

Chili plays a major role in increasing the fibrinolytic activity which means that the chances of blood clots are reduced and hence in turn, lesser opportunity for stroke or heart attack to take place. The spice also helps reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels thus reducing the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis. Lastly, it even helps avoid blood platelet aggregation.

Skin Infections

As we already knew that treating skin relates issues is one of the potential health benefits of onions. Similarly one of the major health benefits of chili pepper is it's capability in curing skin diseases due to the reason Chili has antibacterial properties and it is rich in Vitamin C. These two things help in solving various skin problems like acne, infections, cuts, and bruises. The reason being that these problems are aggravated due to bacteria which may be prevailing in them and get killed due to the antibacterial nature of chili. Secondly, Vitamin C helps in faster healing since it strengthens the immune system.

Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a very much essential blood clotting element which if not present in the necessary proportion can lead to excessive blood loss due to uncontrollable bleeding. Regular consumption of chilies provides us with this important vitamin as a result preventing such situations. It also helps in reducing the chances of osteoporosis.

Weight Loss

A common problem these days is obesity. Every single item that we consume causes us to think twice that what is its calorie count. Amidst all this, chili is one such product which has absolutely no calories present in it. On the other hand it does help increase metabolism resulting in faster digestion and helps us shed those excess kilos.

Reduces Boy Temperature

Chili contains capsaicin which is the reason behind its hotness but is believed to reduce the body temperature. Capsaicin stimulates the cooling center of the hypothalamus which helps reduce temperature. Maybe this is the very reason that chili is equally loved all across the world irrespective of climate.

Pains and Sprains

We tend to apply balms which cause hot and cool effects when we have a sprain. Chili powder mixed with castor oil can also be applied to ease out the pain. One can figure out that this would work because of the hotness associated with chili which generates a similar effect as that of balm. It even helps solve the common problem of arthritis.

Chili Health Benefits

Treating Some Common Health Issues

  • Diarrhoea: Prevention of Diarrhoea is another major health benefits of chili pepper.Today most of the people tend to suffer from this disease on a regular basis. They seem to have problems with almost anything they eat, for example. Apart from that almost once in a while everyone suffers from the conditions of diarrhoea. Often people take tablets containing chili powder along with other substances to treat this problem.

  • Common Cold and Sinus: Its been already mentioned that chilies contain capsaicin and it caters to many more benefits. It directly effects the mucus membranes helping it to make mucus secretion thinner. This action helps to combat common cold and sinus because blocked nose often leads to terrible headache.

  • Numbness: Though not a regular problem with most of the people but for many it can be really haunting especially in cold regions. This can be easily treated by applying a mixture of chili in mustard oil.

  • Diabetes: Another effects of capsaicin is that it helps treat diabetes by controlling the sugar level.

  • Depression: Green chili helps release endorphins which boosts the mood. One could relate this with the boost that one gets on having spicy food.

  • Insomnia: People who have sleep issues can treat the same by daily consumption of green chilies since it is believed that these help get longer and sound sleep.

Lastly it is important to note that though chili has many benefits people having ulcers are strong advised not to consume much of it since they can aggravate the burning sensation.

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