Medicinal values of Garama Masala_part 4-Cardamoms

Cardamoms are a very essential ingredient in garama masala. They are not only used in rich and spicy delicacies, but they also improve the taste of sweets. But, cardamoms have lots of medicinal values too. Let us find out the health benefits of cardamoms.


Do you know the taste of cardamoms? It has an unusual taste that is not too sweet or not spicy. Although cardamom is a spice, it doesn't actually taste like a spice. It tastes somewhat like mint chewing gums. It is compatible with almost every Indian dish. It is very much important in Indian curry as well as Indian sweets. You may be surprised to know that cardamoms have a lot of medicinal benefits too. To know more about this read on.

Cardamoms in Indian culinary art

If it is your birthday, then your mother or grandmother will definitely cook rice pudding. It is not possible to enrich the taste of rice pudding without cardamoms and nuts. There are other sweets like Suji, Coconut Fudge, Gajar ka Halwa etc which also need cardamoms as a part of it. If you want to make biryani at home, you need cinnamon and cardamoms in it. I can tell you my experience, that whenever I am offered biryani, I look for cardamom seeds and cinnamon sticks in it. Cardamom is so inevitable in cooking, that you even have cardamom breads and cardamom salad. From American pies to Indian Lassi, cardamoms are an essential ingredient in almost every alternate dish. Even a chicken curry is incomplete without cardamoms.

Medical benefits from cardamoms

  • Many people like cardamoms instead of mints. This is because cardamoms kill bad breath and acts as a better mouth freshener than mint. Having cardamoms regularly reduces the chances of mouth ulcer.
  • Cardamoms are a good cure in cough and cold. In fact, it acts as a preventive measure against whopping cough. Just like chewing ginger flakes helps in curing cold, chewing cardamom seeds also does the same.
  • Cardamom seeds reduces flatulence and increases metabolism of the body. If your metabolism rate increases, then your body will automatically be fit. Slower metabolism rate is the key to many problems.
  • Just like cinnamon cardamom seeds helps in improving the blood circulation in the body.
  • It is good for the skin. If you have a constant allergy or body rash problem, you should take a bath in neem water and eat cardamom seeds. Cardamom has strong anti allergy components. For better action on the body rashes, you can apply cardamom oil on your body. Cardamom oil is prepared from crushing cardamom seeds.
  • Speaking about cardamom oil, it is an essential ingredient in lip creams.
  • Cardamoms are a good anti-dandruff agent. Dirt and pollution is everywhere. You cannot avoid or stop dandruff, no matter how expensive shampoo you use. But you can definitely decrease the effect of dandruff, using natural remedies.
  • Cardamom has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Foot creams where cardamom oil is one of the ingredients, help in reducing the amount fungal infection in the foot.
  • Cardamom seeds rejuvenate cells and thus decrease the amount of cell damage in the body. As a result we can prevent too much wrinkling of the skin.

  • Conclusion

    Well, now you know that cardamom seeds can not be a part of many wonderful dishes, but they give a new disease free life. Now, when you are offered a rice pudding on your birthday, thank your family members for offering it to you. This is because along with love and affection, your family is also offering a long life through the cardamoms present in the rice pudding.


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