Best medicinal values of Dates

There is no one who does not like dates. People like dates because of its sweet taste. It is used in many sweets. Dates can be soft or hard but the taste always remains the same. Dates are widely used in middle East and it is said to have originated from Iraq.

Dates are a very good source of vitamin like vitamin A and K. It is also a very good source of sugar, fibre, minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium, potassium. Eating atleast one date each day is required for an healthy and balanced diet.

Dates are used in many sweets because of its sweet flavour. It is used to make sweet chutney to have with Indian chaats. A sweet called obbatu which is common in South India can be made with a variation by using dates. This dates obbatu really tastes very delicious and it will be loved by every sweet lover.

Dates are not only sweet to taste but has many health benefits which can be seen below.

Benefits of Dates

The medicinal values of dates are as follows

  • Dates strengthens the bones: Eating dates is good for bone development and it strengthens the bones as dates are rich in minerals such as manganese, copper, selenium etc. It is good if ages people consume one date everyday as they bones get weaker as they age.
  • Treats anemia: Dates have the power of treating anemia because of its rich iron content thereby dates increases the energy of anemic patients.
  • Clears constipation problem: Dates have a high level of fibre and it is a laxative food and hence it is good to be consumed when suffering from constipation problem. Soaking dates overnight and consuming it in the morning gives the best results.
  • Weight gain: For those who are trying to gain weight and tired trying for weight gain with all the products available in the market, dates can be the best solution. Dates are rich in proteins and have a good amount of sugar levels in them which helps helps in increasing the weight.
  • Good for heart: Dates are very good for heart and it contains potassium which reduces the cholesterol in the body which is the main reason for heart attacks. It also reduces any risk of stroke or other heart diseases. Consuming dates twice a week is more than enough to have a good heart.
  • Treats Diarrhea: As mentioned above, dates are rich in fibre and potassium because of which it has the power to reduce Diarrhea and helps in excretory system to function properly.
  • Best to reduce the allergic reaction: Dates have organic sulphur present which is very uncommon in other food we take. Hence it has the power of reducing any allergies a man is suffering from.
  • Date is an advantage for maintaining the teeth: Dates help is stronger teeth because the manganese present in them helps to absorb good amount of calcium to the teeths.
  • Dates for skin: As mentioned, dates are very good in vitamins and hence helps improve once skin. It prevents from premature aging of the skin. Gives skin a smooth texture. Also dates prevents from excess melanin in the skin and prevents from skin appearing darker.

Now that we know the benefits of dates, let us try to consume atleast one date each day. One should be careful when choosing dates. Dates can be soft and moist or available in dry form. Dry dates will have wrinkles on the surface which is absent in soft dates. Care should be taken while choosing soft dates as they attract impurities because the surface will be sticky. Make sure to wash dates once before eating so that the impurities can be removed.


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