Amazing to know about the Medicinal value of Salt

Do you know how important the most economical and easily available salt for our health benefit? In Indian food, salt is the most important ingredient in our kitchen. It is just amazing to know about salt and its importance and health benefit.


There was an old story in which a king has asked her four daughters how much they love their father. One of the daughter princess says- "I love you like a salt". The sentence is enough to prove that salt is the most important part in our life. Without it most of the food item is tasteless. You can be without sweet but would be very difficult to be without salt. Salt contain sodium one of the important minerals which we require for our body. Sodium plays an important role in regulating hearts muscles and controlling blood volume which affects our overall body function.

Types of Salt:

There re different kind of salt available in the market. The common salts which we know are (A) Refined Salt (B) Black salt (C) Sea Salt.

Refined Salt- This is the most common and familiar salt which is available in our kitchen. It is also called as Table Salt or Iodine salt because manufacturer iodized it, which is very important to fight iodine related disease like Hypothyroidism.

Black Salt – In Hindi it called as "Kala Namak" which comes in pinkish or dark grey color. It has very strong Sulphuric smell and it is mined in India. When this salt uses in food, it enrich the taste which is getting very popular world wide now.

Sea Salt – This kind of salt is harvested in India and the world. It is made after evaporating sea water. It is thicker than the table salt and used for both cooking and cosmetic purpose.

Other health benefit from the salt:

1. Decrease body pain and tiredness: If you are too tired keep your feet in warm salt water you will get refresh. If you have body ache, bath with warm salt water, it will reduce the body pain.

2. Salt is good for digestion: Apart from a food ingredient salt can be use for digestion also. Take less than quarter Spoon Sea salt and mixed with a glass of water and drink everyday morning in empty stomach. The salt water will help to induce production of digestive juice in body.

3. In soar Throat and toothache: It is the most common remedy in India. If you have soar throat, mixed little salt to warm water and gargle it 3-4 times a day. It is very affective in removing the soar throat and reduces toothache too.

4. In sinus problem: If your nasal passage is blocked and you feel uncomfortable, inhale the hot salt water it will immediately provide you the relief. It will clear the stuffy nose and help to kill those germs which are responsible for sinus problem.

5. In low blood pressure: Salt water can help in low blood pressure because it has the sodium which increases the blood pressure. Just mix half tea spoon of salt in a glass of water and drink. Please remember that do not over do this remedy.

6. In Diabetes: those who are diabetes sea salt is beneficial for them, it lower the need of insulin in body by maintaining the proper blood sugar.


Overall we can say that salt is not only important for our food or body functions but it is an eternal part of our daily life. The daughter of the king showed the deepest feeling for her father just taking the name of salt. It is obvious; can we stay away from salt? Think over it.

Article by Jeet Singh
Jeets is a natural born writer who tries to translate his thoughts into words with utmost clarity. He is a firm believer of 'know what you're talking' and thus shares his knowledge and adds inputs only on those subjects in which he is confident about. He has a strong hand in the field of Music and musical instruments from past 19 years and devoted his life to Music.

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