Is the Natural Gas project so important? Protest in Neduvasal

The 22 days of continuous protest on hydrocarbon project has been come to temporary end without any permanent & clear solutions. The protest has been started by social activists and the village people. The protest has been call-off in Neduvasal only and not in other areas around Neduvasal Taluk. The main aim of the protest against Hydrocarbon project is not only to save the fertility of agriculture lands but also to stop the possible disasters when the hydrocarbons are used as fuel.

The Natural gas project has been started by ONGC at many places in south India along Cauvery delta region. Those are the regions which are rich in natural gas below the earth. The scientists have discovered the presence of plenty of natural gas in those areas. The government needs those natural gas to make our country rich by using those natural gas as fuels and reduce the expenses which we spending to other countries. The social activists and people are protesting against this project of taking Natural gases from below earth in their region. The people of Neduvasal explain that those Hydrocarbons are necessary for their land to do agriculture. According to government both are necessary at this point of time and confused of taking a permanent decision in this issue. This makes the people of Neduvasal to sit on protest for continuous 22 days and still continuing in other areas around Neduvasal.

Required for Government and Not required for people

The government of India is spending a lot of amount to Arab countries to get the petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel, and LPG etc. These products are now daily necessary consumer products for the people. While government looking for the alternate for these petroleum products, the Natural gas project taken birth in India. The usage of Natural gas as fuel for motorcycles and also can be used as cooking gas, attracts the government. Then while they were in search for the availability in India, the satellite shows the trace of plenty of Natural gas along the Cauvery delta region. So they have started their research around 1990's. Lands in Neduvasal and surroundings are rich in Hydrocarbon below the earth. This is the reason for the recent protest against that government project.

What the study about hydrocarbon says is we have more demerits than the merits in using hydrocarbons as a fuel. The hydrocarbon gases need to be refined to reduce the release of excess carbon dioxide before we start using them as fuel. The carbon dioxide gas contributes more in increasing the global warming. As everyone knows about the global warming I don't need to explain the danger of increasing global warming. Also while we are using those gases as fuel, we need plenty of oxygen to burn them to transfer energy. If we use the one gas (oxygen) which is very much necessary for the lives in this world to burn those natural gas, it is equal to suicide. If there no availability of adequate oxygen to burn those hydrocarbons, the output will be the poisonous gas Carbon Monoxide.

Protest against hydrocarbon project in Neduvsal Taluk

The protest against this Natural gas project temporarily stopped in Neduvasal Taluk after 22 days long continuous protest. The village people around this Taluk are still under protest. These areas come under Phudhukottai district near Madurai. After the success of "Jallikattu" protest, many such protests have started in Tamilnadu by the youngsters and social activists. This is the third protest after Jallikattu protest. Just think about the cause before implementing a plan. If we need to build a house or a small building, at least we need to do harm the good bacteria, earthworm etc. in the land. The same way the government should not think about spoiling an area to become a developed county.

Yes, taking the naturally available materials below the earth will cause many issues. The soil will lose its fertility and will not suitable for agriculture. Once the agriculture disappears from which machine we need to prepare our daily foods. As far as in Tamilnadu, there are very less regions involving in agriculture. Among those regions the maximum are situated along the Cauvery delta. So in the view of sing the nature and the people in Tamilnadu / India these kinds of new inventions should be stopped.

Verdict on natural gas project protest as a common man

It is very clear from the above that the using the hydrocarbon gas a fuel is having more de-merits than merits. While the earth starts, the human being learnt everything from and through nature. Now with his wonderful knowledge, he started demolishing the nature to show his growth. I can add many points to show, how the nature is getting destroyed. Among that "real estate" is the one which is growing very fast in India by destroying the Nature. The same way many of the human invention to make himself comfort in living in this world will affect the nature in one or other way. We, the people of this beautiful natural world, without knowing any of these issues have been the end user of the entire product. Recently we could identify many such protests all over the country for the good cause. We should appreciate the people for such an initiative to save the country and nature. The people of Neduvasal have raised voice to show and save the Indian traditional business "Agriculture"

Live with Nature and Live for Nature


Author: K Mohan01 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

In Tamil Nadu there would be always a opposition group created by unruly elements just for the sake of protest and they wont have any substance in it. The central government wants to develop every state with some National projects or the other and the state government is duly consulted before hand to lend cooperation on the projects initiated. But due to stiff opposition parties with their opposite political preferences and equations, even every good projects are seen with sore eyes and the public are instigated to protest. This Neduvsal protest was also on that line so we need not give credence to it.

Author: Natarajan04 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 12

A short but good article related to a common topic in current Indian affairs (megaprojects, scams and protests). Someone once said ' One man's joy is other man's sorrow'. Sadly, in our country such programs are often controversial as corruption, lobbies with vested interests and major scams ( coal, mining, water etc) are still fresh in our minds. Although I'm not an expert on this particular project, I can say that the victims would still be the same - the people living in Neduvasal taluk and Mother Nature.
If we look at the larger picture : Ever increasing needs Man and ever growing mankind have to cope with shrinking natural resources. Take the (blood) diamonds of Africa, many people suffer and die in order for the tiny piece of stone to reach the fashionable retail outlets and people still buy diamonds happily with a piece of paper that says ' these are not blood diamonds'. Hence it's common sense that such projects will have to happen whether we like it or not.
In my view, the way to look at this issue
1. Assess the benefits and risks of such a project
2. Its impact on man and the environment
3. Is there an alternative
4. A thorough check on who's who on both sides ( Pro and Anti groups lobbying for and against Natural gas in this area).
5. Gathering the voice of the common man
If the above are favourable then
1. Sanction the project a trail run
2. Lay down strict laws, guidelines and penalties
3. Assess the interim results of the project and its impact on the environment
4. Ensure that the corporations draw the labour force from local area as far as practical
5. Fix and implement corporate social responsibility (developing infrastructure of the local area, maintain schools and other community programs)
6. Corporate contribution of a percentage of the profits back into the community so that it reaches the local people
7. Give what we take - From day one implement aforestation schemes proactively so that 'greenland' is maintained and or augmented.

If the project is successful then study the model and share the knowledge across the country; on the other hand, If it turns out to be harmful to people and nature, then shut it down with the satisfaction that at least we gave it a try.

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