Few tips for planning a trip and a happy travel

Summer vacation to the children are ahead. Are you planning for a break with your family members? Then design your trip in such a way that all of you would enjoy it without any disappointment and extra expenditure to your pocket. Here are some commonly done mistakes by everyone and let us not commit again. Don't ignore saying an'old wine in a new bottle'!


Travelling to various parts would give us some mental relief and make us to understand different traditions and culture. There should be proper planning and an organised approach to take decisions in the event of emergencies and changed tour plan. We do think of it but have always the tendency of repeating the mistakes. As a result, we could not enjoy the trip and end up the tour with unsatisfied note.

Why should it happen? What are the lacunae in our planning? Just analyse and ensure not to repeat it next time.

What makes a difference for a good trip?

Generally, all of us commit the same mistakes more or less similar and can easily be avoided. It sometimes, a meticulously planned trip goes out of loop due to a small failure resulting cancellation of visit to some important places. A good thought regarding a stay in hotel or a guest house will make a difference based on its location and the overhead charges for transport and time factors failing which it would derail a vacation.

Design a proper planning such that there can be a nice vacation without a hurried sightseeing and an extra expenditure. A journey and tour should be a memorable one to rediscover a new place and keep the finest moments in mind forever.

Are you flying to the destination point?

If you are flying to the tourist destination, see that the connecting flights are properly booked and there is a minimum two hour time lag between the two flights, the one at the point of origination and the other one at the point of connector. It would leave a space for any delay of the flight at the starting point. Don't forget losing your luggage involves a cumbersome process to complete the formalities in an Airport and you have to wait for it till the next flight arrives in or they drop at the given address only one or two days later. So, don't take a chance to miss your connecting flight.

Always maintain to be present at the Airport one hour before the time of departure so that the procedure for the security check in and generation of the Boarding pass can be done on time without any rush to do so. That means your start from the residential point should be planned in such a way that you should be able to reach the airport one hour before the departure of the flight.

What to do while performing journey by train?

Same is the case with those who prefer to travel by train. Plan it well in advance that you could get confirmed tickets only at all the places for onward and return journeys. Wait-listed ticket at any place either for onward or return journey would change the complexion of the tour and your mood. Instead it creates tension for all the members travelling with you and result in extra expenditure for Tatkal and brokerage charges etc., and you have to finish it with a happy note that your broker could give you a confirmed ticket though good number of bucks were spent. Start early to reach the Railway station so that you can't take the chance of missing the train.

Identify a good place for stay

Identifying a good place for your stayal at the tourist spot is more important. Check for a good hotel/ Guest house which is located at the centre of the city and can lead you to all the touring places without wastage of expenditure for transport and also saves your time. Otherwise you may have to miss some visiting points. We sometimes think that staying in hotel at the outskirts and at a distant place from the city would be economical but the overheads on transport and time consumption would commute for the same amount of expenditure had you stayed in the hotel in the city which you considered costlier. For example, you were visiting Bangalore and wanted to stay at Khaggadasapura which is one hour drive from the city Railway station where as Majestic circle is adjacent to Railway station, Kampegowda bus station and nearer to the Visweswaraiah Museum, Vidhan Soudha and other prime localities. You can have affordable Tourist homes, Lodges and shopping malls in and around Majestic circle. The starting point to any place of visit would be Majestic circle only and you should reach here from any other point even you want to go anywhere. Then would it be a good idea to stay at C V Raman Nagar or Khaggadasapura to save some bucks for a hotel? Instead, Have some time just relax in your hotel room and think of visiting maximum visiting points worth it.

Framing an idea to cover the best possible places of visit at one go is more crucial. We should be practical in our planning. Always it is ideal to choose limited important tourist destinations in our itinerary.
Better keep in mind the Indian Railways slogan 'Less luggage is more comfortable'. Pack your clothes and other travelling kit with a limited size so that they are handy, also we can be comfortable during our return journey where the weight would likely to be increased due to the purchases we make there.

Other things to do

Keep the mobile charger with you. If you can afford to buy have a power pack with you also so that you need not search for charging points frequently. Ensure that your Mobile consists sufficient amount for talk time and data browsing for usage including necessary plan for minimal roaming charges.

Take out a hard copy of your ticket on safer side. Though we can show the ticket through our mobile app, any technical failure may put us in embarrassing situation at the time of verification.
If you are moving on rail tracks, take care of food provisioning as junk food/food available outside may not be suitable for health.

These days we are habituated to plastic money and it is always ideal to hold physical cash also for emergency services. Not to trust Digital payments and they may not work always.

We are fascinated by the tourist spots and it is quite common to have our snapshots at these places. The memory card in the mobile may be over loaded and take precautions to save the photos already taken in a pen drive. Focusing on the snap shots may lose the enjoyment of the beauty of the location. So be quick and don't miss the spot.

Wrap up

Don't take any risk and make note of all the points in mind.Have a nice trip and plan you trip well for the next time.

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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Author: Umesh30 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A good reading on travel. People who go out for fun and enjoyment sometimes find that they were not well prepared for the trip and realize only at the end of the trip that they have not done their home work well.

There are small things which matter a lot during travel. I will mention a few as per my experience-

1) Keep cash handy in form of small denomination notes specially 10, 50 and 100. You will have difficulty to get change for 500 or 2000 denominations.
2) If you are having children with you keep fried items or bakery biscuits which last long as intermittent snacks.
Keep small pieces of old but clean clothes and magazine paper sheets as these can be used for so many disposable usage.
3) Keep an extra lock and one chain which will be useful in some situation for tying up all your luggage together.
4) Do not jot down notes or important information on pieces of paper as they may be misplaced. Better keep a small note pad and use it throughout your journey.

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