Medicinal Values of Cucumber

Are you very health conscious? Do you want to become lean within a few months? Cucumber is the right food for you. But does cucumber only make you thin or it has other benefits too? Find out here.


If you are health conscious, then you must have added cucumber to your diet. One food item that is spoken about in every healthcare television channel is cucumber. I have mentioned the term "food item", since it can be both classified as a fruit or vegetable. It has the best qualities of both worlds. You may consider it both as a fruit or vegetable and that is what botany does. Cucumber is a part of salads and forms part of vegetable toppings of chow mein. Let us see what are the vegetable items that can be cooked using cucumber.

Use of cucumber in cooking

  • It is one of the healthy toppings for any Italian or Chinese dish. You may use it on top of pizzas and chow mein. The best thing about cucumber is that it is good to taste in any form. You can either cook it and then put it on top of the pizza or you may keep it raw. Both will taste good.
  • You can add cucumber in the vegetables that goes in a sushi roll. You will no doubt like the taste of that sushi.
  • Cucumber makes a nice sauce with yogurt. You might try this sauce with any fried vegetable or meatballs.
  • If I give you a burger without cucumber fillings in it, would you like it? I bet not.
  • Lastly, many vegetable dishes that are not so frothy can have lightly fried cucumber added to it.

Medicinal benefits of cucumber

  1. Slices of cucumber helps reduce the amount of toxins in your body. Due to regular consumption of fried food, a lot of toxic wastes accumulate in the body. One way to get rid of them is cucumber.
  2. Cucumber helps in better functioning of the body organs. It has direct influence on the kidney. You can avoid kidney problems by regular consumption of cucumber slices.
  3. You must have heard that quite a lot of bollywood celebrities eat only cucumber dipped in yogurt for lunch. If you are wondering why, then let me tell you it is a quick solution for getting a lean and thin look. But if you want to stay thin, then only eating cucumber won't help. You cannot have fried food at all. A combination of both will give you a thinner demeanor.
  4. I don't think that anybody is unaware that cucumber slices are a good remedy for curing eye bags or under eye dark circles.
  5. Cucumber is good for the heart. Due to this reason
  6. It is already proven that cucumber has anti-carcinogenic properties. Consuming cucumber slices on a regular basis reduces the chances of cancer in various parts of the body.
  7. Just like onions, it is good for various oral problems.
  8. This particular benefit is quite popular and at least known to the diabetic people. It is in fact used as a medicine for diabetic people. More than insulin injections, doctors suggest to curb the problem of high glycemic index with cucumber slices, but at the early stage.
  9. This healthcare benefit is for girls. Do you have quite long hair? Are you loosing its luster day by day? Then try adding cucumber to your diet. It will not only add the gloss to your lackluster hair, but it will also nourish it from within.


I have discussed a good many health benefits of cucumber. Some of them are heard from my grandmother and some of them from my friends and seniors. All of them are proven benefits of cucumber. So whether or not you want to loose weight, add cucumber to your diet. Cucumber has a lot more to it than just becoming a weight loss ingredient.


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