My favorite teacher in my school

My favorite teacher has inspired me in many ways and has taught me many valuable lessons. She has some special characteristics to show to the students and most of the students fancy her. I have always enjoyed being with her in the class.

A teacher is a term that is used in spiritual sense to denote a person who gives us direction of life. In golden days, a teacher was considered as a divine figure like the parents. Even today, teacher is considered as a second mother in school who looks after the student with care. Some teachers in our school are really praiseworthy because they are perfectly like mothers in school. Our parents are so relaxed at home because we have such wonderful teachers at home.

Brief description of my class teacher

My class teacher of IV grade Mrs. Shanti is a simple appearing lady who can be a great inspiration to any students until she retires. She is always dressed in simple saree or salwar kameez and comes to school by ordinary government bus. But, she is a symbol of intelligence and teaches so wonderfully that we get absorbed in her lessons. Mrs. Shanti teaches us all the subjects expect Maths and Hindi. She always enters the class with a smile, so we all stand up and wish her 'Good morning'.

She opens the attendance register immediately after she enters the class and is seated on the chair. Then within a short time, she even completes the job of filling attendance. Her voice is soft, soothing and yet turbid so that every student can clearly understand her speech.

Her style of teaching

Everybody in the class is really happy with her way of teaching. She stands up on the platform without the book in her hand. Whenever, she opens any chapter from the book, she always begins with the introduction. Then some of the points that are important in the chapter are clearly written by her on the board. Because, we all should remember the points clearly, she even ticks the points and repeats them patiently. She cites some important examples related to any aspect so that we can clearly understand the terms. After explaining every term, she asks if anybody has a doubt. If any body stands up and raises a doubt, she explains them in a proper manner. But, she does not get to extreme depth of any topic because she knows that the precious time gets wasted unlike some teachers. Some teachers just explain some irrelevant stories or facts also. Every week, she takes us to the laboratory to show some of the finest experiments and we have learnt science concepts very well. She makes every difficult term mentioned in the text book easier so that we can understand. Although, she can speak polished English language, but with us, she speaks in the most simplest way.

Dealing with the students in class

She is an utmost impartial teacher who does not consider the family background, caste or creed of students but treats everybody equal in the class. Since, the beginning of the term till today, she has never used a scale to punish any students. Her methods of disciplining students are pretty decent. If a student has not completed homework, she gives them additional homework, the next day and if a student yet does not complete, then she writes a remark in the calendar. Some students in the class are always screaming and creating noise. Even then, she did not use a scale to punish them. But instead, once she called them and said to them. 'Can you scream the same way if I put a piece of stones in your mouth'. All the children remained silent and she gently warned them that if they continued screaming, then I will really put them into your mouth.

If some children are too problematic such as too dull, noisy or absent, then she calls their parents and gently discusses problems with them so that the parents also feel comforted. Some of the students in our school are dull and she gives personal attention to them.

Her contribution to the school

She is engaged in many extra-curricular activities in school also. Every year, she stitches costumes for the children who are participating in skits and dances. She sews them so finely, that the frocks look colorful and fantastic. During the annual sports day, she becomes a commentator. On children's day she sang a wonderful song to us that seemed to be melodious. So, we have explored her talents also.

Other traits

She does not encourage students to always keep quiet in the class, but encourages them to express their feelings during free time. On the first day, she told us that when the lessons or teaching session is over, the students can talk in a moderate tone with their friends or partners.

When we are promoted to next grade, we wish that she is our teacher again.

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Author: K Mohan07 Jun 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

After reading this article surely every one would remember their dear teacher who was responsible to mold us, teach us, had the patience to preach every thing we were missing during the school days. For those who are performers and who are constantly towed by the class teacher, they cannot forget the special care taken by the teacher in clearing all doubts, giving extra attention to clarify any point of reference and above all being a guide till the penultimate day of the exam, the teacher surely plays important role in getting good marks for the performing student. Even the teacher chides, it is good for us and we wont mind that seriously.

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