Some handicapped people who became successful in life.

This article is meant to inspire the readers to create an awareness that being handicapped does not deter your success in life. To become successful in life, you should have a clear vision to understand your goals. Also, they have used their energies to achieve the outcome of their life.

Even normal people get distressed in life for silly reasons. Due to constant depression in life over trivial matters, they become failures in life. But some people have proved life can be a platform for opportunities even if some aspects in life are distressing. We can be inspired from these great people who are successful despite being handicapped. When we look around us, we generally find that handicapped people are even hard-working and can accept any challenges in life than normal people. So, we should learn the value of optimism from these people.

Famous people who are disabled, but yet successful

Sudha Chandran

She is a Bharatnatyam dancer from Chennai who lost her right leg due to gangrene. When she was travelling with her parents from Chennai to Trichy, she met with an accident. Her leg was amputated because she did not receive proper care on time. The right ankle that was cut was not cured, but instead they wrapped it. But yet, the dancer did not forget about her passion of dancing. After amputation, she fixed Jaipur leg and practiced walking first. The process for becoming normal was a slow process, she did not give up. She slowly practiced walking and then performing some movements until she felt perfect with the Jaipur legs. Then she slowly learnt, that she is began to perform all the steps again. Then after three years, she performed on stage again in St. Xavier's college and earned her fame.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder whose real name is Stevland Morris is a singer, composer, record producer and also an instrumentalist who is born blind. This singer was born in Michigan in Detroit who has been performing since 1961. Although, he hailed from a broken family and was blind, yet he did not kill his passions. He began composing at the age of 11 and sang his own composition named 'Lonely boy'. So, realizing his interests, he joined Motortown Revue. Then he delivered his 20-minute performance in Regal Theatre and his first album was recorded and he was known as a 12-year old genius since then. So, he continued singing and followed his passion at every walks of his life.

Helen Keller

She was the first graduate woman who earned degree in Arts despite being blind and deaf. Besides being a graduate, she became a lecturer, activist, and a writer. She was born in Tuscumbia in Alabama in June 27, 1890. But when she was 19 months, she became deaf and blind due to unknown fever which was not diagnosed properly those days. Then as she grew up, she realized that everything was dark around her and could not hear anything what other's said, she began more and more wild. Her life transformed when she met Anne Sulivan, a teacher for deaf and blind who was the graduate of Perkin's school. She first began teaching her finger spelling. The first spelling she learnt was 'doll' by actually touching the doll. So, she taught Helen first to connect the object to the spelling. Mrs Sullivan even took her to the plantation and practically taught her to touch water and feel it. Then she taught to connect the feeling of the water to the spelling 'W A T E R'. In this way, she learnt 30 words. Then Helen began to learn speech in Horace Mann School that was meant for the deaf. So, connecting to the object, she learnt to communicate in such a way that others could understand her. In this way, she began to study regular subjects and even began meeting influential people then. Her perseverance and her inner curiosity always made her achieve her success and understand the world her own way. Although, she met some people in life, who really helped her to understand the world and bring joy, she too utilized every opportunity that was conferred to her.

Frankline Roosevelt

The famous governor for New York, then elected as president of U.S. had polio. He was confined to a wheelchair only. IN 1921, he was struck with polio, when he had already entered politics. He was encouraged by political confidante Lious Howe to continue. He began working for his disability and starting walking using this wheelchair and establishing relationship with New York's political parties and was nominated for the next elections. He designed many new social programs for the welfare of the state. With his intention to uplift the society, he was able to make a career in politics again and become successful.

Still, many, you can read the life history of many famous people who are disabled, but these examples show how determination, self-belief and drive to succeed in life can uplift a man.

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