Splendid medicinal values of Amalaki

Amalaki is citrus fruit loaded with vitamin C. That is why every mother recommends it for their children. But amalaki has a lot other medicinal benefits. Want to find out about them? Then go ahead and read.


Many of us have heard from our mothers and grandmothers that amalaki is a fruit rich in vitamin C. Many of our grandmothers used to boil amalaki flakes for quite a while. After the flakes got softened a bit, they used to dry them in schorching sunlight. We used to call them "mukhshuddhi" in our childhood. When I am writing about amalaki, a lot of such childhood memories flash by. It is no doubt that amalaki has a lot medicinal values. Before going into that, let us go through some biological aspects about amalaki.

Certain biological and other facts about amalaki

Amalaki tree is a deciduous tree. It got its name due to its sour nature. Amalaki is also called "amla" in Hindi, which means sour taste. Although autumn is the right time harvesting the ripe amalakis, you will find amalakis round the year in the fruit shops. These days science and technology help in ripening fruits much before their actual time. It is rich in vitamins and is a common ingredient in many Ayurveda medicines and hair oils.

You can consume a ripe amalaki directly or you can have it with salt and pepper. Both are equally good for the body. Amalaki's murabba is a very nice and sweet preparation by our grandmothers. You can eat it without any other dish since Amalakai murabba is a standalone tasty delicacy. Some people prefer to eat it with hot chapattis. Amalaki juice is very good for health too. Those who do not like the sour taste of amalaki love to drink its juice with sugar and pepper.

Medicinal values of amalaki

  1. Amalaki oil is very good for hair. Hair becomes long and thick. These days almost every hair oil company are using byproducts of amalaki to prepare their hair oil. Some say amalaki extracts even prevent your hair from premature aging, having split end, etc.
  2. Remember the "mukhshuddhis" I mentioned sometime before? The reason our grandmas always kept them handy at home is that they are really good for the stomach. That is why we used have those mukhshuddhis after sumptuous meal.
  3. Amalaki helps in proper blood circulation. This helps women during their adolescence period.
  4. Consuming a glass of amalaki juice is also very helpful for women. It clears the toxins of the body and makes their skin radiate with a healthy glow. So women might consider a glass of amalaki juice in place of any constly cream.
  5. Amalaki is rich in vitamin A. Children tend to complain of not seeing clearly during the nighttime, if they do not get a proper intake of vitamin A. You can prepare a bowlful of amalaki's murabba for your child to add to his or her daily quota of vitamin A.
  6. Talking about amalaki murabba, it is very good for headache. Housewives have a regular complaint about prolonged headache. Amalaki's murabba is a kitchen preparation that is kept handy in most kitchen. So wives can grab a gulp of the murabba to get rid of their headache completely.
  7. Anemia patients should consume one amalaki regularly to replenish their deficient blood vessels.
  8. Just like cucumber, amalakis are a good natural medicine for diabetic patients.
  9. Lastly, amalaki is a good cure for cough and cold. Consuming amalaki flakes, either raw and dried or boiled and dried, helps in curing cough and cold problems quickly.


In conclusion, I would like to say that amalakis are the cheapest form of medicine we can get. If you go to the market, then you will find that 1kg of amalakis cost 1/4th the price of most other fruits. But this does not take away the immense amount of medical benefits it has. Ayurveda recognized the importance of amalaki many years ago. It's about time, that we realize the same too.


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