ABC of Computer Operating Systems

The article provides a brief overview of what Operating Systems is. The Software that acts as an interface between the User and hardware is the fundamental building block of Computer Technology. Thus the article focuses on the preliminary idea of OS to give a brief summary to the readers about the subject.

Basics of Operating Systems

Operating system can be defined as a software that acts as an interface between the User and hardware. It is a software that provides a working environment for the users application.

What is Operating System?

A resource manager that manages the resource needed for all the applications in the background is an OS. OS is a software in which all common functions required to work on a Computer System have been put together.

Functions of Operating Systems

    User Interface
  1. Accessing input and output operation
  2. Accessing file
  3. Error detection
  4. Resource Manager
  5. Virtual Machine Manager
  6. CPU Scheduling
  7. Process Management

Types of Operating Systems

1)Batch Processing OS

It takes a sequence of jobs in a batch and executes them one by one without any interrupt.

Example - IBM 7094

2)Multiprogrammed OS

It means several programs in the Main Memory instead of a single program. CPU can switch to second process when the first process is waiting for any I/O Operation.

Example - Unix

3)Time Sharing OS

In Batch and Multi-programmed OS, there is no provision of immediate response to the user. If one user submits, then it has to wait for the execution of all jobs in the queue and then it will get a chance. But in time sharing, the computer is shared among multiple users to execute all the jobs.

Example - Unix

4)Multitasking OS

Multiple tasks of a single user can be opened on the System by Multiprogramming.

Example - Windows

5)Real-time OS

In real time, response to user request goes within a fixed time frame, otherwise the application will fail. It is used to diffuse application.

Example - R T Linux

5) Distributed OS

It is a multiprocessor OS. It works in WAN.

Example- Amoeba, Chorus

What is Process?

When a program is in execution phase, then it's a process. When more than one program executes simultaneously, then it is a concurrent process. Concurrent process may be independent of each other. Then it is independent process. If one process is dependent on another ,that means a message will be sent to each other, then it is Interacting/Cooperating Process. When a process creates a sub-process, then a parent child relationship exist between them.

Difference between Program and Process

A program is passive and static whereas a process is active and dynamic. A program cannot compete for resources but a process can do the same. A program has a code section only but there are code,data sections and stack program counter in process.

Implicit Process

If the OS defines a process then it is called implicit process.

Example - To execute a C program, OS will create process for compiling Linking and loading.

Explicit Process

If the process is defined by the user, then it is called Explicit Process.

Example - In real time system we can device the process in many segments.

Zombie Process

When the process needs to be stopped or terminated but cannot be done as the parent process is not waiting for it.

Orphan Process

It denotes the child process with no parent process associated with it.

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