Come and explore the medicinal values of almond nuts

Do you like munching almond nuts? Do you feel that almonds are good hunger-curbing agents? Well, now you will be surprised to know that almonds have a list of medicinal benefits too. To know more about them, read the full article.


Children love munching almond nuts. They are tasty and healthy for the body. In the evening if you are feeling a mild sense of hunger and don't want to eat much and spoil dinner appetite, then almonds could be your choice. Almond nuts are great as snacks for the afternoon or evening hunger. Some people like to munch them while watching a movie. They are better and healthier alternatives to popcorn and filled with medicinal ingredients.

Almond nuts in cooking

Almond nuts are used extensively in cooking delicious dishes. I would like to mention few of them here.
  1. Almond in pudding-Almond milk is an essential ingredient used in bread pudding. Initially, white bread, egg whites, butter and other ingredients are whisked together. To add to its taste you can add almond milk. In fact, people are so health-conscious today that they try to avoid the use of butter. You can do away with butter if you add almond milk to the dish in the required proportion.
  2. Cakes-If you love chocolate cake, then you should add almond nuts to the baked cake to increase its taste. If someone's birthday is coming soon, then this is a great chance for you to surprise that person with a nicely baked chocolate almond cake. The cake will not only have food value, but also nutritional benefits.
  3. Rice pudding-Talking about birthdays, rice pudding is an important food item prepared by mothers on their children's birthdays. Some old-fashioned people like us believe that a birthday is incomplete without rice pudding. Almond nuts are important ingredients in rice pudding. You need to add almonds nuts after the rice is boiled properly in milk.
  4. Almond snacks-Bored of the old sandwiches as your evening snacks? Try fried almond nuts instead. You need to add salt, pepper and some other spices as coating round the nuts before you fry it. When you fry them in light oil the nuts totally get soaked in spices and oil and become tasty snacks.

Medicinal values of almond nuts

Well, that was a lot of discussion on the recipes using almond nuts. Now let us concentrate on the main section of our discussion, which is the medicinal values of almond nuts.
  1. Brain development-Almond nuts are very good for the brain. That is why mothers add almond nuts to the diet of their children. If you feed your child with almond nuts, they will develop a sharp brain and a sharp memory power from a very young age.
  2. Hair development-This benefit is known by most of the girls, I guess. Almond nuts have a lot of vitamins, which are good for your hair. As showcased in the advertisements of hair oil, almond oil can repair your split ends and prevent your hair loss.
  3. Baby oil-If you just gave birth to a baby, then you can buy almond oil for your baby. A baby's skin is too soft for the regular body oils that we use. So for their soft skin care, almond oils are the best. But always buy the brand of almond oil that is endorsed by your paediatrician.
  4. Anti-inflammatory-Almond nuts are great anti-inflammatory agents. They prevent inflammation of body organs, with the help of the fatty acid content in them. Normally we are afraid of food items rich in fatty acids. Almonds are rich in fatty acids, which are good for the body.
  5. Anti-cholesterol-Almond nuts are anti-cholesterol agents. They fight the bad cholesterol that is deposited in the arteries of the heart. They never attack the good cholesterol part of our body.
  6. Blood pressure check-Speaking of cholesterol, high blood pressure is a problem that is often found in people with high cholesterol content. Since almond nuts keep a check on your cholesterol, it also keeps a check on your blood pressure.
  7. Folic acid-I have seen pregnant women, that is women who are in close association with me, to eat almond nuts during their pregnancy. It is good for the soon to be born baby, as almonds contain a huge amount of folic acid.
  8. Almonds regulate your blood sugar level and doesn't let the sugar level rise beyond cautionary levels. But the people who already have high blood sugar should take proper blood sugar medicines to decrease their sugar level. Only consuming these nuts won't reduce your blood sugar.
  9. Almond milk-Lastly, health-conscious people have a glass of almond milk daily to keep their weight under check.


It is true that almonds are very costly. In fact, they are costlier than cashew nuts. But they are much more beneficial than cashew nuts too. It has too many health benefits. Therefore, one can easily overlook the cost factor of almonds. So, I would suggest to add these nuts in your everyday diet. You will be highly benefited by them.


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