Child problem, characteristics and their remedies

This article highlights about various mental disorders experienced by various children and the remedies to the problem. The parents should take care of the problems at the earliest so that the children can succeed in life.

A child is an asset to the family. When a child is well nurtured and properly cared, they always remain happy and exhibit their energy in various spheres. The children are always exploring world around them. Sometimes, some unusual characteristics are noticed in children due to certain reasons. Some reasons are unknown too, but parents should support their children at every walks of life.

Mental disorders, characteristics and remedies

Hyperactivity Deficiency syndrome

If your child seems to be energetic even than the other normal children and if the energy of the child is utilized for disruptive actions such as throwing, spilling, staining one's body, making house muddy constantly, then your child is preferably suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome. The child is not able to wait even for a second in a particular place and is fidgeting around, then your child is suffering from mental disorder. The child is not able to concentrate or focus upon any object. The nervous system of such children functions excessively quickly. Although, most of them are intelligent, energetic, and have strong impulses, they are unable to remain stable.

The root cause for hyperactivity is still unknown and most of the experts that due to the constant usage of technological devices during pregnancy can accelerate the functioning of nervous system of the baby too. Children are using technological devices constantly, which creates even restlessness in their minds.

Such children should be met with counselors or child psychiatrists because the doctors provide different therapies to the children. Therapies and activities are more important to these children rather than medications. If the child is below 5 years, preferably herbal medications should be provided to them. These children should be engaged in activities such as sports, gymnastics, aerobics etc so that their energy is channelized and they can improve their concentration. Outdoor lifestyle is perfect for them. Doctors even state that such children should not be given foods consisting of solid sugars because sugar boosts energy levels.


It is a form of social impairment among children and such children become hesitant even to remain with a group of people outdoors. These people cannot interact or express their feeling to others and hence become frustrated. They hesitate to accept changes of life and are absorbed in their own world.

The typical characteristics of these children include repetitive actions, social withdraw, not able to express his or her feelings and hence screaming or shouting, etc. If your child is experiencing the above syndromes, then he or she should be met with counselor or child psychiatrist at the earliest. These children are provided with different behavior therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy, speech therapy, applied behavior therapy etc. Such children should be taught skills of interaction at home itself.


Some children have difficulty in learning whilst in school. They cannot read or write easily and are unable to identify letters or alphabets. They cannot interpret letters or words and even cannot recognize general symbols. But otherwise, these children are normal. Such children have difficulty in the following areas namely Math, spelling, reading comprehension, and writing. They have decoding problem and not match a sound with the letter. Even at the high school level, they cannot read like the others.

Such children can improve their skills after undergoing physiological testing and various educational methods. Their progress can be reported to the teachers who can use different hearing, touching and vision therapies to improve their skills.

Eating disorders

The child does not consume healthy food due to fear for eating and hence does not enjoy eating too. Some children fear to eat certain foods due to their color, shape, or size. Some children fear to eat large sandwiches because they think that it can get stuck up in their mouth.

The physiologist can treat them with different therapies. Most of them show images of the foods and even the parents can just show the images of such foods to make them feel comfortable and ensure them that it is not scary. If your child is hesitating to eat many types of food that are even delicious for others or eating same type of food everyday, then your child has some eating disorders.

Children can experience other types of disorders too such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder etc and a child psychiatrist can help the child to become normal.


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