Health Benefits of Lemon - Medicinal Value of Lemon

Famous for its sourness and the unique taste that it adds to dishes, lemons have always been and will always be everyone's favorite. Apart from that health benefits of lemon pl taste there are multiple benefits associated with its usage and here we would explore some of them.

The lemon makes its way into the much popular phrase 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' which is used to spread optimism that one can make sweet things out of sour situations. Keeping the same context in mind though one would never want life to gift them lemons but surely life without this citrus fruit is absolutely unthinkable.

Almost all street foods have lemon juice added to them in order to enhance their taste. The complete credit of converting super boring food to super tasty ones also goes to lemons. Lastly one can never forget how lemon has saved us each time excess salt was mistakenly added. While lemon is a treat to our taste buds more than that health benefits of lemon is more important in our daily life.

Originally belonging to Asia lemons have spread throughout the world due to its numerous benefits. It's not just put to culinary uses but also for cleaning purposes. It is a rich source of Vitamin C which helps make the immune system strong, apart from all of these characteristic's medicinal value of lemon plays a vital role in our day to day life.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Control Acidity

Though lemons are highly acidic they help in increasing the alkaline level in our body. So when someone is suffering from acidity they are often asked to have lemon water since it would help treating the situation. Thus lemons help maintain the body's pH balance.

Immunity Builder

Immunity building capability is another attribute which comes under the health benefits of lemon. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids which help improve the immune system. As one would realize that a stronger immune system means better protection from diseases like flu, common cold, nd many other common ailments.


Few drops of lemon if consumed after meals help in digestion. Better digestion means lesser chances of constipation and related health hazards. So people often consume lemon based tablets or even lemon juice after their meals to get these benefits. Lemon juice successfully kills the unwanted bacteria in our digestive tract.

Dental Care

Medicinal value of lemon have a significant impact on dental care. Rubbing lemon juice on the aching tooth can soothe the region. People massage their gums with lemon juice to prevent bleeding and also to make them stronger. It is a good cleansing agent hence occasionally rubbing once teeth with lemon juice would help in keeping the teeth white naturally. It even keeps bad breath away.

Hair Care

Quite similar to curd we can also use lemon to treat hair and scalp related problems like dandruff, dull hair and hair loss. The plus point of lemon is that one does not need to necessarily shampoo after applying it since it is easily washed away. So this is a much-preferred option for regular hair care. It even adds a natural shine to hair.

Skin Care

Lemon juice can cure many skin problems due to its antiseptic properties. It even proves as a natural treatment to bee sting since its application instantly reduces the pain. The juice can also be used to treat irritation caused to burns. Lemons can be considered the ultimate beauty treatment since it treats acne, eczema is an anti-ageing element, remove wrinkles, blackheads and bring a natural glow to the skin. Lastly, it is used to lightens marks and scars.

Internal Bleeding

Lemon has coagulating and antiseptic properties due to which it helps treat internal bleeding. Placing lemon juice-soaked cotton in nostrils can help stop nose bleeding.

Health Benefits of Lemon - Medicinal Value of Lemon

Weight Loss

One of the important health benefits of lemon is weight losing factor. People who are trying to shed some kilos are often suggested to have warm water with honey and lemon in the morning. It is so because lemon juice helps increase metabolism which is beneficial for losing excess fat in the body.

Respiratory Disorders

Treating respiratory disorder is one of the important medicinal values of mint leaves similarly Lemon has also the same potentiality to deal with such breathing issues. It works as an instant solution for respiratory problems and breathing issues like it can help someone having an asthma attack. Not only this, lemon can also treat such diseases over a period of time.

Prevents Cancer

Prevention of cancer is one of the exceptional health benefits of Lemon due to the reason lemon contains limonene oil which has efficiently proved to be able to slow or even halt the process of growth of cancerous tumors. Further, it also has flavonol glycosides which help in stopping the division of cancer cells. As a whole, there are 22 compounds in lemon which helps prevent or treat cancer.

Cardiovascular Problems

Lemon juice consists of Potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure along with dizziness and nausea due to its calming effect. So controlled blood pressure is the true key to disease-free living. Bioflavonoids present in lemon juice are known to strengthen the blood vessels thus preventing internal hemorrhage.

Antibacterial Properties

Lemon juice has proved to be an accepted solution for cholera, malaria, diphtheria, typhoid and many other diseases due to its antibacterial nature. Further, it even helps treat a sore throat and other related diseases since bacteria are usually the root cause of some of the deadliest diseases.

Corn Removal

Lemon juice is a proclaimed solution to those hardened and irritating lumps of skin. It easily and above all naturally melts them away. Due to this very property of melting such lumps, regular consumption of lemon juice can permanently solve the problem of gallstones.

These are only some of the benefits offered by lemon as many are still under research and are giving positive results which can completely change our life for good. It can even treat Parkinson's Disease, rheumatism and diabetic retinopathy. Many of its cancer preventing properties are under active research. Lastly it is important to remember that too much of something is not good, so one needs to have a limited number of lemons because an excessive amount can cause kidney stones and other related problems.

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Really a good one Lonika. Keep it up.Lemon is indeed a favorite citrus fruit of mine, always adding that special taste to my taste buds.The word Lemon to me is always associated with the thought of having fuchka (Panipuri) and tok jol in which puchka wala kaku has added additional drops of lemon juice.

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