Medicinal values of milk

Milk is a very important ingredient in everyday nutrition. Milk is the basic necessity of children, especially infants. Many times adults skip breakfast by having a glass or two of milk. Milk has a lot of health benefits that people might not really know or maybe are unaware of. This article helps you to learn those benefits.


Milk is the basic necessity of infants. Infants get their entire nutrition from their mother's milk. Thus, milk gives us the first nutrition of our life. It has been seen and experimented medically that a glass of milk is not only important for the children, but it is a necessity for adults too. In today's fast life, many of us skip breakfast. In order to replenish our bodies with the required daily nutrients and in order to avoid keeping the stomach empty, we drink a few glasses of milk. From my personal experience, I can say that many times, a bowl of milk has become my saviour. When I had to go to work in the wee hours of the morning, I used to eat a bowlful of milk & cornflakes and get off to work. A word of caution here - this is not a healthy alternative if tried on a daily basis. You should keep other food items in your breakfast to start your day in a healthy manner.

Usefulness of milk in culinary

  • Milk is inevitable in sweets. Milk is the main and core ingredient in many sweets. If you are making halwa for your children, then you can't cook it without milk.
  • Bengali people have a popular starter dish with rice, known as, 'sukto'. In that dish, if you add milk, then the dish overcomes its bitterness and develops a nice mixture of sweet and sour taste.
  • If you are cooking a pudding, then also milk is a very important ingredient, especially in rice pudding and bread pudding.
  • Children love hot chocolate. Mothers add hot milk in this so that children can get nutrition with delight. The same thing is applicable for chocolate smoothies.
  • Health drinks are a very important drink for children. They get all the essential nutrients from health drinks that they don't like consuming otherwise. But medical studies show that if children drink health drinks dissolved in milk, then they grow much faster and better than by consuming health drinks in water only.
  • Children love pasta, macaroni and such Italian food. Sometimes the parents are apprehensive to give them such food as these might be health risks for them. Adding milk in such Italian dishes brings back the nutrition quotient in them.

Medicinal values of milk

  • High amount of Calcium-First of all milk has a lot of calcium. Milk has probably the highest amount of calcium. That is why milk helps in bone development. Therefore, mothers insist their children drink milk. In the growing phase other than sunlight, milk is the next best thing that helps infants and children in developing their bones.
  • Strong teeth-Since milk helps in developing bone health, teeth also become stronger if you drink a glass of milk every day. That is why a glass of milk is highly recommended among that is corroded by germs.
  • Reduces uric acid-Although the benefits mentioned above are applicable for adults too, milk has some extra benefits for them. Milk helps in decreasing the effect of uric acid. If you are a uric acid patient then you can try drinking a glass or two of milk every day. This will lower your uric acid level within six months. You can try this at home and let me know in the response section if it helped. A word of caution here is that, if your uric acid level is very high it is better to consult a doctor for the appropriate medicines. Drinking milk can never show more benefit over the medicines.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases-Milk helps in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But milk is beneficial for those people only who did not suffer a heart attack. If a person has already survived a stroke, he or she should consult a cardiologist and have medicines accordingly.
  • Improves skin condition-Although I don't know the actual truth of this next benefit, it is said that milk is good for the skin. I have heard people who suffer from redness of skin and sunburns take a bath in milk once or twice in a week. It is said to moisturize your skin and make it soft and supple.
  • Reduces acidity-This benefit must be known to everybody. Milk helps in reducing the effects of acidity. Doctors advise patients suffering from prolonged acidic reactions to drink cold milk in the morning. In fact, drinking warm milk in the morning does just the opposite. A glass of warm milk in the morning reduces constipation. You need not require any medicine for constipation, if you drink warm milk.
  • Anticancer-Lastly, it is clinically tested that drinking a glass of hot milk everyday helps in reducing the chances of colon cancer.


These are the wholesome effects of milk. Milk is not very rich in calories. So if you don't have any flatulence problem, you can drink one glass of milk in the morning and another glass in the evening. Your bones will develop and your skin will shine. It will make you a happy person from inside. Please give your responses as to how this information has improved your lifestyle.


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