Some of the secret causes for failure of skilled people

This article highlights about the secret causes for failure of some people who are even highly talented. Thus, we can know the cause for real success in life and eliminate those points that lead to failure.

To be successful in life, one must unfold the mystery of life. Sometimes, people who are beautiful, highly talented and even belonging to wealthy background end up with failures. Some people are just not able to eliminate the barriers that they come across and end up with failure. So, these are the causes for failure in one's life. Some of the causes are identifiable such as bad habits, broken relationship, laziness but sometimes, they may not be discovered. So, the youngsters should not end up with failure due to such paltry problems.

Reasons for failure in life referring to different people

Not following their passions

Some people are just not able to follow their passions in life due to diversion of mind. Some people are just not proud of their talent for certain reasons. For eg. A person who is a good painter feels that he could have danced like the friend around him. So, they do not make use of the energies that they are bestowed. Perhaps they become aroused when they view the fame and recognition of the other person and capacity to generate wealth. These people perhaps have not learnt their own self which can lead to failure in life. Remember that you are known by the world by your internal energy. If you fail to reveal your intrinsic energy to the people, then you are never rewarded anytime. If you get rewarded, then you can use the reward to live life smoothly.

Too much involvment in family matters

Sometimes, a person's emotions can distract a person from his or her desired goal in life. Some people always think on the following issues' why does my aunty behave like this with my parents? Why do our relatives not help us in our times? Why do our relatives always take money from my parents? Some youngsters are too sensitive to take family problems lightly that they do not study professional courses effectively and hence their career is affected. So, instead of becoming remorse or disheartened, you can convert your anger into energy and even study harder to combat the difficult problems of life. Only remember that you must focus upon making your parents or dear ones proud and change in the future.

Brooding over the past

Some youngsters are too past oriented and they always recall the unhappy incidences of the past and brood over them. They always question to themselves 'why did it happen in the past' or 'why did it happen to me only?' It happened to me just because I am ugly or poor. Brooding over the past can spoil your future. Brooding over the past is a easy job, but building a bright future is a difficult task. Recalling bad incidences can even hamper you from thinking constructively. As you do not recall incidences when ants bit you or bees stung you or when rats took away your edibles, in the similar way forget these incidences also. Ants do not realize about pain, so they bite and so the people who hurt you are also somewhat similar as they are not matured.

Unknown or untreated psychological problems

A child or a school-goer had some behavior problem or fear which was untreated since long time. This problem develops when the child grows up and it becomes a barrier to success. The parents should always take care of the physiological issues of children and get them treated so that the child becomes successful in the future. So, do not hesitate to visit a counselor.

Lack of open communication between parents and child

Sometimes, the child or student does not express their dislikes to their parents. The parents want their children to join a particular field and hence a child without expressing obeys the orders of the parents. So, the parents should always be understanding towards their children and sometimes even children should communicate openly.


Author: K Mohan31 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

While the author did cover many points which are the causes for the failure of skilled persons, I feel their own attitude should be blamed for their state of affairs. Many around us are highly talented and what is the use of such talents when it is not exposed in public. Suppose a person is a good and creative writer and he has penned down some awesome contents but never had the guts to share with others nor published, what is the use of such talent. Some have the habit of advising others and they does not have the ability to develop themselves. Some are having ego problems within them by thinking that if they reveal the talent to others, then time again they will be bothered by others. So having such mind set is not good for own personal development. If there is a hidden talent, it must be brought out either by self or by some one's instigation who has been following you very closely. Now a days nobody is having time to promote others, so it is self promotion which is most important to survive.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

I feel failures happen due to lack of concentration. Multitasking is the order of the day. If you take up many works at a time, your attention will go to many things. While working for one aspect, you will be thinking about some other work which is to be carried out. Basing on the urgency we can decide on the priorities and work on one issue at a time. The chances of success will definitely increase.

A very nice article giving many aspects of reasons for failure and the remedies.

Author: Venkiteswaran07 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Though the title indicates a general purpose article, the article is more suited to students.

Admitting that there is always a gap between the cup and lips, we should also plug the holes that can erode the chances of success even when there is good preparation and training.

I would add that sometimes overconfidence also spoils the chances of success by not lending ear to the actual risks and challenges or having a reduced perception about them. Hence, to attain one's goal apart from knowledge, training and sincere and focused efforts, one should also be aware of one's limitations and the risks and hindrances to be faced on the path.
So it involves Inspiration, perspiration and a small element of luck or coincidence.

Author: Natarajan07 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Having come from a middle class and grown up in life, looking back, although it may sound harsh, we were always assessed in school for our weakness rather than our strength. It was embarrassing to have a marks card with school ranks going into double digits. Our extra-curricular activities was more a meagre entry into the cumulative record rather than a genuine attempt at the encouragement of a child's strengths.
A taxing home environment always meant emotional and financial issues in the background while studying or choosing higher education. I feel as youngsters beginning their lives, being unhappy was often because of reality setting in when our rosy dreams give way to the harsh reality of life, responsibility and most times making little adjustments with ourselves in the interest of the family and siblings.
This is also the crucial time when the bonding between parents and the child changes into a bond that is between two adults as if an unbuilt fence has come between both. It takes effort for help to be offered or accepted spontaneously.
A good article that realistically lists out potential issues that can adversely affect the growth of teenagers into adults.

Author: Partha K.13 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The title of the article is very interesting and different, so, I started reading this article. After reading this article, I found that this article is essentially meant for students. However, the points mentioned by the author are correct. In addition to these points, I would like to mention another point which is the cause for the failure of very skilled or brilliant people.

Those who are very skilled or brilliant always go for perfection. I have seen many students, who, to write an excellent answer to one particular question, can't complete the paper within the stipulated time. They miss answering subsequent questions, to answer the previous questions with perfection. I have seen also this in respect of many projects. The engineers involved in these projects, in pursuit of excellence, cause time overrun and cost overrun. Common people take these projects as a failure. In some cases, because of delay and enhanced cost, the projects don't fulfil the purpose.

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