Medicinal values of Chillies_part 1_Green Chillies

Green chillies are hot in taste. That is why they add the seasoning in any bland dish. They are mostly used to make a curry hot and tasty. But did you know that besides seasoning a dish they can improve your health too? Find out more about this over here.


Green chillies are hot to taste and that is why they spice up any bland food. When we go to a marriage reception party, most of the dishes over there are cooked with a lot of spices. Two of the spices that are frequently used in such dishes are green chilli powder and red chilli powder. Without these two savoring the dishes at a party or a function becomes a little difficult.

General uses of green chillies

  • Inevitable in the kitchen-If you have been to Rajasthan, then you must know what I am talking about. This dish is just chilli and besan mixed together with few other mild spices. It is a specialty of Rajasthan and a unique dish prepared with the help of chillies. The entire fried snack is shaped in the form of a chilli. Green chillies are inevitable in a fish curry. Normally we slice the green chillies in an elongated manner and add it to the fish curry, just after the water has boiled into half its quantity. This adds to the taste of the curry. Fish curries are essential side dish items in West Bengal. These two dishes are among the huge number of food items where green chillies are inevitable.
  • Inevitable in the food industry-Green chillies are one of the best ingredients for making pickles. Processed pickles contain green chillies in various forms. Green chillies are used in producing chips or nachos in some food factories. So green chillies are inevitable in processed foods.
  • Health/ Medicinal benefits-Last but not the least green chillies have a lot of health or medicinal benefits that are discussed in the next section.

Medicinal values of Green Chillies

  1. Ample Antioxidants-Green chillies are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help your skin remain smooth and supple. They prevent cells from getting damaged and ensure high longevity of the cells.
  2. Beta carotene-Green chillies contain high doses of beta carotene. Beta carotene ensures powerful vision. Therefore, green chillies help in improving the condition of your eyes.
  3. Smooth bowel movements-People suffering from constipation may try dishes with a lot of green chilli in it. Green chillies help the bowel movements to be smoother.
  4. Immunity power-Since green chillies are highly rich in antioxidants, it increases the immunity power of the body. So you should always prepare a curry with an ample amount of green chillies in it.
  5. Blood sugar regulation-It helps in regulating blood sugar level of the body. So diabetic patients can have green chilli recipes at parties or functions without a wrinkle in their forehead.
  6. Anticancer-Green chillies have anti-carcinogenic properties. It helps in reducing the chances of prostate cancer in adult males.
  7. High content of calcium-Women should eat more green chillies, especially after they approach the age of 50. Women above the age of 50 complain about the problem of acute osteoporosis. Green chillies reduce the chances of osteoporosis by a high percentage.
  8. Antibacterial-Since green chillies have many anti-bacterial agents in it, it is good for children. Children are highly prone to bacterial infections. If they have chillies in their regular diet, then they will be able to avoid the bacterial infections naturally.
  9. Anti-cholesterol-It fights the bad cholesterol, that is, the LDL cholesterol from getting deposited in the heart.
  10. Reduces heart diseases-This benefit comes into existence due to the previous benefit. Since it prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries directly connected to the heart, it prevents blood from getting clotted in the heart. It restricts any kind of heart disease in the body. Therefore, as males are more prone to heart diseases, they should consume food items with green chillies.
  11. Psychological benefits-If a person is psychologically ill, then he or she can consume dishes with ample amount of green chillies in it. Green chillies contain chemical substances that affect the brain positively and remove depression. So instead of visiting a doctor for your distressed mind, you can try green chillies first.


Green chillies improve the taste of the dishes and they help with healthy bodily functions. Only word of caution here is that people who are diarrhea patients or people who have stomach ulcers should avoid recipes containing too many green chillies. They can try other alternative spices, like pepper, for cooking their dishes. Otherwise, green chillies are safe for everyone to consume. In fact, children are the sections of the society who can benefit the most from green chillies.


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