Medicinal values of Red Chilies

Red chilies are a must in vegetarian dishes. They also add up the spice in chicken and mutton recipes. Even dried red chilies are a necessity in cooking red lentils. The taste of the boiled red lentil changes beautifully when you fry it in oil and 2-3 dried red chilies. Let us now find out how red chilies help in improving our health.


Red chilies are a tastier version of green chilies. They are a necessity in the kitchen, when you are out of other spices. When you cook meat at home, then hot spices like cinnamon sticks or cardamoms becomes a necessity. But what do you do if there are no hot spices at home? In fact, some people prefer cooking chicken recipes without powdered hot spices, since the powder is very costly. In that case, a better but cheaper replacement is a mixture of onion and garlic paste. To add to the savor, you should put red chili powder in the chicken or mutton dish. Those who cook regularly would know that dried red chilies are used as the first ingredient to be added in oil in many recipes. Let us find out how red chilies are important in cooking.

Red chilies in cooking

  • Red lentils should be cooked with dried red chilies to get its supreme flavor. This process of adding dried red chilies in hot oil is also called as phoron in Bengali. Red chilies are not mandatory in lentils and you can do without it. But red lentils without the red chilies, taste very bland and watery. The improvement in the dish comes from the dried red chilies.
  • As I already mentioned mutton preparations are incomplete without dried red chilies. You can do without cinnamon or cardamoms in a mutton recipe. But you cannot do without dried red chilies in mutton dishes.
  • If you want to make vegetarian dishes have the flavor of that of a non vegetarian dish then red chilies are the key to the success. One example is any cauliflower recipe. Cauliflower and red chilies bond very nicely. The curry becomes little spicy when you add red chilies to it.
  • If your favorite delicacy to go with chapattis is dum aloo, then red chili paste or red chili powder is inevitable in it. In fact, dum aloo is popular because of the broth with red chili paste added to it.

Medicinal values of red chili

  1. Red chilies are anti-inflammatory agents. That is why, eating raw red chilies or cooked red chilies in a curry helps in reducing inflammation of body organs, bloating of stomach, etc.
  2. Just like green chilies they also help in rejuvenating the body cells. They have a good number of antioxidants that helps in proper nourishment of the cells and prevents premature cell death.
  3. Unlike green chilies, red chilies are much easy on the stomach. In fact people who are troubled by stomach ulcer should consume red chilies in vegetable curry. But one word of caution here is that don't consume dried red chilies if you have stomach ulcer. It will increase the heat within the stomach.
  4. Speaking of the heat generated by red chilies, this heat helps in burning the calories of the body. It is like losing weight without properly exercising for it.
  5. I don't know how many of you have tried this at home, but the fumes of dried red chilies drive mosquito away. If your burn few red chilies in a bowl and generate a lot of fumes then you get a cheap and harmless mosquito repellent made at home.
  6. Lastly, just like green chilies, red chilies or more specifically dried red chili powder regulates blood sugar level. It helps in keeping your diabetes under control. So you can consume any curry made using red chili powder without fear.


Red chilies are good in any form, powder or paste or in their original form. In fact dried red chilies are also good for the stomach. If you want to make a healthy and yet tasty dish at home for guests, then red chili powder will serve your purpose. So keep a good amount of red chili powder at home. They help you in the kitchen and improve your health.


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