5 common mistakes made by writers

Even writers can make mistake like the other human beings which should be rectified. So, they should know the mistakes that they can easily commit. A writer is somebody who gives knowledge and information to the public and hence should be careful.

Everybody in life makes mistakes and each one overcomes their weaknesses only by accepting their weaknesses. Great men have learnt from their mistakes and never committed them again. Some writers commit minor mistakes which can be rectified, but some commit blunders such as plagiarism, copying content, violating rules and regulations etc. So, these are some of the minor problems committed by the writers. Sometimes, even a good writer can commit mistakes and so can rectify to the earliest.

Some of the mistakes that are committed by writers

Not focusing upon a topic

Sometimes, the writers are not sure about the topic that they want to choose. They have two to three or even more concepts in mind and they become muddled to form a topic from the concepts in their minds. Sometimes, instead of creating more than one topic of the article, they try to mix all the concepts in one topic and the article looks weird and they cannot give a suitable title. For eg. if they want to write about women issues, they are confused what exactly should they write. So, they mix two to three concepts in one article such as women exploitation, women education, women yesterday and today etc. So, before planning to write, they should decide what exactly can they write about a women and what message they want to give to the public. They can preferably divide topics and write separate articles in this case.

Aiming for salary

Today most of the writers are earning good salary. So, in the haste of earning more money, a writer may hurriedly write articles so that more articles are completed in a day. So, in the process of making such a haste, they may not deliver higher quality and may experience problems such as rejection, revision or rework which leads to wastage of time. The writer is a professional and a dignified person who is meant to provide knowledge and information to the public and hence a writer should write intensely and passionately.

Pressurizing himself or herself

A writer should remember that he or she cannot write well upon all the topics. Some writers can write good stories, whereas some writers are meant for writing essays or dissertations etc. If a writer is not able to write upon a particular topic, then he or she should directly communicate to the Quality Analyst, web master, editor or any other senior person because a writer can only write something rubbish if he or she is imposed with compulsion.

Giving improper tags, titles or summaries

Even a good writer sometimes cannot find a proper title because the keywords or topics are sometimes really weird. A writer should read the article carefully that is written by him or her and then decide a title based upon a keyword. A writer should not become hasty while assigning a title. Sometimes, a writer may not pay much significance to tagging or title, but the title is something that appears at the beginning on every search page.

Not borrowing help

Sometimes, a reputed writer does not borrow help from people and may become pressurized. A writer who is loaded with work should preferably allocate work online or should hire a person for performing part of the work.

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Author: K Mohan30 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

I do appreciate the author for penning this useful article which deals with the mindset of writers. What I feel that when a writer sits to share his contribution, his mind should be free from any pressure, disturbance, and he must have the clear cut ideas as to what he is going to share for the benefit of readers. Normally every writer makes his mind to create an article out of some imagination with some lead points and when he sits down to write, he comes with co-related topic and even personal experience to bring in a nice write up. But often there are tendencies to deviate from the main topic and the real essence of write up may be defeated. It is always better to have a draft copy made first and keep on adding the feed as and when it emanates from the mind and that draft should be updated on daily basis with right input and corrections. Surely a good writer is one who gives some examples on his work and that gives further impetus and glory to the article. That way he is assured of very good contents and that should be finally reviewed and corrected before uploading for publication.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao18 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A very good article and good in puts about writing. Writing is an art. The subject which the author knows is to be put on a paper and see that he will convey his knowledge to the readers.
The author's aim should be to reach the readers and convey the correct message. For this, language is very important. Some authors try to use very new words and unfamiliar words. But the reader may not be able to understand the meaning. My opinion is that a good writer can make an average reader happy by making him understand the subject without referring the dictionary.

Giving good examples, own experiences and known experiences of others as a part of the article is advisable so that reader will understand better. These will act as case studies.
Confining to the selected subject without going overboard is also a requirement.

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