Finding the right Kindergarten school - the struggle of parents and children

This article highlights the struggle of young children today that starts almost at the age of 4. The young children are made to learn discipline and face interviews to secure admission in good schools. But such young children should experience the blissfulness of nature also.

Today in the digital era, due to fierce competition, every parent wants to admit their children to best schools. For the parents, studying a child to a good school is a prestige issue. Most of the parents want to admit their children to such schools that are reputed in the city. Many parents want to send their children to missionary or international schools. Literally thousands of parents apply for such schools and only hundred to two-hundred students are selected. So ultimately the students who have even answered properly do not get admissions sometimes. The percentage for selection is low and hence they even consider the factor of influence or parent's occupation. Thus the parents of rejected applicants are disappointed and should struggle to find a right school for the parents. In countries like India, due to the huge population, the parents literally struggle unless a child is admitted to some good school. What criteria should be used for selection of students is still a dilemma. Even the young children are under pressure to make a mark in the competitive world.

The child's struggle

Every parent wishes that her or his child should be a competitor and should secure admissions in a good school. But, the child feels pressurized to appear for an interview. At the age of four, what has the child learned from life? It is the phase in life, where a child should independently explore and live their life. They should live blissfully looking at the wonderful nature around them such as the birds chirping, trees dancing when the wind blows, blooming flowers in the garden and enjoy the sight. But instead, they are induced to activities and following discipline. If you compare the rural 3-year old child and an urban 3-year old child, you can notice much difference. An ordinary 3-year old rural child who is to be admitted to Anganwadi until 5 and an ordinary-govt school after 6 years is living blissfully. The child does not go to school regularly and is constantly playing happily in the house or on the streets with any tool in hand.

An urban child usually joins school after age two, known as a playgroup and the child should follow the discipline of the school. Usually, after attending school, some children then go to tuition classes and also attend hobby classes in the evening. The children should have sufficient time for themselves.

Advice for parents

The parents, of course, want their children to study in a good accredited school, but due to cut-throat competition, they should not induce pressure upon their children. They should judge the capacity of their children and decide a school for their child. If their child is not prepared to live in a large crowd or face interviews, then pre-school up to U.K.G is recommended. Always a student who studies in an accredited school does not become successful in life. Focus on developing their skills, rather than fixing a school in mind. When a person enters into the professional world, some skills and traits are essential and they should be developed from the tender age.

Even a smart student sometimes does not answer questions in the interview and interview in school cannot decide the capacity of the student.


Author: Rashmi verma13 May 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 6

Definitely, it is a herculean task to find a good kindergarten school for a kid. Kids enter the school at a very tender age. This age is all about growth and development. This prepares the child for their primary school. Here the basic physical, mental and emotional development of a child starts.
Parents should be cautious about the teachers of the school. A teacher is a very important person in the life of a child. The teacher should be friendly towards the child. She should give freedom to child to do what he wants and she should understand his talent and guide him.
Teaching should be done in an amicable environment. Things should be taught in a play way method. The child should not be burdened with home work.
There should be a garden in the school where child can play.
Proper care should be taken about hygiene.
Principal should be friendly and understanding.
If a kindergarten school more or less has these facilities parents can opt for that school.

Author: K Mohan26 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

But in Hyderabad, we are having so many play schools and Kinder garden schools fanning out in every big colony. But the problem arises about their recognition by the government and their fee structure. It is always good to have feedback from the existing students and their parents about the quality of studies and how they look after the children.

Author: Reena Upadhya28 Apr 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

During early childhood, a child has to face certain difficulties like learning to focus, experiencing the meaning of taking turns. When he is enrolled in preschools he is made to share his space which is a daunting experience at least for him. Enrolling in kindergarten at the age of four is in itself a difficult task. He has to go through so many interviews and to clear those interviews he is made to learn so much either at the house or is sent to tuitions. Some of us are today sending their kids to preschool thinking that they will enjoy over there along with other kids and also light methods of teaching will help them prepare for their kindergarten interview. A child needs to explore and play and childhood is the phase where a strong foundation will be laid. When he is devoid of all the wonderful things but the focus is merely to teach him more and more academic skills like reading and counting, then though he may succeed in his studies but may not fare well in exams of his life.

Parents go through lots of trouble when trying to find a good school for their kids. Pressure to enroll their kids in right school is huge and this is because choices available in front of them are overwhelming. Always consider one thing that all that glitters is not gold. Most of the parents today are overwhelmed by those schools which have huge complexes. They look at the architecture, the buildings, the fees and make up their mind. If everything is huge then they feel that school is right for their kids. If they charge more fees then that school is right for their kids. However, this is merely a misconception. Do not get influenced by the pamphlets and big talk. The most important thing to look for is the way teachers handle, communicate and teach the kids. The better the teacher-student relationship, better will be the students future.

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