The annual gathering day of our school

This article is a brief description about the annual gathering of our school that was held on 1st March this year. We enjoyed and experienced a new style of life and I can never forget the day of my gathering.

Every year, our school conducted annual gathering function in the school during the first week of March. This year our annual gathering function was held on the 1st March in our school community hall. Our parents and the non-participating students were invited for the function and number of chief guests were also welcomed for the function. Our principal and all our school teachers of primary classes took interest to conduct such a grand function. I too participated in a drama that was appreciated by the audience.

How the function began

That day, the holiday was declared for the school and we were told to gather in the community hall of our school in the evening at 5. p.m exactly. So, at 4. p.m that day, I drank a glass of milk after practicing my dialogues and dressed up in the fancy costume that was provided by the school. Then, I sat in my father's car to reach the school quickly. When I entered the premises of my school, I saw several primary students who were standing near the gate and they looked colorful with fancy costumes. They were lingering around the playground and the people from outside the gate were watching them curiously, no sooner the teachers called everybody to gather in the community hall.

We all were seated in the room inside the community hall and were told to be seated until we were called on the stage. The window in the room was open and we could see everything from the room. The microphones and speakers were arranged on the stage. Then chairs were quickly arranged on the stage for the chief guests. Our school principal Mrs. Nair announced on the stage to invite the chief guests. The chief guests who were sitting in the first row were given a seat on the chairs that were laid on the stage. Then Mrs. Nair called our most experienced teacher Mrs. Pillai to inaugurate the function by lighting a lamp on the stage. The lamp was beautifully surrounded with colored rangoli around. Then after lighting the lamp for the function, then one of our teacher who was anchoring came on the stage and called one of our classmates who was the monitor of the three classes to garland the chief guest of the function and to present a large bouquet. Then the first items of the function as announced on the stage was the 'welcome song'.

Welcome song

Then my IV grade classmates came on the stage and began to sing a welcome song ' Suswagatam' in a melodious tone. They were smartly dressed up in uniforms along with black-thick blazers. They sang loudly and clearly so that the audience would clearly hear them and a guitarist who ran a music class was called to play background music. Then the song finally ended and the participants bowed down to the audience. Then the audience loudly applauded them. Then the second time as announced was 'Unity in diversity' drama.

Unity in diversity

The participants from III grade entered on the stage as soon as the curtains opened for them. They all stood in an arch fashion and were dressed with different costumes representing different states of India. The background song that was played for the show was 'Aye hai hum door door se'. Then as the song was played, consequently the participants from different states came forward and presented their folk dance for a minute and stood in the line behind. Each of them was dressed wonderfully and they appeared as if a little girl or boy who was dressed like tribes came from remote state to present their culture on the stage. They danced just a step or two that seemed to fascinate the audience. At the end of the song, they stood in a large holding their hands to indicate harmony between cultures. We were feeling nervous as we were presenting our next item that was shortly announced by our teacher Mrs. Nandini.

Our drama

Our team entered the stage as soon as the curtains lay open and we took our positions. Chairs and desk were arranged on the stage. I played a role of a dull boy who was constantly harassed by the teacher. The theme of our drama was the discrimination of students according to their academic performance. In the drama, 3 teachers represented 10 boys each to show that there were 3 classes in the drama with one teacher and 10 students. Teachers were presented with chairs and desks and we students were seated on the floor initially facing the teachers. The students were allocated to 3 divisions A, B, and C. A class comprised of most clever students, B was average and C was for dull students. My friend played the role of a teacher who was constantly harassing us for bad performance. I played the role of a victim who fell on the ground, while the teacher was canning. Then our group friends played the role of my parents who come and complain to the teacher. The teacher is but a tyrant who turned away my parents by saying 'go out, you parents of an idiot'. Then I played the role of a boy who was so hurt that I formed an union with my classmates. Then we use different techniques such as group studying, studying in different places of nature, learn orally, discuss orally and finally end up with beautiful performance. All the other students vanished from the stage when we acted on the stage. I always remembered my dialogues clearly and I enjoyed joining a group of my friends and performing an act to study together. I felt as if I was really a dull student who seemed to be really hurt. The audience applauded to this item even before the show ended. We all returned peacefully to our seats and our parents hugged us after our performance.

Other items

Then I peacefully sat down in the hall in a chair facing the window and watched the other items. Then the next two items were western dances. The next item was played by I grade student and they were gracefully dressed up in black and white dresses. Girls and boys danced together and the item ended up quickly. The next item was also a western dance played by II grade students who were dressed up in frill dresses and boys in suits. Then a popular dancer from our class Miss. Soumya danced an Odissi dance by being dressed in traditional costumes. Then the next item was a song sung by the students of all grades. Usually, the students who were not able to participate in other items were given chance to sing.

Prize distribution

Few prizes were distributed to the students of each class who were proficient in singing, dancing, fine arts, recitation, and studies. I bagged a prize for highest performance in III grade and for singing. The audience was greatly surprised that I played a role of a dull student so dramatically although I was so bright in studies. After the prize distribution ceremony was the vote of thanks from our classmate. After the vote of thanks, everybody got up from their seats and gathered in the premises to discuss the function. I was congratulated by many parents and my parents were really proud of me that day.


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