Smart go-green and eco-friendly projects for Chennai kids

Discover the green activities in Chennai that you can involve your kids in. From tree walks to sustainable living, from composting and waste management to supporting and caring for trees, there are numerous activities that put your kids close to nature and helps transform them into better citizens.

When was the last time you saw a burst of green around you, lush trees, sagging under the weight of their blooms? When was the last time you took your kids on a green picnic or on a nature trail within Chennai? You are perhaps trying to think of a time when you did that. The answer in all probability will be, never. I don't blame you. All that the eyes see in the city is high-rise construction. Chennai's green cover is slowly diminishing, giving way to synthetic luxuries.

How about getting up close to nature! Taking your children on nature walks, away from the maddening crowds, the noise and the pollution. Away from the hustle and bustle, but all within the city. Chennai's green belt is concealed within the concrete jungle and most people are unaware of the lung spaces available to them. If you haven't heard of these locales, you'll be surprised at the opportunities present, so close to you.

I have always advocated green living and encourage parents to get their children involved in green projects. If you are a parent who is enthused by the thought of inspiring your children with green values, then these Gardening workshops in Chennai and Green projects might also interest you. There are a whole lot of activities that I have put together in this article as well. They all have to do with green living, and they'll definitely get your attention if you have your heart beating for the environment. Take a read, and get your kids involved in activities that will make a big difference to their personalities.

The Tree Walk

The Tree Walk is organised by Nizhal an NGO based in Ashok Nagar. They organise tree walks, in the city, with the purpose of getting the young and the old familiarise with the trees in their environment. They conduct a series of walks across the city, particularly during these periods –

  • Margazhi walks – in the cooler months of December and January
  • Chithirai walks begin in April when the trees are in bloom
  • Madras Day walks in the month of August when the city celebrates itself

The interesting features of these walks include getting to discover rare species of trees and learning about the varied flora that surrounds us. How the trees around us are beneficial to the environment and why there is a need to conserve them.

Nizhal has various green programmes which your children can be part of. Get details of all that they do on NIZHAL's Official Website.

The Farm

A visit to The Farm can be an invigorating experience. Cocooned on the OMR, amidst the IT Corridor 'The Farm' is a real farm that brings village life to urban dwellers.

Guided tours are conducted, along grassy hummocks surrounded by towering coconut and eucalyptus plantations. The tour includes a visit to the poultry and dairy farm and the stable, with horses. Stop by rice fields and walk through the organic vegetable farm.

It is more than a walk, as you are also allowed to feed the domesticated farm animals and try your hands at some gardening and harvest fresh vegetables. It is quite a fun experience, as you and/or your kids can sit at the potter's wheel and have a shot at pottery designing. Bake your own wood-fired pizza, and enjoy the whole rustic feel.

There are stay packages available as well, so you can, if you choose to, spend the night on the farm, and wake up to a wholesome breakfast, served amid fresh environment, prepared from farm fresh produce. Buy fresh, organically produced products ranging from spices to cheese and vegetables to pickles, at their in-house store. Visit The Farm and give your children something to cherish.

Tree Walk

Ainthinai, the Chennai Trekker's Club, constitutes of a 'Greenwing' that conducts 'tree walks' for children. This activity is remarkably fantastic; it encourages awareness among children about the different types of trees in their environment. It is an educative walk where children learn the importance of the trees and the need to conserve them.

This group of enthusiasts coordinates various other green activities including the following –

  • Tree plantation campaigns
  • Workshops on terrace gardening
  • Nursery upkeep drives
  • green treks

They have planted thousands of native saplings across Chennai region and continue to maintain the trees they planted. As a follow up of the sapling plantation campaigns that they undertake the group recently conducted a sapling maintenance drive in Sholinganallur. The activities under such events comprise of applying manure and mulch, providing support to weak and/or slanting trees and watering etcetera.

Participation for such drives is open to all. Details for further events where your kids can join hands can be sought at the Ainthinai's official website

Get them composting

Composting puts all your kitchen waste into good use. It reduces the amount of garbage that we send out to landfills, and actually make suitable use of all the organic waste that is generated in our homes. Learning to create your own compost can be rewarding in many ways. Not only do you obtain nutrient-rich compost that your plants will love, but your kids also learn to protect the environment and learn a wee bit about science through the procedure of breaking down of the organic matter. They inculcate the habit of recycling and reducing waste, something that will stay with them forever.

You've got help at hand as there are a number of organisations that will walk you and your kids through the whole process of composting.

Green Minds Center

Targeting children within age groups of 5 and 10 years Green Minds Center has a number of fascinating concepts going. Among the various programmes, they conduct is a half day workshop on composting. The idea is to drive home the message of the need for waste management. The programme is well chalked out and involves the following activities –

  • Kicks off with a snack making activity where kids participate. The activity is done to highlight the amount of garbage we generate each day
  • The next step involves the actual learning, with benefits of waste segregation and how it can be implemented being discussed
  • This is followed by a lesson on composting techniques and the kids receive a composting kit and an instruction manual

The Green Minds Center has many other educational workshops that your kids can be a part of. Gather more information on the Green Minds Center website.

Workshops by Restore

Restore has a plethora of activities centred on sustainable living, urban gardening, composting and upcycling etcetera that will interest and inspire young kids. Connect with them through their official page and get your kids started.

Kids just need a little push. Provide them with the right guidance when they are young and you will ensure that they grow up to be environment loving adults.

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