Techniques teachers should use to discipline their students

This article showcases about the different methods teachers should use to discipline the students rather than flogging or canning them. They should focus upon uplifting the students rather than creating a disciplined atmosphere. Teachers play an important role in shaping child's future.

Teachers provide knowledge to the students and they are considered as figures who eliminate the darkness and show the students the light of knowledge. The relationship between a teacher and a student should always be healthier because the students remember a teacher for a lifetime. Teachers may forget students, but a student will never forget a teacher because the childhood is stored in their mind as a memory. We often recall the incidences of the days when teachers flogged us and the pain that was felt by the beating. Students also remember that how petrified they felt when a strict teacher entered into the class. The class became calm even before the teacher entered into the class.

Ideal teacher for disciplining students

An ideal teacher is rarely found because such teachers are proficient in teaching, appear neat, control the students and yet are liked by the students. The role of a teacher apart from teaching is to inculcate values and discipline among students. Earlier flogging was a common method of disciplining the students, but today the government of all the states have discouraged the system of flogging because it adversely affects children. The children may become disciplined due to extreme strictness, but also become suppressed. Flogging was a common punishment for children who are extremely naughty or those students who constantly neglect studies. Some students are too sensitive to such punishments and become petrified. If the teachers are given freedom to flog students anyhow, then they may just flog the students when they are upset.

Sometimes, even today the teachers tend to punish students who are behaving naughty. Some children cannot be handled easily as they are too mischievous. But the teachers should somehow try to use techniques that can help children to develop their personality without losing control over the students. The teacher should try to take control over emotions and anger to help the students grow holistically. Flogging should never be an option because many wonderful techniques can be used. If the teacher is encountering any problem, then he or she can always discuss with parents. Children should be given chances even before they are punished in a milder way.

Some of the disciplining techniques that seem to be reasonable

Standing up for misbehavior

The students who are constantly misbehaving in class despite of frequent lectures can be told to stand up until the period is over. Let them stand up for more than half an hour and know the pain of standing for a long time. If they continue misbehaving, then they should me told to stand up on the bench. At this point, most of the students get pacified because they understand the embarrassment of standing up when everybody is viewing them. Even if some students are so naughty, then the point should be discussed with their parents intensely.

Punishment for negligence in studies and not completing assignment on time

Such students should be assigned more home-work the next day. Or if the child has not completed the homework on a day, then the student should be instructed to write down the same assignment twice and also complete the homework of that day. If the child is constantly showing negligence, then the teacher should write a note to the parents and if severe request them to meet them.

Weaker students

Weaker students should be dealt in a very sensitive manner and they should never be tagged by teachers. The teacher should first provide personal attention to them or appoint a leader to observe their studies. Such candidates may become urged to study harder if somebody is leading them. Even if the child is not improving, then the teacher may assign more home-work or later on discuss with the parents. The parents of such child should be intimated beforehand that such students cannot be taught without their help.


Author: Rashmi verma13 May 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

The teacher plays a very important role in the life of an individual. Our Indian culture treats teacher with great respect. A child is like a wet clay a teacher can give it the desired shape. It is the responsibility of the teacher to create well-balanced individuals who are an asset to the society. Discipline plays a very important role in framing good citizens. The child has to be taught to lead a disciplined life if he wants to succeed. But discipline should be through love and compassion and not on the basis of the stick. If a child understands the value of discipline then he will be alert and will try to be disciplined.
There are students who create problems. They should be paid special attention. The teacher should sit and talk to him and try and understand his problem and also try to resolve it then the child will try to follow the words of the teacher.
The teacher should give a reward to the most disciplined student this may encourage others to maintain discipline. A reward is better than punishment to discipline children.
These are few ways by which teacher can discipline a child.

Author: Reena Upadhya01 May 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Inculcating the value of discipline since early childhood is more important. Teachers must make every little effort of disciplining their students. These students will grow up and become sensible citizens of the country. Strict measures can be taken to discipline students. However, there is a difference between strictness and inhumane measures. Every measure should be such that it should inspire students to change their behavior. Their teachers should be the source of inspiration for them to change their lives and take the right path. Measures should not be such that it hurts the inner world of innocent children.

Asking students to stand up for half an hour in the corner of the class, on the outside or on the bench to tire them and embarrass them in front of their classmates or schoolmates is not right in my opinion. No teacher has the right to physically mistreat their students. They must teach their students the value of discipline but it should be done in the right way. Humiliation is a negative trait which is a characteristic of a toxic teacher. When a teacher herself is toxic, what sort of discipline can she bring in her students?

Similarly, if a teacher is punishing her student in some other way such as beating them, verbally criticizing them, or making fun of them so that they can improve, she has to understand that she is doing more harm to them rather than any good.

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