Benefits of Drinking Water with an Empty Stomach

This article explains importance of drinking water with an empty stomach. It not only boosts our metabolism but also enhances weight loss. It prevents dehydration and helps in detoxification process which in turn results in good health and strong immune system.


Our body is mainly composed of water. It comprises of 60% water. Water is simplest form of fluid when compared with other liquids and food items which we consume daily. Every minute we lose water from our body through various processes. Every time we breathe, water gets utilized. Evaporation that is taking place on skin when sweating takes place as well as urination process both result in loss of water from body. We require water to carry out all the functions of our body well and thus we need to make up for the loss. Our body can survive without food for 3 weeks but it cannot survive without water even for 3 days. Dehydration will develop and we well perish and thus regular replenishment of water becomes essential.

Drink Water on an Empty Stomach

While we get to sleep, body still works. All that water we drank on previous day gets used up. When we wake up in the morning, all the reserves are used up and body becomes naturally dehydrated. When we drink water on an empty stomach we are making our body set to start the day. Our body once again becomes re-hydrated resulting in a boost in our metabolism. Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee or tea loaded with sugar and these drinks will further dehydrate body.

Benefits of Drinking Water First Thing in Morning

Eliminate Toxins

During night time while we are sleeping, our body undergoes its own repair and cuts out harmful toxins. By drinking water without ingesting anything in body, we will flush out all these harmful toxins. It also helps in bowel movements, resulting in clean colon. This will increase working efficiency of colon as it will be able to absorb nutrients more adequately. Person who regularly consumes water on an empty stomach will be free from constipation and indigestion. Detoxification that takes place in body will help a person to feel lighter and more energetic. It will eliminate all those non-essential entities from body which were doing lots of harm to it. It also increases production of new blood cells and muscle cells.

Increases Immunity

Drinking water first thing in morning will help in flushing and balancing lymphatic system in our body. This in turn will increase immune system of our body. Lymphatic system helps us to carry out our daily activities. This system helps to fight infections and illnesses as well as creates a balance in body fluids. Stronger our immune system is, more immune we will remain to various diseases and illnesses and thus we will be blessed with healthy body. Sickness remains at bay and body learns to fight from diseases without the help of medicines.

Improves Metabolism and Enhances Weight Loss

Drinking water on an empty stomach boosts metabolism. Improved metabolism means improved and efficient digestion. All the food we consume will get digested quickly and there will be no reason to suffer from indigestion. It increases body's potential of burning calories and this automatically will speed up weight loss. It curbs appetite and allows us to eat healthy especially during breakfast hours. Body remains energized throughout the day and person is motivated to exercise more. It also helps to burn fat reserves in body. Thus, drinking water on an empty stomach boosts metabolism and weight loss.

Improves Complexion

Lack of presence of adequate amount of water in our body will cause premature aging of skin. As a result, glow is lost and skin shows wrinkles and large, deep pores. Drinking water on an empty stomach increases blood circulation and thereby improved blood flow will help it to glow from inside. Harmful toxins are thrown out of the body which further makes skin more radiant, clear as well as soft and smooth in texture. Collagen present in skin requires water and when it is provided adequate amount of water will maintain elasticity and even tone of the skin.

Nourishes Hair

Hair strands comprise of 25% of water and dehydration will deteriorate its health. Hair will become thin and brittle Water intake on an empty stomach will improve its texture as well as quality to a greater extent as improved blood circulation in scalp and head region will nourish hair strands in better way. Dehydration retards hair growth. Hair too like our skin needs lubrication. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in healthy hair growth as well as brings incredible healthy shine in them.

Relieves Heart Burn and Indigestion

Heart burn is the result of acid re-flux into esophagus whereas increase in acid quantity in stomach causes indigestion. Drinking water on an empty stomach will dilute the acid content and push it down. Consequently, both the problems will get solved and a person is relieved of that discomfort which is caused after every meal and especially at night time as acid moves upward more quickly in lying down position. It will even prevent cramps caused in stomach due to gastritis.

Prevents Gallbladder and Kidney Stones

Stones in kidneys and gall bladder are caused due to excess of acid present in stomach. Drinking water on an empty stomach dilutes acid and as a result it lowers the risk of stone formation. It flushes out toxins from body and thereby keeps bladder healthy and free from any infection. All sorts of infections that develop in urinary tract stops and a person is freed from painful and uncomfortable burning sensations.

Efficient Hydration

Water is the best choice to keep body hydrated throughout the day when compared with other calorie free, caffeinated drinks which are highly carbonated and free from nutrients. Most of us are dehydrated. When we say dehydrated, it does not necessarily mean that we have to feel dizzy and light headed. It means that we are not drinking enough water and this is hugely reflected through our hair, skin and health. If we daily drink water on an empty stomach, we will be giving our body a head start which will make its working more efficient throughout the day.

Boosts Health

Drinking water on an empty stomach protects our vital organs as well as keeps them hydrated. This will improve their working efficiency as well as boost overall health. It will eliminate fatigue which we often experience when we wake up after our sleepy hours. It will eliminate harmful effects of junk foods as well as toxins entered in our body from pollution, alcohol consumption as well as due to smoking.

Method of Consuming Water on an Empty Stomach

We should cultivate habit of drinking water immediately after waking up from sleep. Initially, we may find it difficult to consume large amount of water. Thus, it is okay to start with one glass. After a week or 10 days, we should increase the quantity to 2 glasses. However, do not exceed more than 600-700 ml as too much water intake will create pressure and overload on kidneys. After drinking the required quantity, brushing teeth and cleaning the mouth can be done but do not eat or drink for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. This should be followed by a healthy breakfast.

Brushing or No Brushing

Some people do not feel good to consume anything unless they have brushed their teeth. This is because of bacterial build up in oral cavity during night time. It is okay to just rinse mouth with water, drink the required quantity of water and later brush teeth as no ill-effects are ever documented. Previous night before going to sleep, if we have properly cleaned our teeth and rinsed our mouth with anti microbial mouthwash then we will hardly leave a scope for bacterial growth. Brushing may take some time as well as there is a little chance of ingestion of oral cleaning material into our body. To derive more benefits, we have to consume water as early as possible after waking up from sleep.


Drinking water on an empty stomach is an easiest trick we can follow to keep us healthy in a long run. It will not only help in bowel movements and keep our stomach clear but will also bless us with good health. It will decrease the risk of suffering from diseases and disorders. We usually complicate things especially when we want to remain healthy. Instead of complicating things, we have to follow this miracle cure of keeping our body hydrated which in turn will keep it healthy and active. By avoiding dehydration, we are allowing our body to remain in a much better healthy state throughout the day which will benefit us in long-term. Thus, we need to cultivate habit of drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

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Author: K Mohan10 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

After reading this article I had patted myself several times as I am having the habit of drinking one bottle full of water early in the morning before brushing and the benefits which I have experienced is immense. First of all after drinking the water, I bounce back to normal living and wont feel like drowsy or sleepy for some extended hours. Once I have water, I feel like much relaxed and even get a burp. That means my digestive system is working intact and within minutes my nature calls are attended with no problems and thus my body gets totally free from any wastes inside. Moreover I have experienced renewed energy as the mind would be fresh. I have a good time to spend with the family, some creative thoughts would be emanating and all this happens early morning as the weather would be tranquil and I have plenty of time as to how to tackle the day's problems.

Author: Reena Upadhya10 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Drinking water first thing in the morning has magical effects on both physical and mental health. As experienced by you, it helps in efficient bowel movements as well as clears mind of all the blocking. If one wants to experience a real positive change in life then should give it a try cause all it will do is benefit body and mind without causing any harm. It helps in weight loss, provides positive energy throughout the day, reduces stress and gives many such wonderful benefits. It is an amazing therapy and hardly requires any effort or investment and does miracles if followed religiously.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Yes. Drinking water early morning is a good practice. People used to keep a copper vessel filled with water near the cot they sleep and next day morning as soon as get up, they drink that water. Such people maintained a very good health during their life. Replace plastic bottles for keeping the water with a pot or copper or brass vessel. Don't take water stored in refrigerator for cooling. A water pot is always advisable. The pot can be kept on sand and pot can be wrapped with a wet cloth to get the cooling effect. That water is only one should drink during summer.

Author: Reena Upadhya19 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Copper makes water ionic. This will help to create normal pH balance in body. This water is referred as 'Tamra Jal' and is very beneficial for body as copper is considered to be essential mineral for body. It is antimicrobial as well as has anti inflammatory properties. It slows down aging and keeps weight under control. This is the reason that our ancestors used to live long, life free from diseases, because they used to practice such daily rituals of overnight keeping water in some copper or brass vessel and then drinking it first thing in the morning.

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