How to find a hobby that fits your personality

A hobby is an activity that helps you spend time doing what you like doing. It gives you an opportunity to relax because the activity is not forced on you, it is something that you get pleasure from. Find ways of finding yourself a hobby - something that you will enjoy doing.

Hobbies are good for you. They are a great way to unleash your creativity. They are a great way to help you fight boredom. A hobby allows you to follow your passion and do something constructive with your time. It gives you room to relax and de-stress. A hobby can help keep your mind alert. Spending time indulging in a hobby lets you have that precious 'me time' that everyone craves for. A hobby can also turn into a profitable business venture if you use your skills properly and learn the right techniques to market them.

If you are one of those people who does not have a steady leisure activity that you like spending your free time on, then it could be a challenge to suddenly begin an activity as a hobby. You will need to find an activity that interests you and fits your routine, lifestyle and personality. So, here is a guide that can help you home in on an activity to start as a hobby.

What is a hobby?

Before we delve into activities that can be pursued as a hobby, let us first understand what a hobby is. A hobby is something that you enjoy doing, because it is fun and creative, but most importantly because you like doing it. It is not something that is forced on you. Nor is it something that you do for a living. A hobby is something that you indulge in when you are free. It is not something that you do out of compulsion. You do it because of the sheer enjoyment it gives you.

For a number of people, these days' leisure activities are limited to viewing the idiot box or being on the social media. What a shame that is, because there is so much more that can be done, in terms of cultivating a hobby, than viewing or interacting on the social media. Compare this to say running or creating something with your hands, there are real benefits to the latter activities.

Tips to start a hobby

If you do not have a hobby, you could do well with some ideas on how or where to start. But, you know what, ideas coming from me, might not interest you, because a hobby must be something that you like doing, something that is close to your heart. So, I am not going to push ideas into your head, instead, I am going to gently help you probe the recess of your mind and help you find something that can be a good hobby for you.

Roll back the years

Let's help you discover things that you liked doing. There definitely must be a few things that you liked doing when life was carefree. What was it? Were you artistically inclined - you may have enjoyed sewing dresses for your dolls or enjoyed drawing or painting. Were you the outdoors type, who enjoyed riding your bicycle or playing in the streets with your neighbourhood friends? These are things that you can be polished and cultivated into a hobby.

For one they are things that you liked doing. Secondly, it is easy to begin where you left off. Imagine using your needlework skills to create beautiful things or turning your passion for the outdoors into a hobby that doubles up as a fitness routine.

Look into your past and sift through all the things you liked doing. Don't limit yourself to things you liked doing, also consider things that you always wanted to do. Now is the time to live that dream. Did you ever look at something, sometimes in life, and had wished that you could do it? Did you want to learn to play a musical instrument? Did you want to be able to bake? Begin with it now, turn that dream into a hobby.

Search for something to do

What if you had a boring past, and had no time for frivolous activities, and dreams of wanting to try out new things; what do you do then? Well, you cannot just sit back and moan about not having ideas for a hobby popping up in your head. You need to stimulate your brain and find things that interest you.

Surf the net for ideas, read blogs of things that other people like to do, read magazines for inspiration, look around you and you will find yourself drawn to things that you see. Did you like those beautiful candles being sold in a home décor store? Do you know you can craft candles at home? Would you be interested in turning it into a hobby? Did you enjoy a TV show on dance? Would you like to learn the contemporary or classical dance form? Do you like the outdoors? How about joining a cycling club or a Zumba or swimming class? Are you fascinated by plants? Why not get your hands dirty - try growing some exotic plants or turn bonsai making into a hobby? Explore and you will be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities around you.

Begin with baby steps

Chances are that you have a busy schedule, with every hour, if not every minute, accounted for. To be able to fit in a new activity into your routine will require juggling of time. The thing is that most of us do not manage our time well, and can actually spare a few hours in our day, for things that we like doing or in this case want to do.

Cut the amount of time you spend watching television for instance and designate that time to your new hobby. You'll be surprised at how gratifying this little switch can be. Begin with small steps; you don't have to devote long stretches of time to the activity. Just half an hour a day, doing what you like doing, can be a good way to start.

Find a suitable time

Any activity that you start with, will at first seem a like Herculean task, even if you enjoy it, for the simple reason that it is different from what you are used to doing every day. It is best that you select a time when you are alone to indulge in the new activity. You will be better able to concentrate and enjoy the activity if there are no external disturbances.

Make a serious effort

Unless it is something that you have done before or possessed some knowledge of how it is done you will find that you need help to make the transition of turning a passion into a hobby. For example, you cannot suddenly decide to take up gardening as a hobby if you do not know the basics about caring for plants. You'll not be able to grow strawberries in a container if you don't know how to. So, what do you do?

You can get some books on what you like doing and they can be your guide. There are some amazing DIY videos on Youtube that you can watch to get the techniques right. You can also read blogs posts of other enthusiasts and learn from their experiences. How about enrolling in a hobby class and learning from professionals. The idea is to learn how to do things right and master the art.

The final word

If you are the impatient kind avoid activities where the results are not instant. Don't try your hand at bonsai; you will perhaps lose interest in the activity. Keep exploring until you find that one thing that gives you pleasure. Know that you might not find something that you would like to do, right away. Don't let that stop you, keep trying new things and you'll one day discover that one thing that you like better than the rest of the stuff.

Who knows you could eventually get so good at what you do that you could also begin to earn profit from your little hobby. I have a friend who made candles as a hobby and now conducts candle making classes. There is someone I know who sells bonsai plants that she grows in her little garden. Another friend takes orders for birthday and wedding cakes. Every one of these people turned their hobby into a profitable business. However, there are also some who do what they like doing just to keep themselves occupied.

When are you starting a hobby?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Very well narrated article about hobbies. Nowadays many people spend time with their cell phone. It has become more after the emergence of whats app. As mothers keep opening and seeing the condition of diapers of their babies, everybody, even when they are in a hurry, will open their cell phone frequently and look for new messages.

Reading good books, spending some time with trees in the house, going for a walk with neighbors are some of the good habits. Generally I spend some time with good epics in the house. Nowadays reading and posting in ISC is becoming my spare time activity.

Author: Anauj03 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A hobby should not be something that is done out of compulsion. It must always be something that you like to do. If the hobby is something that you like doing then it can have an almost therapeutic effect on the mind and the body. It acts as a balm that eases tension and helps you relax.

Reading is indeed a good. I too am an avid reader.

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