Corruption: The need to change our basic views

In this article, I am going to express my views on the topic of corruption. Corruption is not what we actually think of. It's a shallow part what we normally talk about. I am aiming here to change your views

Today I want to express my views on very big and increasing trouble not only for India but for the whole world.

Basic Assumption of Corruption

By putting up my thoughts here, I want to recreate the assumption about corruption. So for that, the first question comes "What is Corruption?". Corruption simply means "corrupt behaviour". Now I said corrupt behavior, what does it refer to? When we usually talk about corruption, we think of bribing,scamming etc. But I think it's the problem which is linked with our basic matters of daily life, as when somebody behaves roughly with anyone, rudely does not follow the rules, being a parent or guardian if anyone kills his child's good dreams, that is also a type of corruption. I assume that negative aspects of morality is corruption. Then how does it take place. I will want to give an example here-

How does it take place?

A policeman who was very lawful, dutiful and loyal person, helped a man a good deal. That man tried to give him some money. He waited for a while and then accepted the offer. He thought that the man is offering me for my work and giving pleasantly, so I don't need to hesitate. Now greed produced in his mind, he thought that more people should give me contribution like that man did. Now gradually he became corrupted. But he would have refused that man, he wouldn't have lost his loyalty and honesty. Now the question comes, "how can we fight with this problem?" At first we must need to listen of our soul.

Listen to the soul

When somebody tries to do any immoral deed, an inner power always opposes it, that is its soul.

Now the question comes that how can we understand the voice of our soul. It's as easy as that-
Remember two incidents-
1.When you told a lie,
2. When you helped someone.

Both the times there were acting 2 powers with us- Divinery and Devilry. That Divinery power is soul, when you were telling lie, this was opposing you and when you helped someone, this was cheering you up.


The point 'Corruption' which we talk about, is a shallow part of the term. The meaning of the term is deeper than we think. Even the most honest person you know is corrupt at some level as we humans are incomplete in terms of our qualities. The only complete one is the God and our soul is a part of the God. If we will keep listening to our soul, our honesty and morality will automatically increase and we would be able to set ourselves as an example before the world. So listen to your soul and be the winner of the game called 'Life'.

Our progress basically depends on our thoughts and deeds. Listening to the soul strengthens up our confidence and let us think big and our deeds are followed by our thoughts.
Hope you have got my words and implement my suggestions into your life.


Author: K Mohan12 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Corruption has become the hot topic in the recent past and everyone is now fed up with the word itself, thanks to the greater awareness being created in the backdrop of so many things happening at the national level. By the way, the route cause of corruption as per me is the facilitator. That means those who know the law but they want to get the work done immediately and does not want to waste the time. Thus they look for loopholes in the laws and try to get the work done through back door entry. And that back door entry ensures greasing of palm which is nothing but encouraging corruption. If one person starts to get favour through corrupt means, the society tries to copy the way he got the attention and thus the whole society would go for it which is the short way to get the work done. But in the melee, they have spoiled the whole system of getting the work done through normal way. And the officer or the person accepting money for favour should feel ashamed that he has been playing with corrupt means as sooner or later the law would take action against him. So we the people are responsible for initiating corruption just to solve our problems and the society follows our way.

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