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Health benefits of drinking Coconut Water

This article explains the health benefits of coconut water which can be derived by regularly consuming it. It is packed with lots of nutrients and is a natural electrolyte which provides adequate hydration and also replenishes all the lost nutrients.


Coconut water is a liquid which is found inside the coconut. It is clear and a little thicker in consistency when compared with water. Green coconuts which are harvested at 5-6 months of age contain more amount of water when compared to matured ones. This is because as coconut matures, water gets replaced with coconut (meat) itself. Also, water present in green coconut has a large amount of nutrients in it when compared with water derived from matured coconut. In tropical countries, coconut consumption and intake of its water has been done since centuries. Coconut trees are called as "kalpa vriksha" in Sanskrit and its means celestial tree which fulfills wishes. Coconut water mainly is a boon to us and is known to treat various ailments and is also very helpful to maintain health of an individual who regularly consumes it.

Nutritional Content in Coconut Water

Coconut water is very high in nutrients, especially in electrolytes. During emergency, it is used for IV hydration. Water if used directly from inside of the coconut, does not impose the risk of contamination and is very sterile. Coconut water is mainly water i.e., almost 95%. Carbohydrate is almost 4% and the remaining 1% is fat and protein. It is very low in calories i.e., almost 20 calories in 100 ml quantity. Potassium is the primary nutrient present in it, making it high in electrolyte content. It contains vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals which are all beneficial for good health. It is packed with amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants etc. Hormone like cytokinins in it prevents cancer as well as ageing.

Know the superb benefits of coconut water...

Re-hydrates the body

Dehydration develops in body when we do not drink sufficient water to keep our body hydrated and this usually develops in summer when there is excess of fluid loss from the body due to sweating. Also, it develops during sickness or illnesses whereas vomiting and diarrhea are the main symptoms. Coconut water is high in potassium and this makes it a good electrolyte drink to re-hydrate the body.

Helps in weight loss

Weight loss requires consumption of all those foods and drinks which are low in calorie and coconut water is one among them. It is high in nutrients and thus makes us feel full. This automatically reduces craving of over eating or binging on food. Coconut water is rich in bio active enzymes which helps in better digestion and since it is light, it is easy on the stomach. It boosts metabolism which promotes fat burning at a quick rate. However, mere consumption of coconut water can lead to weight gain and thus has to be consumed in considerable amount.

Decreases blood pressure

Vitamin C, magnesium and particularly potassium present in coconut water decrease blood pressure as well as keep it in normal range. Sodium levels when get increased in body, blood pressure too increases. Potassium in particular balances harmful effects of sodium and decreases blood pressure. It decreases cholesterol and has anti-thrombotic effect i.e., it prevents formation of blood clots. These blood clots formed in arteries tend to block them up which creates excessive pressure in the blood resulting in high blood pressure and thus regular consumption of coconut water reduces any such risk of thrombosis as well as worsening of blood pressure levels.

Tonic to the heart

Coconut water is both low in carbohydrates as well as fat and thus offers cardio protective benefits. It lowers risk of heart related diseases by decreasing bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol levels. It exerts positive effect on lipid metabolism to counteract increased total cholesterol. It improves blood circulation and prevents formation of blood clots. This will prevent formation of plaques and clots in the arteries. It has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-platelet properties. It is rich in antioxidants. All these benefits will decrease the incidence of heart attacks, cardiac arrests and strokes.

Coconut Water and Diabetes

Coconut water decreases level of blood sugar. It itself is low in sugar content and thus do not cause any harm when consumed by diabetic individuals. It is easy to incorporate it into meal plan designed for diabetic individuals as it is rich in fiber and low digestible carbohydrate content. It contains magnesium which has again shown to remarkably improve insulin sensitivity. It also decreases sugar levels in blood in diabetic individuals and in prediabetes. Coconut water also prevents blood clot formation. Water from mature coconut also exerts anti-diabetic effect.

Helps to relieve hangovers

Alcohol causes dehydration in body and this itself is the reason for hangovers. Coconut water comes here for rescue and is a natural remedy for hangover as it re-hydrates the body. All the electrolytes and water that was flushed out of the body gets replenished back and an individual starts feeling better when he comes out of his dehydration state. Excessive consumption of alcohol results in causing oxidative stress in body. Coconut water is rich in antioxidants which can very act against this oxidative state. Alcohol also causes increase in acid level in stomach and coconut water helps to very well settle it down. It prevents frequent urination and nauseous feeling caused by alcohol and in this way coconut water helps with hangover.

Natural Diuretic

Coconut water is rich in potassium. Urine is acidic in nature and what coconut water does is that it alkalizes urine and dissolves kidney stones in it, facilitating easy flushing out of these stones without undergoing any treatment. Since it is antibacterial, it also prevents infections which develop in bladder and urinary tract. Since coconut water is a natural diuretic, it increases production of urine as well as increases its flow. This will facilitate cleansing of body as toxins present will get flushed out very easily. When crystals start accumulating in kidneys, this is where formation of kidney stones develop. Coconut water decreases crystal formation and thereby risk of formation of kidney stones.

Detoxifies the body

In absence of adequate hydration, toxins get build-up in our body and this is because both liver as well as kidneys require water to function properly. Resulting dehydration so caused will cause extreme thirst, confusion as well as fatigue in an individual. Coconut water detoxify body and has an electrolyte profile which resembles to that of human blood. It very efficiently removes all toxins from the body as well as hydrates it well. It replenishes all the lost nutrients and water level of the body which facilitates further natural cleansing. Since it is isotonic to human plasma, it can even be used intravenously for re-hydration especially in emergencies.

Facilitates digestion

Coconut water is high is fiber which facilitates digestion and prevents the discomfort and pain caused due to indigestion. It also provides relief in acid reflux. It is also a natural laxative which facilitates bowel movements. Thus, it is great remedy to cure constipation. It regulates bowel movement and increases working efficiency of stomach and as a result, digestive organs will facilitate quick digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

Decreases stress and muscle tension

Stress and tension develops in our muscles because of lack of essential mineral contents in our diets. All these electrolytes are present in adequate quantity in coconut water which makes it beneficial to reduce stress and muscle tension and causing muscle relaxation. Calcium present in it relaxes muscles as well as is good for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Deficiency of potassium often causes cramps in muscles and high level of potassium present in coconut water ensures that muscles remain in a perfect order. Magnesium present in it also helps to build bone strength.

Boosts immunity

Vitamin C is essential for production of antibodies in the body. These antibodies will strengthen immunity and thus help to fight against foreign bodies which enter the body in the form of toxins and germs. These foreign bodies may get accumulated if not flushed out regularly. Coconut water helps to flush out these accumulated toxins from body, making body healthy from inside out. It contains sufficient amount of vitamin C to strengthen our immunity. It has antimicrobial properties which makes it efficient to fight against harmful bacteria. It is also effective against cold viruses. Antimicrobial property also tends to kill microorganisms present inside of cancer cells which are then turned back to normal cells.


Coconut water is the most refreshing, natural drink used since time immemorial. Other aerated drinks are high in calories whereas coconut water is free of any soda or caffeine and is packed with high nutrients like magnesium, calcium and lots of vitamins. It instantly boosts energy as well as metabolism, quenches thirst and refreshes the whole body. It balances pH levels in body and keeps diseases and disorders at bay. It keeps body hydrated and replenishes all the lost fluids and minerals from the body. It is a natural diuretic as well as detoxifies body and this purification process will make all the organs function efficiently as well as promote health. This miracle water present inside the interior cavity of tender coconut is sweet as well as sterile and thus regular intake will reward us with many health benefits of coconut water.

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