Important keys to achieve success

This article explains how to ensure success in life as well as in one's career. Some of the main keys to success are confidence, hard work, power to deal with rejection, preparation, focus, flexibility etc. All these key factors will help an individual to become successful.


All of us want to be successful and thereby we set goals for us. We set many short-term goals as well as establish our ultimate long-term goal. Once we set them, we put in our complete efforts along with hard work so that we can accomplish them. However, some of us are able to achieve our goals whereas some of us fail miserably. Reason behind this kind of difference in outcome is that those who followed important keys were able to succeed as these keys guarantee success and others who did not make use of these keys, failed miserably. To achieve success, lots of important keys are essential.

Hard Work

Success is directly proportional to hard work. The more we work hard, more successful we become. If we do not put ourselves to work hard then our planning that we made to achieve goal will not be of any good. We need to make strategies, plan the whole thing properly, but this whole planning thing will be left behind on paper itself if we do not allow it to turn into action. No matter how amazing strategy is but if not implemented, it cannot guarantee any success. We need to invest our time as well as our efforts to achieve success. Our energy that we invest and work that we do relentlessly is not going to waste. It will guarantee us success. We should have that willingness to work for endless hours. We may not be very skillful or intelligent when compared to others but if we are ready to work for endless hours then we can even surpass our opposition who are more skillful and intelligent. Energy spreads from us to others and seeing us doing hard work, others do start putting in their complete efforts and joint efforts so put in a venture turns out to be a successful one.


We should not overlook our preparation. We should not wait for an opportunity to arrive at our door and then start the preparation cause if we are not prepared, it is not going to wait for us. To achieve success, we need to be ready when opportunity arrives and for this to happen, preparation should be started way ahead of time. It is better to be prepared in absence of opportunity rather than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. Success loves preparation and by this quote one can analyze how important part preparation plays for attainment of success. When opportunity knocks our door we should be fully prepared and grab it with both hands so that success is ensured. This is because opportunity does not knock the door twice. If we let it go as we are under preparation then it is our foolishness to do so.


Hard work alone will not create magic, if we do not have a complete 100% focus in our work. Distractions are easy to deviate us from our goal and this whole shift that is taking place in our attention will lead to losing. We have to always keep our eye on our goal and start moving towards it. Taking big leap is not very mandatory but what is important here is to keep moving towards it regardless of how small our steps are as consistency plays an important role and also it avoids the risk of being stagnant. If even for a second, we lose our focus then we are going to be dragged away from success and thus focus is a key to achieve success. Focusing our conscious mind on our goals is essential rather than focusing on things which gives us chills and on the ones which scare us.


First we have to learn to believe in ourselves. Once we believe that we can do so and so, only then we can convince others and they too will start believing in us. If we ourselves are having doubts about our abilities and giving a second thought then definitely we are lacking confidence and confidence is the companion of success. This is because they both travel together and if we do not have confidence in ourselves then success is not meant for us. Doubts that we develop do not just sustain within ourselves. They get reflected through our personalities to the entire world. Others pick up the same and react and respond accordingly. Complete confidence in ourselves and the confidence that we are going to achieve our goal is important. Lack of it can only send an invitation to failure. Confidence is an important key to success and preparation is the key to build confidence. Confident people use it to overcome doubt and fear.


Only few of us has the ability to take a lead and become a leader. Those who take lead are able to achieve success and those who follow the leaders may or may not achieve success due to lack of confidence to step forward and show the world the abilities they possess. If we have all the skills and confidence and if we are able to focus completely and are ready to put in our hard work up to 100% then there is no need to take back stage. We should come forward and lead others as we have everything that is essential to become successful. All we have to do is take that one step forward which leaders take and followers don't. Now it is up to us whether we want to be a leader and achieve success or just follow the footsteps of great leaders by becoming followers and keep our success to be uncertain.

Remain Flexible

Flexibility helps to achieve success when things are not working. Sometimes we remain too rigid and stick to our plan, even if it is not going anywhere. Making little changes and adapting to the environment will kick-start the things and help things to go at a faster pace. It helps to change the course so that new approaches can be approached. If an individual is not flexible, he will cling to those same actions irrespective of whether his actions are productive or not. Flexibility also helps to acquire allies. It is a great way to turn unproductive things into productive i.e., pivot when something is not working. It helps to tailor presentation.

Set the Goals

Setting the goal is an important key factor to reach it and achieve success. One has to realize what he wants to achieve and only after that he can thrive hard to achieve it. Simply wandering in unknown directions is not going to do any better. Setting short-term goals and the most important long-term goal which will have a great impact on our life should be written down in proper order. Once goals are set, plannings should be done to implement them with our hard work and dedication. Each day our actions will take us one step towards our goal. Even actions which have to be done should be written down along with the time frame within which they need to be completed. Once everything we have in theory, same should be carried out in practical and we should not stop until our actions bring us success.

Deal with Rejection

Rejection will teach a person to grow stronger and develop strengths from his weaknesses. Those who love success will learn from their failures and take rejection in an effective manner. Others who are afraid of rejection or are devastated from been rejected will never try again. Rejection helps to strengthen resolve. Either rejection will keep us away from our path or else we will be able to push it and move forward. More higher and higher levels we approach, we experience more number of rejections and if some one is not facing them much then it is probably because he is not trying to climb higher peaks mostly because he is contented with his present level or else is simply afraid of trying. Usually rejection affects something that we are hoping to accomplish in our future and does not alter our present and thus we have nothing to lose. Rejection teaches us a lot. We get priceless feedback and that too for free and improve on all those weaknesses of ours which if strengthened success is sure. Secret of success is that we neither should be scared of rejection nor should we ever give up.


There are many things which will determine our success and failure. One of them is education. This is where everything starts. To accomplish a goal, we need to set it and then set everything right. Educating our self by gathering all the right knowledge and then moving forward towards goal will determine 100% success rate. Lack of knowledge will only make a person look fool cause it will be just like wandering around few blocks without knowing where to go and what is required to reach it. Education makes a long lasting impact on life.

Other Factors

Some of the other key factors responsible to achieve success should also be taken care of. One of them is positive thinking which will ensure success. Discover inner power and use it to deal with the hurdles that are coming in the path of success. Be creative cause creativity differentiates us from others. Be humble but open to everything and just stop pleasing others to achieve success. Humility is again very important key factor cause it helps to keep our focus on success and thereby hunger to success is continued whereas arrogance deviates us from the path of success. One thing we need to keep in mind is that success means achievements and these achievements or growths should take place in all areas of life whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.


All of us want to experience success in our lives as well as in careers, but we are not really sure where to begin it as we do not know the keys which will initiate it. These keys help us to achieve our goals and these itself will determine success. Successful people make best advantage of these keys and others who do not use these keys, for them success will remain uncertain. This is what differentiate successful individuals from others. These keys set the things right and momentum is gained. Action, preparation, confidence, rejection are all keys to success. All we have to do is to remain passionate about our work and love what we do without giving up on our goals. Our hard work and confidence will make sure that we achieve success and attain our goals without getting scared of rejection. We need to learn to focus on our goals and not focus on things which we are afraid of and this will make sure that success is certain.

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Author: K Mohan14 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I am very much convinced to see a whole lots of keys being mentioned to achieve success, but according to me nothing would match self probing and being happy even in distress time. That means when we face the failure, we must be ready to probe why and what went wrong for non achievement and what should be done in future to avoid such a situation. Every big person in the history have grown up through self probing. If others tell about our character, we get offended, when we probe ourselves, there is not such negative thinking. Moreover when we take things happily during good times. we must have the courage to face the criticism and failures with same degree. Success stories may not continue for ever and failures are for sure. So if we can adjust our lives to face the failures and take remedial action, we can achieve many success in life.

Author: Reena Upadhya14 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

As mentioned by you, we have to adjust our lives to face the failures which means we need to learn to deal with rejection and that too in a positive way. Getting disheartened during times of rejection or failures is not going to help us in any way, but learning from it will automatically lead us on path of achievement. We usually do not take rejection very easily and think of it as end of road, but this is where positive thinking will help us and comes to our rescue. A positive thinker will always turn the table upside down and within no time will be able to change his failure in success. When one road closes, does not mean it is end of journey. It means we have to look around for all the possible options present around us. This kind of attitude will lead us to success.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Everybody during their life will definitely face some kind of rejection or failures. If we panic and think that we cam't go further, we really spoil our entire life. During success one need to be happy. But when there is a failure one should become an analyst. Study the entire issue carefully, understand where the mistake was committed and rectify that. Then one will never do the the same mistake. That will be the starting point for success. So as said earlier we should take failures as stepping stones for success. Positive thinking and converting our thoughts to reality will lead us to attain the goals. So don't worry about failures, try to learn from them and be successful in life.

Author: Jeet Singh18 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

A nice article and beautifully written. However, there are some important point which has been missed by the author and I would like to add it here.

1. Honesty: Honesty is something which help us in every step of our life. Hard work and confidence only can come if you have honesty in you. Also, honesty brings trust which is a major point to get success in any part of our life. In fact, the first thing one should do is to win the trust of others, once it is done, the next steps become easier to achieve. We find many kind of people around us but believe me an honest person is always recognized in the crowd. It is an identity which helps in becoming successful.

2. The interest to learn: I have seen many people around us, who works only for what they are paid for. But if one want to get success, he/she should learn as much as possible. While doing so, you may not get paid for doing something but if that can help you in future, then why not to learn. A successful person learn something new everyday. So, start learning whatever you get around you.

3. Don't run behind money: At starting of the career, many of us make mistakes running behind money which is not wrong too. However, my personal experience is, we should not go after money at first. Show to the world what you are capable of, earn experience and then see how money runs behind you.

4 Stick with your Goal: After setting the goal, one should attach with it for as long as possible. Sometimes, it may not provide you gains initially but you should not get dejected. Just jumping here and there and spending less time in any work will take you nowhere. So, be patient and love what you do.

Author: Reena Upadhya19 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

All the four points mentioned here are again important factors which helps us to achieve success. Right from our childhood we have been taught that honesty is the best policy and yes honesty brings simplicity cause nothing is there to hide and when things get simple, complexities are removed from life, making our attention to focus completely on our goal. Dedication towards our goal will definitely create interest and this interest itself will help us keep going whereas disinterest cannot keep us amused for a long time.

Author: Juana17 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 12

I’d like to add a few more points to the list:

1. Bank on your support system - Those who achieve success, invariably have a great support system. For a student it can be the parents and the teachers, for a working professional it could be the spouse, or the team at the workplace. You need someone with you, who can provide a helping hand and encouragement. Someone whom you can speak to about issues, someone you can trust. Someone who is honest with you – telling you the truth, not what you want to hear.

2. Watch your health – It is imperative that you maintain good health. Watch what you eat and take time to exercise. Your physical wellbeing is crucial when you are aiming for big things. Poor health can hamper your journey to success.

3. De-stress – Stress can impede your success. It can affect your mental health, slow you down, the same way as your physical ailments can. Stress hinders the way the body and the mind function. You cannot give your best, when you are stressed; it drains you of the will to do things.

4. Stay level headed – It is important to stay grounded. Keep your head on your shoulder. Little successes that go to the head can inflate the ego and make you over-confident. At all times takes success, in your stride. Celebrate it, and move on to achieve the next level.

5. Always analyse – Taking things for granted is to become complacent. Be it a failure or a success, always dissect why it happened. Learn from both your failures and successes.

6. Don’t Underestimate – Don’t misjudge and underrate others. In life you often compete with others - for that top rank in school, for a promotion, for everything. You are never in the race alone, and you should be prepared for all eventualities – know that your opponent also has the same goals. So, work your way through obstacles, keeping in mind that someone else is doing the same. Strategize to beat the competition.

7. Not giving up – Continue aiming for the impossible. Setting difficult targets helps. It makes you tougher and challenges seem easier to complete.

Author: Nilesh18 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I'd like to add just one thing and that is be flexible. One should never be very rigid about what he/she wants to achieve. We should be flexible; if any of our plan is not going right, we should be wise enough to acknowledge that and change our plan. If your plan 'A' fails, don't worry, there are 25 other alphabets as well.
You mentioned about preparation in the article. Go through this article to find some useful tips for preparation-

Author: Gaurav Singh20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

For achieving success in any field along with hard work and dedication, one more thing is equally important and that is your hunger for success. Your attitude and hard work all depend on how much hungry you are for success. The intensity of your effort is directly proportional to how much hunger you have for success. The more hungry you are, the more you work and the closer you get toward your goal.
Staying motivated is also very important. Everyone of us have heard this quote that "most of the men give up when they have already completed 99 percent of their work". The main reason responsible for this is the lack of inner motivation. The motivation dies with time. Struggle on the way of success try their best to kill your inner passion which reduces your effort and endeavor to achieve your ambition and you end giving up at the last moment.
So, along with the above listed qualities in the article, staying motivated and staying hungry are the two other important factor for achieving success in life.

Author: Swati Sarnobat13 Nov 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

To achieve success, one should realize their strengths and weaknesses. They should then decide the ways to achieve the goal. They should be fully aware of their goals and should know how to achieve it. A person should be bold and clever enough to combat the challenges that can cause obstacle. They should face the challenges bravely and just not create an excuse. Then they can surely find their path to success.

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