Some important diseses of urinary system

Urinary system removes nitrogenous wastes produced in our body. Urinary system is made up of kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and urethrea. In this article you will find some important diseases related to urinary or excretory system.


Excretory system is found in our body to remove nitrogenous waste products which are formed in different metabolic process in our body. Kidney is the main organ of excretory system. There are many diseases related to excretory system. In this article I will explain different diseases of excretory system.

Different diseases related to excretory system

Some of the most important diseases of excretory system or Urinary system are :

  1. Renal stone

    Renal stone is a disease of kidney which may be caused due to renal tubular acidosis, hyper-calcaemia, bacterial infection. Etc. Renal stone gives rise to severe colic pain starting from the back and radiating down to the front of the thigh. Renal stone may come down into bladder and cause frequent and painful urination and blood in urine.

  2. Acute renal failure

    Acute renal failure is a disease of kidneys in which swelling of body and eyes takes place. The rate of urination becomes lower (oliguria) and blood pressure becomes very high. The main reasons of acute renal failure are desiccation, l excessive use of antibiotics like penicillin etc.

  3. Hepato-renal syndrome

    The main symptom of hepato-renal syndrome is swelling in the body. Urine formation is reduced. Kidney may also cease to function in acute condition. The main reason of hepato-renal syndrome is hepatic or renal failure.

  4. Acute renal tubular injuries or acute tubular necrosis (ATN)

    In acute renal tubular injuries or ATN the level of myoglobin in blood is increased. Di-uresis is also caused by acute renal tubular injuries. The main reasons of acute renal tubular injuries ATN are body injury, consumption of various drugs or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

  5. Hypertrophy of prostate glands

    Hypertrophy of prostate glands is not a disease of kidney but it is disease of urinary system. When we release urine, a pressure is exerted on urinary duct. A little force is needed to be applied for urination. Burning sensation may also be felt. Hypertrophy of prostate glands is caused due to excessive growth of prostate gland which poses an obstacle on the urinary duct. Hypertrophy of prostate glands is a problem of increasing age. Surgery is the only one method to cure Hypertrophy of prostate glands.

  6. Renal Failure

    In renal failure man abnormal symptoms are observed. Some of the main symptoms of renal failure are, browning of skin colour, itching on skin, cross lining on nails, changes in normal body activities, weakness of muscles, pain in joints, osteoporosis, hyper-para thyroidism, uremic pneumonitis, pericarditis, etc. Renal failure is caused due to gradual inactivity of kidney.

  7. Renal Tuberculosis

    In renal tuberculosis, excess pain or burning is felt during urination. Fever may also occur. Weakness is also a symptom of renal tuberculosis. Interest in eating is reduced. Renal tuberculosis is caused due to infection in urinary bladder and epididymis. Abnormality in lungs, vertebral column and lymph nodes may also occur due to renal tuberculosis.

  8. Acute infection of lower tract

    The main symptoms of acute infection of lower tract are frequent urination, presence of pus cells and bacterial pathogens, fever, dirty and bad odour in urine, etc. Acute infection of lower tract is caused due to infection of Bacillus coli, Gonococci or the bacteria of large intestine.

  9. Upper urinary tract infection

    The main symptoms of Upper urinary tract infection are nausea or vomiting tendency, loss of appetite, body pain and frequent fever, presence of pus cells in urine. In case of acute infection, blood pressure may rise and kidney may show compete inactivity. The main reason of upper urinary tract infection is bacterial infection. Women are more prone to this disease.


These are some important diseases of urinary system. Some other diseases are glycoeuria, ketonuria, pyuria, haematuria, uremia. To avoid urinary infection, drink almost 6-8 glasses of water daily.


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