Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin and Hair

This article explains use of coconut water to beautify skin and hair. Coconut water hydrates, moisturizes skin, reduces sun tan and slows down aging. When it comes to hair, it nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair fall, dandruff, adds shine and luster.


Coconut water is the liquid that is present within inside cavity of the coconut, usually green ones. It is packed with lots of nutrients and imparts hundreds of health benefits to body. Not only it keeps body free from diseases by increasing its immune power but also has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Not only to the body, but coconut water is good for both skin and hair. It is no longer known only for its health benefits but has also become popular for its beauty benefits. It not only benefits internally but also externally too when applied topically. It is the best gift of mother nature to us which helps us to enhance our beauty. It provides adequate hydration to our skin and hair follicles and helps in detoxification as well as it is packed with lots of nutrients which boosts health of skin and hair. This is the reason that today its use in beauty industry has increased and it has become a part of beauty routine. It is a wonderful liquid which can do wonders to our skin and hair.

Skin Benefits of Coconut Water

Hydrates and Moisturizes Skin

To keep skin healthy, proper hydration is the key factor. In absence of adequate hydration, excess exposure to sunlight, chemicals present in beauty products and resulting chemicals of pollution, skin loses its glow due to loss of moisture present in it. Coconut water when applied externally on skin, hydrates it and also moisturizes it from within. It is light in weight thus heaviness which is often experienced after applying other moisturizing products is not experienced. It does not leave any oily or greasy feeling on skin. It can be used by any skin type. Coconut water can also be applied on skin by mixing it with lemon, sandalwood paste, turmeric etc.

Get Rid of Sun Tan

Natural remedies are the best when compared with commercially available products for removal of sun tan and coconut water is one such natural remedy. Within few applications itself it removes mild sun tan and greatly reduces appearance of heavy sun burns. It is chemical free and thus only does good. It is more effective in removal of sun tan when it is applied mixed with fuller's earth. Coconut water has anti-oxidant properties and is also rich in vitamin C and thus when applied on skin creates calming effect as well as reverses the sun damage and also removes patchiness.

Reduces Pigmentation and Blemishes

Coconut water is the most natural product we can use on our skin. It helps to reduce blemishes and discoloration on skin. Vitamin C present in coconut water will help to remove skin pigmentation. It helps to reduce blemishes as well as brightens the skin. Coconut water can be used along with turmeric or fuller's earth. Blemishes which are left from acne also are greatly diminished if it is applied regularly on them.

Reduces Acne

Oil when clogs skin follicles, acne is caused and resulting bacterial attack causes swelling. Coconut water has anti-bacterial properties and after few applications itself a remarkable improvement in clearing of acne can be seen. Coconut water mixed with honey can be used on acne skin which will act as a mild toner or else can also be applied by mixing it with turmeric powder as turmeric itself is antibacterial in nature. Coconut water on acne, heals it and lightens blemishes.

Reduces Signs of Aging

Coconut water contains cytokines and its main function is to help cell growth. This will make sure that skin repair takes place at fast pace and the damage that is created gets reversed. Coconut water when used on skin, delays aging, diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It is mixed with yogurt which is an excellent face pack. It not only exfoliates skin but also keeps it hydrated and moisturized, increasing self-esteem by reducing the signs of premature aging. Also, since it is packed with zinc, sulfur, iodine, manganese etc drinking it daily also slows down aging.

Treats Skin Infections and Eczema

Rashes, irritations and redness appearing on skin are result of bacterial and fungal infections. Coconut water is anti-microbial and thus on topical application creates soothing effect and heals it. It provides great relief in skin inflammation. It hydrates body when consumed regularly and when applied topically, it hydrates external layers. Also, it is packed with nutrients which helps maintain skin health, balance pH levels of the body and all these properties make it efficient to treat eczema. Since it is antiviral, anti fungal and antimicrobial, it is good enough to treat skin infections and damages caused by these infections in various seasons which may be in the form of itchiness, redness or pop-ups.

Use Coconut Water as a Natural Cleanser and Toner

Cleansing of face is essential to remove dirt and dust which gets accumulated on skin and after cleansing, application of toner ensures that skin pores are reduced in appearance so that they do not get clogged. Coconut water provides both cleansing as well as toning effect and all we have to do is with the help of cotton ball just apply it on our facial skin. Not only will it result in efficient cleansing and toning of skin but also impart various benefits on skin which commercially available products rarely impart. Adding a few drops of lemon water to it will further help to lighten the skin tone. Coconut water is so gentle that individuals even with sensitive skin can use it. It is a natural cleansing agent and natural toner and can also be used to remove make up.

Reduces Stress on Skin and Gives Radiant Glow on Skin

Dark circles under eyes, fine lines, age-spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone appear when stress takes a toll on the skin. Drinking coconut water daily improves the appearance of skin and reduces the stress. It is also a great way to deal with pollution. Since it is packed with nutrients, it provides instant glow, refreshes skin and body. It makes skin radiant, soft, smooth and even tone. It makes skin supple, bright and takes away that dull and dry look. Vitamin C present in coconut water helps to brighten the skin, blessing it with that radiant glow. It acts like all-in-one serum for the facial skin which protects it from all skin related troubles and at the same time beautifies it.

Hair Benefits of Coconut Water

Stimulates Growth of Hair

Lack of essential nutrients in diet, pollution and stress, all result in hair fall. Coconut water should be used to massage scalp on regular basis. This will stimulate hair growth as it is rich in potassium which is an essential mineral to promote growth of hair. It increases blood circulation and rapid absorption of nutrients take place. This will result in strong hair roots, preventing hair fall. It increases volume, hair density and solve the problem of thinning hair. Coconut water is rich in vitamin K which will also help prevent thinning of hair. Iron present in it helps to carry oxygen to hair follicles, enabling them to grow stronger.

Repairs Damaged Hair

Daily use of chemically rich hair products and chemical treatments will very frequently rob hair off its natural moisture. Hair will appear fried and wiry. Coconut water reverses the damage, provides adequate hydration and essential nutrients to the hair. It makes them look appealing, solves the problem of been dry and frizzy. It nourishes damaged hair by conditioning them, replenishes and restores its vitality. It also acts a hydration serum cause it is light in weight and non greasy unlike coconut oil. It is of great help, especially in unmanageable hair.

Controls Dandruff

Dandruff is the result of excess of drying out of scalp which further deteriorates hair health and promotes hair loss. Coconut water has anti-fungal properties which helps to wash away dandruff and reduces that itchy feeling. It hydrates scalp, hair follicles and soothe the inflammation caused on scalp. It also treats scalp infections. Anti-bacterial properties which coconut water possesses will help to get rid of lice in hair.

Adds Shine and Luster to Hair

Coconut water hydrates, moisturizes hair, deeply conditions it and frequent massages of hair and scalp region will promote hair health adding shine and luster to it. Hair will become glossy and bouncy. It can either be used to massage hair and scalp or can also be used to rinse hair thoroughly after shampoo.


Coconut water when regularly consumed will benefit skin and hair greatly. It also has beauty benefits when applied topically. It has gained popularity in recent years because of long list of beauty benefits it imparts. Its use in beauty care products has been increased drastically. It is very natural and risk free because it does not exert harmful ill-effects on skin and hair. It gives acne free skin, treats skin infections and even eczema, removes sun tan, provides anti-aging benefits, hydrates and moisturizes skin from within giving that radiant glow which is a sign of healthy skin. At the same time, it also serves as an excellent hair care product which conditions hair and replenishes it with lost moisture and nutrients. It boosts hair growth and prevent its thinning. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it repairs damage and brings back that bounce and shine in hair. In this way, coconut water if used daily can provide hundreds of beauty benefits and keep our skin and hair healthy.

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Author: Venkiteswaran26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Coconut water can be considered as god's real gift to us. It is a miracle how the nutrients are put in it in the right needed proportions. That is why it is very helpful in dehydration due to diarrhea, weather, exhaustion etc. It is a perfect supplement during jaundice. It is a 'coolant' to the body. It can satisfy thirst and hunger. It is almost akin to the glucose drip given at hospitals, to rejuvenate exhausted and tired person.
Its effect on body can also reflect on outward appearance also. This article mentions those outwardly appearing benefits of coconut water. It is a sort of elixir given by nature to humans.

Author: Reena Upadhya27 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Lots of cosmetic companies and companies making hair care products have been incorporating coconut water in their various products as it not only hydrates skin and hair from outside but also supplies them with all the essential nutrients which get lost every day when skin and hair get exposed to harsh sunlight, pollution and other chemicals present in cosmetics and hair care products. Coconut water is rich in amino acids which work wonders in hydration process. It is a secret to glowing skin and shiny hair. It gives the results better than the lavish facials and expensive treatments does.

Author: K Mohan28 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Nature's best gift is the coconut water and everyone knows that taking coconut water helps to clean the stomach and for those who are having ulcer can get relief by having coconut water. But what the author has revealed that the coconut water can be used to beautify the face and also keep the tone of the skin is one step further. The scarcity of coconut water in some cities may not give us the chance to use the same other than for health purpose.

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