How to develop healthy eating and drinking habits: Part-2

This article explains the importance of healthy dietary habits for good health. Some of the habits discussed here are including more amount of organic foods, lean proteins, adequate amount of fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, less amount of salt intake etc.


Healthy dietary habits help us to get rid of unhealthiness. More and more healthy eating and drinking habits: Part 1 which we introduce in our lives help to make our body and mind more and more healthy. Little effort which we put in our every day life by consciously changing one by one unhealthy dietary habit into a healthy one never goes in vain, because it is going to pay us back in the form of good health. Efforts which we invest in good health is directly proportional to good health. Thus, we need to take extra care when it comes to health and change unhealthy living into a healthy living.

Here are some of the healthy dietary habits-

Go organic

Today most of the foods we consume are sprayed with excess amount of chemicals and pesticides. Organic foods are free of these chemicals as well as pesticides and thus when consumed these toxins are prevented from entering the body thereby allowing body to absorb the essential nutrients in adequate amount. Though organic foods are a little expensive and difficult to obtain. One can grow them within premises of home, in gardens etc and can benefit from them greatly. Growing one's own supplies is an easy way to consume best organic products without spending much.

Incorporate Juices

It is recommended to drink 150 ml of 100% fruit or vegetable juice in a day. However, juice should be 100% natural and pure. Since it is in liquid form, more amount of nutrients will be absorbed by the body when compared to absorption of nutrients when fruits and vegetables are consumed in raw form. Sugar cane juice, coconut water, apple juice, orange juice are all good for health. Make use of seasonal fruits and vegetables to prepare juices as they are fresh and easily available in market. Vegetable juice is better when compared with fruit juice because vegetables have less amount of sugar content and thus calorie content too will be very low and also it does more good to body. Prepacked juices do not carry any nutrients and thus it is better to avoid them and go for freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices. Even smoothies made from fruits, vegetables or a mixture of both is good for health as not only it contains nutrients but also lots of fiber in it.

Decrease Salt intake

If we can completely avoid salt then it is still better cause we can get enough amount of sodium from other foods we eat. However, avoiding it completely can be difficult. Thus, it is better to decrease salt intake gradually. Salt leads to water retention which definitely creates bloating and interferes with weight loss. It creates extra pressure on heart and blood vessels. It increases blood pressure and thereby is known to be associated with heart related diseases. Excess of salt intake for a long time is known to be associated with high blood pressure, heart related diseases and also known for causing stroke. Instead of salt, use herbs and spices to retain the flavor of the dish.

Increase fiber intake

Fiber is found in plenty in most of the fruits and vegetables. It is very essential for our body. It keeps blood sugar and cholesterol in normal levels. It keeps stomach full and improves bowel movements which prevents indigestion and constipation. It also helps to deal with the excess amount of body weight by helping in weight reduction. Eat fruits and vegetables along with the skin as skin contains high amount of fiber in it.

Eat well and eat right

We should not starve body and thus we need to feed it well but feeding well does not mean feeding anything and everything. Body needs to be fed right amount of food and at right time. Half of the plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables and the rest half should constitute of whole grain, healthy fats and lean proteins. Do not indulge in excess of sugar, salt, processed and junk foods which are all high in calories and low in nutrition. Incorporate good fats in diet by addition of olive oil and nuts. Eating at right time is also very important. Inculcating habit of eating right food daily at same time is a very good healthy eating habit. Late night binging on food is bad for health as foods which are eaten just before sleeping will remain in gut for a longer period without getting digested and this will exert extra load on our digestive system. If late night snack cannot be avoided then go for healthy options like seeds, vegetables, fruits, unsalted nuts etc.

Eat throughout the day

Eating one or two large meals in a day is not a healthy habit. Instead of that, having 5-6 meals of small portions will keep body's metabolism high and exert less load on digestive system. It will also keep an individual healthy and keep his energy levels increased. It will suppress hunger and avoid binging on unhealthy foods which cause weight gain.

Count calories

Though counting calories is a too much work, but once initial phase is passed and one gets a rough idea of how much calorie content is present in different food groups, this task does not seem very difficult. It is a healthy habit as we are avoiding excess calories from entering our body and this will lower risk of becoming obese or overweight. Calories should be consumed as per necessity of body. If consumed in excess leads to increase in weight and if consumed too little will lead to decreased weight. Thus, as per one's body needs and requirements, calories should be consumed and counting them is an efficient method to keep a track of how much and what we are consuming throughout the day.

Eat lean proteins

Protein is a building factor of body and thus very essential nutrient. It can be obtained from various sources, but it is better to consume lean protein which is available in eggs, dairy, legumes, poultry, sea food etc. Lean protein sources not only provides adequate daily protein requirements of body but also do not load body with excess calories which crosses daily limit. It helps to maintain healthy weight, cholesterol levels, lipid levels, sugar levels in body and also helps to increase immunity. It maintains lean muscle mass and helps in rebuilding of cells.

Eat whole grains

We do require grains to get our daily carbohydrate content from them and by consuming whole grains like brown rice, bread, oats, barley, wheat etc we will be making a healthy choice. They are rich in fiber and nutrients which refined grains definitely lack. At least 50% of our grain choices should be whole grain and this is the recommended value for a better health.

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks

Dried fruits and unsalted nuts make a healthy choice instead of chips, crackers and all those deep fried snacks which only adds to calories. Ice creams and donuts can only increase weight and in place of that a glass of lemon juice, coconut water, smoothie or sugar cane juice is a better option. Always eat dark chocolate instead of white chocolate which is a healthy choice as it decreases blood pressure, but even it should be eaten in moderation as it is high in calories.


Healthy dietary habits are not challenging. Change in life style only require little efforts which have to be made consciously. We have been living unhealthy life style since long period of time i.e., we have been following unhealthy dietary habits since long time and by replacing each one of them with a healthy one will take our health to the next level. It boosts our health and help us live a long life span free from illnesses and diseases. Need of the hour is to engage ourselves in certain healthy behaviors on daily basis. Each habit may seem very small and insignificant but over a period of time, collective efforts will show remarkable improvement in health. All we have to do is detect unhealthy habit and replace it with healthy choice. This will add up to our healthy lifestyle.

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