Role of Humans in Keeping The Environment Clean

The region surrounding us is called environment. This environment has been destroyed by us . There are many environmental problems. The environmental problems in India at present are more serious in comparison to many other countries. In this article you will find how to conserve our environment for future generation.


Man is completely dependent on nature for fulfillment of his needs. In fact, nature is the source of life. Due to rapid population growth, industrialization, urbanization and other problems man is over exploiting the natural resources. Therefore, there is a great need of sustainable development to minimize the depletion of these resources.

Measures to keep Environment clean

Following measures may be adopted to conserve our environment:

  • Better techniques should be adopted for resource utilization.
  • The concept of reduce (the consumption), reuse and recycle (3-Rs) should be adopted worldwide.
  • Environmental education and awareness should be propagated among people.

To fulfill the above objectives, following methods may be utilized:

  1. Environment management
  2. Conservation of nature
  3. Environment education
  4. Legal conservation of environment
  5. Environmental awareness

Environment Management

In order to keep our environment clean, both biotic and abiotic component should be at a balance. Following means may be exercised for this purpose :

  • all forms of pollution (air, water, soil, etc) should be kept at minimum.
  • Domestic, industrial and agricultural wastes or effluents should be treated before their discharge into rivers.
  • Pollution causing vehicles and industrial units should be prohibited and closed.
  • Plantation programmes should be made a public movement.
  • Use of Bio fertilizers and bio pesticides should be promoted. At the same time application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides should be discouraged.
  • Techniques should be developed to recycle the consumable articles.

Conservation of nature

Conservation of nature means the management of natural resources for all the organisms of the biosphere including human beings through which not only the needs of present generation may be fulfilled and also there may remain all possibilities of nurturing the future generation. At the same time, it does not mean that resources should not be used or completely left for future. The main objective of conservation is to ensure that all the component (living or non-living) of environment like plants, animals, forests and the non-living resources like water, air, soil etc. should be utilized judiciously so that there may be long tasting and provide products and beauty to the planet. Conservation of nature may be fulfilled by following measures:

  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Conservation of forest
  • Conservation of wildlife
  • Conservation of water
  • Conservation of soil

Environmental Education

A workshop was organized at Belgrade city of Yugoslavia in 1975. It emphasized the importance of environment education, "Environment education is the education which is aimed towards the development of such a global population which may have great concern and awareness towards the environment and environmental problems and which may have the knowledge, potential , enthusiasm and determination to work individually or collectively for solving the current problems and preventing the new problems."
United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) also specified certain aims of such environmental education so that every individual in the world can know about the environmental problems that the world is facing at present. Such educated persons can solve the future problems related to environment. Thanks to the Honourable Supreme Court of India which directed the Government of India and all the State Government to implement environmental in school and colleges as a compulsory part of the syllabus.

Legal conservation of environment

With the aim to express concern over rapid depletion of natural resources, a conference on Human environment was organized by UNO at Stockholm (Sweden) during 5-10 June, 1972. Due to this event, 5 June is celebrated as World Environment Day every year. Through this conference, people of the world were requested to bear solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future generations. Govt. of India passed the Environment conservation act in 1976. Environment Conservation Act was made effective through 42nd amendment of the constitution. The main two article of this act are as follows:

  • Article 48-A: Article 48-A directs the state to make necessary arrangements for environment conservation and protection of organisms.
  • Article 51-A: Article 51-A emphasizes that to protect the environment and wild life is the duty of all the Indian citizen.

Besides, many laws have also been framed by Indian Government from time to time.

Environmental Awareness

The first International Conference on environmental awareness was held at New Delhi in 1981. In this conference, then Indian Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi emphasized that environment education should create social awareness and the community should be made aware of this fact that the degradation of the environment causes harm to both , individual and the society. The main aim of environmental awareness is to:

  • Various means of communication like T.V., radio, internet, newspapers, etc. should be used for this purpose.
  • Training programmes at school, college and universities should be organized.
  • Social forestry, agroforestry, afforestation, van mahotsava, etc. Should be made a social movement.
  • To encourage people to keep their surrounding clean.
  • Implementation of environment awareness studies in school and college level syllabus.


So from above explanation it is clear that it is essential to conserve and to clean our environment so that our future generation can survive on Earth. Human being plays an important role in doing so. We should try to conserve and to protect our environment. Conservation of nature has to be done on individual level.
So, dear friend, always try to conserve our nature and also try to minimize pollution, otherwise our future generation will not be able to survive on this planet.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Environment upkeep is very important for a healthy life of human beings on the planet earth. We are lucky our elders have given us a good environment to live in. But from early 70s, the concern for environment is diminishing and everybody showing importance for individual survival rather than the society.The concern for environment in India is very very less. How much oxygen we are taking in, how much we are consuming oxygen from air for our travel. How much waste gases we are letting out. Are we compensating it? We have to think seriously on these lines.

Why the levels of heat are increasing so much? We are responsible for this onslaught on atmosphere. Cutting trees, deforestation, creating concrete jungles are the ill doings of mankind. Recently some awareness is coming in the public. Many are going for tree plantation and water conservation measures. Please treat them very important and handover the universe to the next generation at least in the same way as we received if not improved.

A good article by the author.

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