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Factors that affect and influence our health

This article explains various factors which influence our health either directly or indirectly. Some of these factors which affect and influence our health are environment, life style, heredity, cultural environment and socioeconomic conditions like nutrition, education, health care services, occupation etc.


Good health is a state of a person in which his metabolic and functional efficiencies are at their best. It is a state of complete well-being of his body and mind. He is free from diseases and disorders which take place in the body and mind. It also very well reflects his social and mental well-being in society. Health does not only refer to a condition in which an individual is free from sicknesses and diseases, but also where mental health is given equal importance as well as social tension is decreased. There are many factors which influence health of an individual either directly or indirectly. All of them play very important role whether it comes to influencing health of a single person or that of a whole group living in community or society. Some of them influence in a good way while others impart bad impact and bad influence.


Environment comprises of everything that surrounds us and it not only affects our physical health, but also has a very powerful influence on our mental health. If environment in which we live is good and healthy then we will enjoy a good physical and mental health and vice versa. Clean environment which comprises of clean and pure water, good sanitation, drainage facilities, proper waste disposal system etc prevents spreading of diseases and dirty environment adversely affects health as it promotes spread of infections and diseases. Pollution from factories and vehicles again affect us in number of ways, if it is a part of the environment in which we live. Social environment affects our mental health. Discrimination against sex, color, income all cause anxiety and depression. This will further worsen both physical and mental health. Societies in which good understanding and harmony is given importance, people enjoy good health cause any conflict taking place is immediately resolved there.


Right after conception, genes play a very important role and determine health of an individual. Certain diseases and disorders so formed which are of genetic origin cannot be stopped form occurring. Diabetes and mental retardation are two such diseases. Though proper health care delays their occurrence but cannot completely prevent them. It is almost impossible to alter or make any changes in genetic make up. If parents are suffering from certain diseases then there are very higher chances that offspring's too will like-ably suffer from them as health to a large portion depends on genetic constitution.

Life-style influencing health

Good health or bad health is greatly influenced by our life style i.e., the way we live every day. If we practice it in a healthy manner then we will enjoy good health. If our life style is bad then we will suffer from deteriorated health. It all depends on our behavior, the kind of habits we inculcate and the culture that we follow. Various diseases like diabetes, heart related diseases and cancer are all related to life-style. Healthy habits like following good healthy nutritious balanced diet, indulging daily in physical activities, meditating daily, sleeping for adequate hours, not indulging in bad habits like drugs, smoking, alcohol all lead to good physical and mental health. Unhealthy habits like eating junk and processed foods, no physical activity to keep body active, not sleeping for adequate hours, excess of alcohol consumption, smoking, drug intake etc will all lead to bad health. Thus, more and more healthy living should be promoted and changing one bad habit at one time makes the process of healthy living simple and easy. More healthier the lifestyle is, better health an individual will enjoy.


Personality of an individual is nothing but a product of cultural environment in which he lives. Culture is nothing but practices carried out by group of individuals living in a society or community i.e., it is formed by society and then it in turn casts its impact on society. Customs we practice, laws we implicate for betterment, beliefs which we create, religion which we follow, moral values which we believe are all nothing but together form our cultural practices. These cultural practices have a deep impact on our health both physical and mental. How we deal with daily personal hygiene practices and how much importance we give to nutrition is different to people belonging to different cultures. Some of the cultures do not consider immunization or vaccination to be good. These beliefs has a different outlook on whole life including on illness and diseases. Thereby culture influences our health in a very strong way.

Socioeconomic status and health

Both social and economic condition of an individual as well as that of a community or society has great impact and influence on health of an individual and on health of those living in a community. These conditions are income, nutrition, education etc.


If income of an individual is high then he and his family are able to seek better medical care as they are capable of affording high expenses, but if income is low then such medical care may seem almost impossible. Government hospitals are the only options left for them and we all are aware with the kind of attention and health care offered at Government hospitals. Also, rich people live a sedentary life style and most of the times remain inactive as their jobs do not require much of the labor work. Thus, they easily suffer from excess weight, diabetes and heart related disorders. Those who earn less mostly do hard work and thus are less prone to these sorts of disorders and diseases.

Personal hygiene

To remain healthy and to maintain health, personal hygiene is very important. It keeps sickness at bay. It is up to an individual to what extent he keeps himself clean and also it is largely dependent on income of a person. If income is good then an individual can very efficiently take care of his personal hygiene and vice versa. Serious wounds and traumatic injuries or even a minor cut if not taken good care may become infected and within short period of time, signs of inflammation may appear, ringing the bells for further health problems. Today usually facilities like good water supply, waste disposal and sanitation are provided but still it is dependent on an individual whether he washes his hands every time after he defecates, whether he takes bath regularly and wears clean clothes, do not defecate in open, do not dispose wastes in open, cleans his home, utensils, clothes, surroundings properly, drinks clean water etc are all his choice. The more he concentrates on his personal hygiene, better health he enjoys.


We are what we eat. To live a healthy life, we need to eat balanced nutritious meal daily and eating junk foods or starvation deteriorate health. One simple rule to enjoy good health is that we have to provide body with all the nutrients it requires in right amount and on daily basis. If this rule is followed, good health comes to us like a blessing. We need good health for carrying out are all the functions efficiently and to fight against all the infections and diseases. Clean, fresh, organic foods should be eaten along with intake of 2-3 liters of water daily. Unclean foods and those which are excessively sprayed with chemicals and pesticides will do more harm to health than any good.

Health services

Medical attention and health care services come to rescue during times of illnesses and when diseases make a room in body. These centers are equipped with health care devices and equipment as well as with facilities like immunization which is of particular help when it comes to protecting small children from infectious diseases. These facilities should be located within each and every community or at least very close to them, if not within. Main objective of these centers is to promote good health, treat diseases, prevent spread of infections, educate people, provide vaccines, prevent illness etc.

Education brings good health

Education is a tool for good health. Until and unless an individual understands the importance of being healthy, he will never take care of all these practices which promote good health. Taking care of personal hygiene, practicing cleanliness in and around home, vaccinations, pure drinking water, sanitation, proper waste disposal all will be better understood if an individual understands how important these aspects are as all of them greatly influences his health as well as his whole life. To promote good health, awareness and education both are essential. If an individual do not know what causes ill-health and gives an invitation to illness, he will never be able to prevent it.


One who is employed and earns good can definitely invest earning in achieving and maintaining good health. Unemployment do not leads to good health as good health requires both time and investment. In absence of either one of them, it cannot be enjoyed. Individuals whose main occupation is to work in unclean areas where they may easily get infected are likely to suffer from ill-health. For example, those taking care of waste disposals are more likely to suffer from bad health if they do not cover their nose and mouth areas with masks and do not wear correct fitting gloves and protective shoes. Good health demands good physical work and those engaged in strenuous physical work during working hours, keep diabetes, heart related diseases and over weight problems at bay as they do not lend their body to become inactive when compared to those individuals who remain physically inactive and create excessive load on their minds during office hours

Rural and urban areas

In rural areas, people are deprived with basic facilities like pure water supply, good sanitation facilities, health care centers which are all abundantly present in urban areas. Thus, these things directly affect health of an individual in rural areas. Also, awareness and education is lacking in people living in rural areas which is keeping them backward in maintaining good health and thus they are not able to prevent diseases. However, they do not have to face pollution related respiratory diseases as there is less pollution in air due to less set up of factories over there and also due to reduced number of vehicles generating pollution.


Good health or bad health does not come to an individual for no reason. Various factors influence health of an individual. Some of them have a direct impact on it like nutrition whereas others like occupation, income have indirect impact on it. Education plays an important role as it creates awareness within an individual and within community and helps them to achieve good health and maintain it by preventing illnesses and diseases. Some of these factors does have good influences whereas others have bad impact on health. Some factors which are unfavorable when changed become favorable and promote good health whereas there are certain factors like heredity which cannot be changed as genetic constitution cannot be changed. Thus, these factors should not be overlooked and proper education will help us to delay them to some extent. Need of the hour is to educate ourselves and collect information about each of these factors to create awareness within us which will ultimately lead to good health.

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Author: Venkiteswaran27 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A good compact general article on the topic. Though most of us are aware of these factors which influence our health, we are too indulgent and ignore them. It comes from the overconfidence that it will not affect me, or that I can overcome those.

Health, like crops and cultivation has to be properly nourished as per season and requirements. There is a lot that can be written in such topic articles. However the author has consciously contained the main points in a proper way and made the article effective.

A useful article.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao28 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

An excellent article by Ms. Reena Upadhya. The way the information is presented is very good. It is a very big subject, but all the points have been covered by the author very nicely. Good educative message!

Health is wealth. So it is better to be healthy both physically and mentally. In the present day environment, everybody is under tremendous pressure to cope with the time and fulfill their desires. I see people almost spending 12 to 15 hours in their works and finding no time to spend with family. So my advise is not to take very high pressure and tension. Be content in life and maintain a happy healthy life.

Author: Reena Upadhya29 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Factors sometimes individually affect health of an individual or else combine together with other factors and considerably influence the health of all those living in a community. Impact may be very direct and clear and sometimes it may be indirect. Since they determine health, these factors cannot be overlooked. We cannot directly control them but some of them definitely can be taken care of. Control or no control, proper awareness can bring the real change. Knowing all the factors will help us to educate ourselves and others well. Once awareness is created, health follows very swiftly.

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