Relationship between health and wellness

This article explains the relationship between health and wellness which is very deep. Both health and wellness are very closely associated with one another. Health is a state of physical and mental well-being, whereas wellness being seven dimensional is a positive approach to live better.


We often think that health and wellness are one and the same and often use them interchangeably. However, both of them are different, but are closely related. In fact so closely related that one cannot rely without the other. Health is a state where an individual enjoys complete well-being in association with physical or mental aspect. It is a state in which well-being also means free from diseases. The statement itself describes that wellness has a very direct influence on health. Wellness on other hand is a positive approach from an individual to live a better life.


Wellness is a lifestyle or a way of living. It has seven dimensions, namely physical, mental, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational and spiritual. All these seven dimensions should be in harmony, only then well-being can be achieved. Extra efforts and actions over a period of time will bring wellness and only wellness leads to good health. Actions implemented which can also be called as proactive steps will lead to well-being.


Health is a goal which is easy to achieve if a healthy lifestyle is carried out. Good diet with physical exercise will promote good physical health. Stress-free living does promote good mental health. Hundreds of new diets or health foods that are introduced every year all will result in good health. It is a condition of body as well as that of mind in which one is free from illness and able to resist it as health is given the top most priority in life.

Dimensions of wellness

Seven dimensions of wellness interact with one another and help to improve quality of life.

Physical wellness helps to very well accomplish all our daily activities without facing any physical stress, tiredness or fatigue. It is an ability to healthy living and avoid unhealthy habits.

Emotional wellness is also known as mental wellness. It is an ability which helps us to overcome hurdles in life and that too very efficiently as it helps us to understand who we are. It helps us to share all the emotions we develop inside us in a productive manner.

Intellectual wellness is an ability where we open ourselves to creativity. We bend ourselves towards learning something new and acquire new skills.

Social wellness is an ability where we open ourselves towards others. We establish a bond with family, friends, relatives and society and all this contributes to social wellness.

Spiritual wellness is an ability where we learn values and understand that we all are meant to serve similar purpose. This ability helps us to rise in spiritual world and we form peace in ourselves and harmony with others.

Environmental wellness is an ability which we use to create a good effect in the quality of environment in which we live as we feel that it is our responsibility to keep air, water and land surrounding us clean.

Lastly, occupational wellness is an ability to maintain stability in life as well as enjoy personal fulfillment from occupation. It allows us to make powerful positive influence and impact in work place as well as in the society.

Difference between health and wellness

Health is a condition in which the person is both physically and mentally healthy i.e., free from sickness. Pursuit of health as well as well-being itself is known as wellness. Health includes physical health and mental health. Wellness is more than physical and mental health. It includes 7 different dimensions as mentioned above. Wellness is conscious, whereas health isn't. Wellness is multidimensional and health is two dimensional. A state of being is health whereas a state of living a good healthy lifestyle is wellness.


We thus see that Health and wellness are not the same thing, but still they both are closely related and thus used interchangeably i.e., one is used very commonly in place of other. We feel that either we are ill or feeling well and thus we use wellness as being healthy. However, wellness is pursuit of health.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A very well written article. The author clearly brought in all the aspects of wellness and health with a nice clarity. Many people think wellness is related to only physical wellness and it is similar to health. For them the article is an eye opener. Even though both are having many similar aspects, wellness can be of large dimensions as explained. You may be very good in your health aspect but if you are not thinking in a positive way, we can't say you are well. If your thought process is also always selfish we can't say you are well. Like wise wellness is having a broader application than health.

Author: Swati Sarnobat23 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The term health and wellness are not closely related to each other. A person who is healthy need not be well. They may always have the feeling that they are sick. This feeling begin to deteriorate their health. They look dull due to lack of exercise. A person who is well or may be positive may not be healthy. But wellness feeling can always improve health.

Author: Reena Upadhya26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The term health and wellness are actually so closely related to each other that they are used interchangeably. When we ask someone how do they feel, they either reply that they are ill or well and this is because wellness is often used to describe health. However, health is a well being of the body and mind and wellness is well being of many more aspects i.e., it comprises of almost all the aspects of life. A healthy person may not be well, but wellness always means health and well-being of life.

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