Best tips to remain healthy in summer

As summer comes knocking at the door, its time that we all gear up to tackle the increasing temperature and at the same time not lose on the fun. Here are some easy steps which, if properly followed, would help us achieve this goal.

Summers are signified by mangoes, long days, the extra long summer vacation and endless hours of play. Things sound so beautiful but just as a rose has thorns, even summer has certain problems associated with it. Over the years the maximum temperature is rising at a steady rate which results in severe dehydration, sun stroke which are terribly fatal at times. Apart from this it also leads to skin and hair problems as well. So here we would explore the various simple steps which one can follow in order to have a healthy, disease-free summer and make the most of it.

Apply Sunscreen

We all know that little exposure to sun everyday is good for our bones since it helps us get the much required Vitamin D but at the same time excessive amount of UV rays have the ability to cause skin cancer and many other skin problems. During summer, earth is closer to sun and hence the UV rays are comparatively stronger, thus to protect the skin one must apply sunscreen of minimum SPF 30. One must also avoid being in the sun for too long in order to avoid any such problems.

Have plenty of water

There are basically two types of summer which most of us has faced, one which causes excessive sweating while the other which dries up the body from inside but without sweating. As a matter of fact, the second type is riskier than the other because there is no cooling effect for the body which is usually done by sweating. Such weathers are mainly characterized by heat waves which are famous to be the prime cause of heat stroke. The main solution to treat either of them is to drink plenty of water, at least 8 to 9 glasses a day. A common phenomenon of dryness is being hungry even though one is practically full. Adequate amount of water would hydrate the individual and help avoid such occurrences. Coconut water and green tea can also be consumed as they help remove toxins, add much needed minerals and in turn cool the body.

Eat fruits

Nature provides us with what is needed in every particular season. Summer is mainly characterized watermelon, mango, litchi, melon etc. As it is evident from the list, all of these are fruits having high water content thus help the body regain the water and minerals lost due to sweating. Regular consumption would definitely help the individual keep diseases at bay. Fruit juices can also be taken but direct consumption of fruits are better since the fiber content is lost while making juice.

Remove dead skin cells

The typical summer weather increases the number of dead skin cells which need to be removed. Instead of spending on costly products a simple scrub of oatmeal, yogurt and milk would be relaxing as well as beneficial.


Summer means increased intake of ice cream and soft drinks which definitely add some added calories. So even though the temperature has risen, exercise should not leave the time table as they help maintain good health. Rather than outdoor exercise, indoor ones are preferred in this season.

Bathe more

Summer leads to excessive sweating which attracts more dust and dirt to the skin. Due to this there are increased chances of itchiness and boils. In order to get rid of these problems as well as cool the body, it is essential to bathe at least twice to thrice a day. One can even join swimming or water aerobics as it also helps burn calories.

Use olive oil

This healthy oil is often recommended by dietitians as it accelerates weight loss. Olive oil contains essential fatty acids which are used to make the skin resistant to UV rays, thus regular usage by either consuming with salads or separately can reduce the chances of skin cancer. These fatty acids reside in the cell membranes and help to retain the moisture, thus they don't allow the body to dehydrate in the summers.

Have Seafood

Its the time of the year when one should start having fish more than meat, since meat is said to heat up the body. Fishes on the other hand are low calories meals and are rich in protein. So even when one is having ice-creams to their heart's content, they can still lose weight as the protein helps burn excess calories.

Go for a Makeover

With the changing seasons our dressing pattern keeps changing. Its important that even our surroundings are modified as per the environment. A cool place to stay in is needed to keep the mind cool and in turn the entire body. So keeping this point in mind the curtains should be changed. Apart from this, one should completely remove oily and unhealthy food from the house which can otherwise be the cause of temptation.

Enjoy Gardening

This is one such hobby which practically fulfills all the essentials of the weather. First of all it gets one dirty thus one has to bathe more. Second the person is exposed to sun for some time which increases the thirst and quite mechanically one is forced to consume the much needed water. Above all it gives the pleasure of spending time with plants and butterflies. A joyous mind and soul prevents diseases.

Eye Care

Eyes are considered to be one of the most sensitive organs of our body which are directly in contact with the external environment. As a result of this they too are impacted by the rising temperature and its effects. Its a well known fact that with increasing temperatures the number of bacteria in our surroundings multiply at alarming rates. So to protect the eyes from infections, its essential that one washes them with clean water at regular intervals of time. The eyes should be protected from the harmful UV rays of sun and hence a good pair of sunglasses is a must have item for all.

Take proper rest

Summers mean that the same task tires us more than it would in other seasons. Though this is common for all, it does not mean that the number of tasks are relaxed. To cope with such situations the sole solution is to get adequate sleep. One should make it a point to get at least 6 hours of sleep a day because otherwise the workload would tax the person more than it actually should.

By following these simple yet effective steps, one can make the most of summer without letting it take a toll on them.

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