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How to achieve good health

This article explains methods by which good health can be achieved. Following well balanced nutritious diet, daily exercise regime, managing stress and anxiety and other healthy habits essential for mental health, taking supplements, following healthy life style all contribute to good health.


To achieve good health and maintain it throughout our lives, we have to make certain efforts. These efforts are nothing but certain changes made in our everyday life. This later becomes our lifestyle, a rather healthier one which will be way healthier than our present life style. Good health is very important to all of us. This is because health itself will decide the quality of life we will be living. To accomplish anything, good health is essential and nobody can enjoy accomplishments made in absence of it. Poor diet, poor lifestyle choices and living life with lots of stress has all become a part of us today. We find it easier to cope up with this kind of living, but all this can only deteriorate health. Thus, we have to focus on all those things which will bring good health for us. Diet, exercise and behavioral choices are some of the factors which have an effect on our health and thus we need to take care of them.

Diet and good health

Diet influences health and thus on daily basis we need to consume a healthy well balanced nutritious diet which will fulfill our body's nutritional requirements. Calories have to be monitored as excess intake will increase weight and decreased amount will make us anorexic. Thus, count calories to reach target weight and maintain it. Eats lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains and less amount of junk and processed foods. Consume very little amount of salt and sugar everyday. Drink adequate amount of water everyday along with 100% fruit and vegetable juices, green tea, herbal teas, coconut water, sugarcane juice and avoid tea, coffee and aerated beverages. Start day with healthy breakfast and then eat small portions of foods throughout the day. Eat at same time daily. Read labels before purchasing foods. Cook most of the meals at home and avoid eating outside. Start eating healthy snacks like unsalted nuts, a piece of fruit or vegetable instead of unhealthy snacks like chips, burgers etc. Avoid eating at late night and if cannot be avoided then a piece of fresh fruit can be eaten. Eat until 80% full. Fast occasionally to provide rest to the body.

Exercise for good health

To live a healthy life, physical activity is very essential. Either shed some kilos in gyms or go for regular walking, jogging, swimming, skipping etc. Short workouts are okay, but they have to be intense to increase heart rate. Indulge body in more physical activity like taking stairs instead of riding in elevators. Do not drive in places where we can easily reach by walk. Do house hold chores as much as possible. Perform some breathing exercises daily. Go for hiking or on trekking on weekends or indulge in some sort of sports activity. Exercise helps blood pressure and cholesterol to remain in normal levels. It improves bone density and eye sight. It keeps weight under control and prevents all those diseases caused by obesity. Even dancing is a form of exercise and if one prefers dancing over exercising then there is no harm in doing it. Both cardio vascular exercises and strength training workouts together will benefit body and thus spare a few days to do cardio exercises and rest of the days go for strength training to yield maximum benefits. Exercise wisely by first learning them from professionals cause carelessly carrying out them can cause some injuries to the body, if not done correctly. Regular breaks and proper hydration in between breaks also contribute a lot to exercise regime. Maintain an exercise diary to carry out exercise related activities efficiently.

Life style habits and behaviors

All the habits and behaviors of ours cannot be left unnoticed when it comes to health. All of them influence health greatly and thus we need to continue those behaviors and habits which are good for us and bring changes in our life style and in behavior to help us achieve good health. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Sleep and wake up at same time every day. Manage stress and tension as most of the diseases we suffer from are caused due to stress and tension. Know the root causes of stress, analyze them well and then change them to get rid of stress completely. Become disciplined by organizing everything in advance. Thus, deadlines will be easily met and high priority acts will never be neglected. Take frequent breaks to refresh self and then get back to work and also set weekends for rejuvenation. Get rid of that extra baggage and decrease the clutter in life. Calm oneself by spending time with near and dear ones, going out in nature, playing with pet and becoming more creative. Think positive and develop positive attitude towards every thing. Be contented with what we have. Choose wisely friends and others with whom we decide to spend time cause they will influence our mental health to a large extent. Find emotional balance and stability in life. Quit smoking. Quit alcohol or at least drink in moderation. Spend some time in sun for efficient absorption of vitamin D but before exposure wear sunscreen every day without fail and avoid over tanning. Drugs including antibiotics should only be taken when essential to avoid building resistance to them.

Healthy mental health habits

Mental health is also very essential and as important as physical health and thus we have to take complete care of it. Set short-term goal and once we reach it, go for next short-term goal and likewise the path followed will help to reach ultimate goal. Do not just jump on ultimate goal because it will create lots of stress and life is not about leaping blindly, but is about carrying out journey wisely. Take frequent breaks and appreciate everything around. Meditate every day and few times in a day to refrain from negative thinking and instill every thing positive inside. Do not hold on to past negative experiences and learn to enjoy present. Practice gratitude because that will teach us to become happy. Laugh and smile and share it with everyone around. Do not keep grudges and let go everything unessential by practicing detachment. Learn to give more, expect nothing and this will increase the joy of giving and decrease the hurt when expectations are not met. Forgive people and forget the unfavorable circumstances. Toxic relationships are bad for health and thus if not able to deal with them then we need to come out of them cause they drain out valuable energy.

Take Supplements and regularly consult Doctor

Good diet is best way to nourish body, but in certain illnesses and diseases, body is not able to metabolize and absorb all the nutrients from the foods and fluids we consume. Even our unhealthy diets keep us deprived of these essential nutrients and in such cases, it is better to take supplements like multi-vitamin, mineral supplements etc. They act as a backup and provide body with all the nutrition it requires. Make immune system as strong as possible cause immunity is a key to live a life free from diseases and once immunity is compromised, body becomes susceptible to various infections and diseases which will result in bad health. Personal hygiene in the form of body care and oral health care is also very important. Seek medical help regularly and consult doctor not only when a disease or illness strikes, but even for regular check ups. Prevention is better than cure and regular check ups will rule out all the possibilities of suffering from serious fatal diseases.


Healthy lifestyle, healthy behaviors, healthy diet, healthy work out regimes all does contribute to good health and thus we cannot concentrate on one and leave others unattended. They all require equal concentration and attention cause they lay a strong foundation for our good health. Good level of health and fitness cannot be achieved in a day. It requires constant engaging and regular efforts in healthy behaviors. We have to every now and then make healthy choices in various areas of our life to keep our body as well as mind healthy. Both healthy body and healthy mind will together constitute complete health.

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