How to keep your child safe from bad touch?

Are you worried about your child's safety? Scared of sending your child to school or coaching classes alone? Here are some tips by which your child can stay safe. A must-to-read article by every child and parent.

Credits: This article is written by Kanushi Gupta (my daughter), a student of Class VII of Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi. Information is based on the lessons taught in special classes in her school.

In today's era, children are totally unsafe whether they are walking on roads or playing in parks. This unsafety can lead to depression, scarceness etc. among children. There are different types of touches that a child must be aware of. Parents should teach their children about these touches. If the parents are illiterate and are from poor family, still they have to think about their child's safety and health. Children as young as 3-4 years should understand the basics of good touch, bad touch or confusing touch. Children should also be aware of sexual abuse and should understand its meaning also. But, to teach them about different types of touches and sexual abuse, it is must that children should be aware of their body part (including private parts).

First of all, let's understand about different types of touches and which one should be avoided.

Good Touch and Bad Touch

Good touch can be explained as the way people show their concern and care for their children. Good touch is safe and healthy for children.
Good touch can be presented and can be done in the following ways:-
  • Friendly hugs
  • Pats on head, back or shoulder
  • Kiss on cheek or forehead
  • Shaking hands or giving 'High Fives'

Bad touch can be explained as the way a person is touched which makes him/her feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Bad touch may include:-
  • Touching the private parts of the body
  • Kissing mouth-to-mouth
  • Touching or patting on the upper thigh near the groin area or the area between our thighs
  • Touching on the buttocks or the area below the back and above the knees

Children should know about their private parts or the parts where bad touch may happen. Private parts are different for boys and girls. Hence, both the genders should be taught accordingly about bad touch.

There are 4 main private parts for both boys and girls where they should not be touched. These are:-
  • Lips
  • Breast (girls)/ chest (boys)
  • Bumps or the area below the back and above the knees
  • Area between both upper thighs or the groin area

Girls should also be aware that they should not be touched anywhere where they feel unsafe or they don't feel good. Like, if a man rubs his hand gently on her arm (though arm is not a private part), but such touch is making her feel uncomfortable, then it would be counted as bad touch.

Some other types of touches a child must be aware of:-
Safe touch: This touch can be explained as a touch when children feel cared and important. It keeps children safe and is good for them. Hugging, patting and an arm around are some examples of safe touch.
Unsafe touch: Unsafe touches are unacceptable as these may hurt children's body or feelings. For example: hitting.
Unwanted Touch: Such touches can be safe or unsafe. Children should learn to say 'NO' in a strong and firm voice. They should learn to say 'No' to any unwanted touch, even if it is from a familiar person. Raising voice against such touches will help children to set up their personal boundaries.

How to keep your children safe

Every parent, every school, every teacher and every elder sibling should take an initiative to teach about different types of touches (as mentioned above) to children. A child cannot learn to prevent himself/herself unless they are aware of such touches and their body parts.

Also, every parent should make sure that their child join self-defence classes and learn self-defence skills, no matter whether the child is boy or a girl. Such skills will help to invoke the feeling of safety and courage among children. Be friendly with your child and learn to understand if they are uncomfortable with any person including close relatives. According to a report, in most cases, sexual abuse is mainly done by close relatives. So, never force your child to stay alone with any relative if he/she shows his/her unwillingness.

Article by Nidhi
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Author: K Mohan25 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

This is a good article where in the author gave very important tips as to how to take care our children from the bad touch which they may experience during their schooling. In these days we cannot believe who and whom. Good looking talkative male teacher who guarantees safety of the child cannot be trusted and even when we send to the tuition classes the behavior of male teacher always bothers us. Some male teachers have the tendency to touch and feel the girl students much to their annoy. Parents must take interest and join the girl child only in those school where there are female teachers and even to tuition being taught by female teacher only. That will be more safe for the child and we need not think about bad things.

Author: Venkiteswaran16 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

A very relevant article for these days when we come across a lot of negative and scary news in the media. The audio visual clips add clarity and reinforce the message.

Author: Natarajan16 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Feels happy to hear that a child is being given this information by the school. As children are generally active and interact freely with others at schools and in common places they visit as part of their daily routine, they are vulnerable to inappropriate interaction by people around them. The awareness of the private and No touch areas are the most important aspect of any education imparted to the child.
The parents and family should be open to highlight this when they interact with the child. Based on what we learned abroad during our children's educations, I can add the following.
As children are inquisitive about their private parts, do not shun from explaining it to them in the manner appropriate. This is often done gently raising the topic again at bath time and while dressing them up. For older children, the mother has to regularly explain the changes that happen at puberty to the daughter and the father to the son.
Children have to be regularly reminded about avoiding areas that are relatively isolated in the parks, playground, schools etc.
They should be encouraged to report any event that they are uncomfortable with.
When you enroll them in a special class,private tuitions,tennis or other games, please make your presence regularly felt by the teachers, even if one parent regularly goes and is observant of the place and people, it sends a message that yes, these parents are well informed and we should stick to the rules.
Yes, enroll them is self-defence classes, mothers can join daughters and learn for their own safety.
Always make it a point to observe the school van drivers, helping staff and people who are in relatively close proximity to your child regularly.

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