My first day at school

In this essay, I am describing the first day at school. I was nervous, lonely but yet prepared to be on my own. So I can never forget the day at school and the experience on the first day was enriching as I learnt to be away from my parents.

When I was 2 ½ years old, my parents decided to send me to a playgroup nearby. I accompanied my parents to the pre-school nearby and they met the principal of the school. Then, they filled a form that was given to them by the principal and also paid the admission fees. The principal was a middle-aged lady who greeted me and smiled at me warmly. She instructed my parents to send me playgroup from 1st June. Before joining the playgroup, I did not know that I would leave my parents and would accompany the teachers and students of the school.

How did I feel on the first day of school

My mother told me on the previous day that she would not be with me in the class. She told that she would just leave me at the entrance of the class and go back home. She also told me that she would come and take me home after the school hours. Yet, I did not understand the meaning of separation from parents and I only nodded my head. The next day, I entered through the main entrance of the large school building and also viewed a large beautiful garden that surrounded the school building. I saw many playthings outside the school such as such as tiny tricycles, soft gym slides, see-saws, play cars, etc. I felt excited, but when I entered the main door of the playgroup class, I realized that my mother would not accompany me. When I was made to sit on the tiny chair, then I felt so nervous, that I began crying loudly. I saw many other pupils who cried loudly like me and so I felt even nervous. The playgroup class was beautifully decorated. Many beautiful toys such as nesting eggs, baskets full of artificial fruits, play telephone, fixing the rings in the basket, puppets, etc were kept before us. The pitch of my cry was getting louder. I just stood near the window and looked outside. Then, I looked at the beautiful garden that was filled with fragile flowers, large trees and plants and I felt relaxed. Then, I slowly picked up the toys and began playing with them. Then, my teacher took me in her arms and showed me the entire playgroup class that was filled with toys. She comforted me so much that I was pacified and began to love this place.

After I stopped crying

Then, I looked at the large garden and started laughing merrily. Then, I looked at the other pupils who too looked calm. Then our teacher gathered us near the round table. She gave us large piece of white papers. Then she kept a large crayon box at the center of the table and told us to pick any color. She told us to draw anything or just scribble on the paper. So, we took crayons from the box and happily began scribbling on the paper. I enjoyed scribbling on the paper and so I took different colors from the box and scribbled again and again. Then, after some time, the helper gave us our baskets and we were told to eat our food. My mother gave me two biscuits, banana, and a small chapatti. I enjoyed eating along with the other pupils and liked the school atmosphere later on. After some time, my mother called me and I returned home happily. Then on the next day, I went to school happily.


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