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Be the Change - Make a difference in life of everyone around you

This article is about bringing changes in life of many by changing one's own life. It is about how to create a difference outside by bringing change within, and answers a question asked very often which is why self change is a necessity in order to bring a social change?

Everyone thinks about changing the world but no one thinks about changing himself - these words by Leo Tolstoy says a lot more than just having a literal meaning. These words are the mirror which shows exact reflection of our society, everyone around us are seen complaining about the problem – problems of pollution, corruption, illiteracy and unemployment e.t.c. But when asked what can be done to cure all these malignant problems of our society, nobody comes with a cure and nobody really talks about what he/she is doing to change the situation.

Be the change you want to see in the world-

Its all about the attitude of a person how he/she sees the world and that thought process of his/her makes the difference. As said by Mahatma Gandhi Be the change you want to see in the world. This thought of Gandhi is not just spoken in words, but implemented by him through out his life he bought changes not only in his life but in the life of millions of poor Indians. He was able to bring these changes because he changed himself, he understood the pain and misery of poor downtrodden Indians and lived this pain and misery himself and to prove his point of bringing change in the life of these people by bringing change in his own life he did all those works which were considered lowly by the society, he made cleanliness and uplifting downtrodden people his life long mission.

Bringing small changes in ourselves and society – creating the big difference

This difference can only be created by bringing difference in one's own life we can take the simple example of two unemployed youth-
One is highly educated having so many certificates and degree but has no job. He spent all his time blaming government for not providing adequate opportunities, for not having good education system, blame for not making him skilled to get work; he thinks about becoming an entrepreneur but has no idea how to start a startup and spent his time mostly in daydreaming.

Another is an illiterate but creative villager who doesn't know what startup is, who doesn't consider any work smaller. He has opened a small farm on land he got from his father, he knows everything about his farm but still tries to gain more knowledge about how to make his farm a better place and he is working hard and is progressing each and every day and now has many helpers also to help him on his farm.

Who do you think will bring the change? Your answer is definitely the villager. It is just the little difference of attitude that brings the small change within and creates the big difference outside. Inspite of the higher education that the first young person had, he didn't understood the value of having change within oneself and kept blaming everyone for his situation. And the illiterate villager has a positive attitude towards his work which bought change in his life and people around him.

Why change within is a necessity?

"Survival of the fittest" - these words do not just describe the theory of evolution, these are not just the terms to study by students studying biology, but have serious implications for society also which are-
In order to survive all the complications, difficulties and bringing changes for better, one needs to bring changes within. One needs to evolve within, and if a person is not willing to bring these changes inside himself/herself society will push him/her to its limit, others will try to mold that person in their own mould and still if that person shows unwillingness to change he will soon be destroyed just like the Giraffe who doesn't evolve in the theory proposed by Darwin.

So the only option left for that the person is to bring the change in himself/herself for the positive and good of society. He needs to change himself in order to change the society.

To bring a revolution- we need to evolve from our inside

If we want to change the condition of our society we need to ask ourselves a few questions and answer them with honesty–
Whether we are willing to change ourselves in order to change the society?
Whether we are ready to face any complications and difficulties in the process of our evolution?
Whether we are ready to accept new realities of life?
If the answers are given with honesty we will know the answer to question why Self change is necessary for change social change?

But still I will answer all these questions by just one quotation by Mother Teresa which is: "If everyone only cleaned their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean"


Author: K Mohan06 May 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

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