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Why it is not advisable to buy acoustic musical instruments online

Planning to buy an acoustic musical instrument at an online store? Do you know the differences in buying online and offline? This article explains why it is better not to buy acoustic instruments from an online store and why the option of buying it offline from a local store is better.


Online purchasing is a revolution in the marketing and sales field. Gone are those days when you need to search for your favourite product's store to buy. Now it is all in your hand. You can purchase almost anything online now by ordering your product from an online website. The product comes to your home and you do not need to do all hard work to go out in the busy market and spend your valuable time. If in case you are not happy with the product, they take it back as per their rules and within a limited duration of time. Indeed, it's a revolution and we welcome such changes. However, there are some products which are not advisable to buy online like acoustic musical Instruments. We will talk in detail about this subject in this article, providing all the major points which can help to understand even a novice who is not familiar with the the musical field.

What is an acoustic musical instrument

Any musical instruments which don't require electricity support to play are called acoustic musical instruments. Examples: Guitar, violin, harmonium, pianos, Veena, sitar etc. These musical instruments are purely acoustic musical instruments. The sound which we get from these instruments totally depend on the quality of the wood and construction of the instruments. Even if the brand is same, the model is same but the instrument will be different in sound. You can go to any musical store and check it out; you will get different tonal quality in every instrument and this is the most important part to remember in buying any acoustic musical instrument.

Why it is not advisable to buy online

Suppose you want to buy an acoustic guitar. You go to search it online. You find a very attractive looking guitar and you just order it. But how do you know if the guitar is perfect for you, or how do you know if it sounds perfectly? Yes, sometimes some online stores have their demo in video but, again, the sound for your products comes electrically in that demo which you may not differentiate in overall tonal quality of an instrument. You cannot even check the construction design of your instrument physically. The tonal quality is called the soul of any instrument. If you have better sound in your instrument, you would love to hear it again and again and if the sound quality is not good enough, you may lose your interest in learning. Yes, initially for a beginner the quality of the sound doesn't matter but after few months, you would definitely need a good quality guitar. So, whenever you are buying, keep this in mind that your instrument should last longer and you will have no choice as such if you are buying it online.

Why you should buy it from local store

I always advise people to go to the musical store if you want to buy an acoustic instrument. First of all, you can check the variety of musical instruments physically. There would be the sales man who can help you out to buy a good instrument for you by providing all the important details of the instrument. You can select your instrument according to your choice of the tonal quality. Some accessories which you may not get from buying online can be provided by the store along with your instrument. Above all, you can always come back to the store if you have any problem in future with your instrument.

Warranty factor:

Even though an online store provides you the warranty, if you do require it, where will you go? They may ask you to go to the service centre which may be far away from your place. In this kind of situation, you have to rely on the store which is nearest to you. If you buy it from an offline store, on the other hand, the store people will always be helpful if you get any kind of problem in your instrument.


Finally, it is up to you whether you want to buy it online or offline. I have provided all the details in my article which will make you to understand what I mean to say. I have seen many cases when people those who bought acoustic instrument online have not been satisfied with the overall quality. So, think before spending your hard earned money to buy your lovely instrument!

Article by Jeet Singh
Jeets is a natural born writer who tries to translate his thoughts into words with utmost clarity. He is a firm believer of 'know what you're talking' and thus shares his knowledge and adds inputs only on those subjects in which he is confident about. He has a strong hand in the field of Music and musical instruments from past 19 years and devoted his life to Music.

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