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How to involve children in fun and educative activities during summer holidays

A number of websites offer educative and fun activities for children, for free. They offer learning activities centred around academics, general knowledge, creativity and more. Give your children an edge, by introducing them to these exciting websites where they can master various skills.

The summer vacations are here and along with it the heat that the weather generates. It is a time to remain indoors. Kids, who up until now had a hectic routine, suddenly find themselves stuck at home, with not much to do. It is easy for them to get bored, lethargic and irritated. They take recourse in video games, television and other 'useless' activities, which often irk the parents.

Summer holidays are not just a time to rewind. These holidays are an opportune time for parents to kindle an interest, in various activities, in their children. The web provides a plethora of interesting choices. There are several age-appropriate activities available online, that children can be introduced to. If you have bored, and irritable kids at home you will surely find something that can interest them and keep them occupied during the summer holidays.

For the curious kid

Kids are curious and easily fascinated. They look for answers to all things new to them. They bombard parents with questions – most conversations with young children are interspersed with why, what, how and when. Children are not being irksome when they pose questions; they seek answers to things for a better understanding. It is an inquisitive mind that asks questions. Inquisitive minds are intelligent minds. Answers are fodder to such minds. When parents stop answering questions or show irritation at being asked 'too many' questions, it kills the interest in children. They stop being interested, they stop asking questions and they stop learning. Their growth is shackled. Curiosity must be kept alive in children it is what stimulates their brains.

This is where Wonderoplis can help. It is an online resource that provides fascinating facts about mundane things, we adults consider unimportant. Would you know the difference between the size of the brains of an elephant and an ant? Perhaps not, and it's not something that really matters. But, to a child it's knowledge. Do you know the world population? Maybe not, it is just statistics and who cares – right? To a child, this information would have a different dimension.

The website is full of incredible facts, stuff that children want to know – Which is the strongest muscle in the human body? What causes us to blink? Why is the sky blue? Why do objects weigh less in water? What gives plants their green colour? The website is a storehouse of knowledge and it can keep your kids fruitfully engaged for days on end.

It is easy to navigate and children can explore the site with ease. There is written content supported by audio and informational videos. The website is divided into different segments, one of which allows members to post curious questions that pop up in their mind. Fun facts can be sorted by theme and by age. The content can also be downloaded/printed in PDF format. Is that not wonderful!

There is an online summer camp as well, and it's for free. If there is one online website that is informative and fun at the same time, it is definitely Wonderopolis.

For the bright kid

Learning is an ongoing process, and it is crucial that young, school children be given ample opportunities to learn. Summer vacations can provide new windows of learning opportunities for children. They can be encouraged to learn things other than what is on their curriculum. Parents must realise that all type of knowledge is essential for overall development. Laying focus on just academic performance is not enough.

There are different skills that children can pick up through fun learning modules. Smart kit is a free to join website that offers a wide range of activities that make learning fun. Parents are assured of clean activities for their kids.

There are various categories to choose from such as –

  • Quick thinking puzzles
  • Quizzes
  • Word & Picture games
  • Spot the differences
  • Physics
  • Memory games
  • Maths games
  • Logic
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Hidden object games
  • Brain teasers

There are lot of other activities as well that will enhance logical thinking, memory, analytical skills and more in your children, through games. There is a most popular game section which shares games which were most liked. The website has some printable games that don't require children to be online. It is one of the best websites for children and it has received some rave reviews that are available on the ABOUT page.

For some fun and learning

Mocomi is a great learning website, especially designed for Indian kids. The site is categorised into of two broad units.

Fun section

This section is packed with creative, fun and absorbing activities. They include arts & crafts, games, stories, drawing outdoor and nature activities. For instance, there are animation tutorials for drawing lessons. There is another section that lets you download/print various activities such as photo frames and jigsaw puzzles.

Learn section

Children can choose activities from a range of academic subjects like Mathematics, science, civics, geography, environment and art etcetera. The activities are designed to get the child interested in the subject and enhance knowledge. It makes learning easy and fun.

The subjects are introduced in a play way method. There are slideshows, illustrations and animation, along with information packed into each segment. The age group for each activity is also clearly specified. Apart from this, there are experiments and interviews and a bunch of other stuff that will keep kids glued.

For education & entertainment

The advantage with the internet is that information is available anytime, anywhere. While that is the good aspect of the internet there is a bad side to it too. There is too much information on the web, which you want to keep away from children. How do you know what your kid should/can see and what should be censored?

Fortunately,The kid should see this Rion Nakaya, an enterprising mom makes this task easy for other moms and dads. She surfs the internet with her kids and posts educative, safe to watch videos on her website. This is stuff that you might not go looking for to show your child. However, it is important that your kids watch them.

There are videos on varied subjects ranging from how stuff works to how things are made. There are videos on space and sports and what have you. It's a great way to get your children interested in things.

Subscribe to the website and five videos will be delivered to you, through email, each week. On the website you can browse through different categories of videos like –

  • Animals
  • Animation
  • Art
  • DIY
  • Food
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Space
  • Technology

For drawing lessons

If you want drawing lessons for your chils then My how to draw will prove to be the perfect website for your aspiring artist. The best feature of this website is the way drawing is simplified. The site presents ease of learning to draw the most complex figures. There are videos with clear, easy to follow steps.

Your children can master the art of drawing people, landscapes and nature. They can hone the art of drawing famous cartoon characters from Disney or superheroes and mythical creatures. The basics are explained via simple tutorials that children can grasp.

Subscribe to the website and you'll receive exciting freebies every Friday.

For creative and nimble fingers

Origami or paper folding can be a good way to pass time on long, hot summer afternoons. The only thing required is paper. You do not have to spend money on craft paper. Your kids can use sheets of paper from their old notebooks or the newspaper.

On the Origami Club you will find tutorials split under different categories. There are easy lessons for beginners which are perfect for young kids. Slightly older kids can practice making origami animals, sea creatures, clothes, furniture, bugs and a lot of other things.

The website is easy to navigate. You choose the section you're interested in. I clicked on Christmas and it took me to a page that shows finished origami products of things related to Christmas - candle, reindeer, bell and holly etcetera. All I need to do is select the item I want a tutorial on and I am directed to the next page, where I can choose how I want the tutorial. There are three options available –
  • Diagram
  • Animation
  • YouTube video

A click on any one of these tabs takes me to the corresponding instruction page.

You can find more ideas to pep up your child's summer vacation in the following articles:

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