Nine known symptoms of depression

Of late, depression has become a menace. Many people call depression a curse of modern life. However, very few give proper importance to this mental condition. This is not desirable. The patients of depression also need care, sympathy and protection. However, at the outset, we must know the symptoms of depression. This article discusses the same in detail.

The society has become more and more complex. As a result people living in the society are now facing lots of stress in their daily life. The family has become very small and there are very few friends in a person's life to whom he/she can confide. As a direct consequence of all these, the cases of depression are increasing day by day. This has become a universal phenomenon. In this article, we will try to identify nine symptoms of depression. These symptoms will indicate whether the person requires assistance or not.

Symptom number one: Personal hygiene is no longer a priority

When a person is depressed, he no longer functions in a manner which he used to do earlier. The person won't be interested in taking a bath, making the bed, keeping the home clean or even brushing the teeth. The self-esteem hits a all time low. The depressed person always goes on blaming himself / for all perceived flaws and shortcomings.

Symptom number two: He/she feels guilty all the time

If a person is depressed, he becomes very critical of himself. He feels that all the relatives and friends are letting him down. The depressed person slowly but steadily shuts all means of communication with others.

Symptom number three: Simple tasks make the person exhausted

A depressed person finds even very simple task gigantic. He feels exhausted even making a cup of tea. He gets overwhelmed very easily. He cannot concentrate on studies. A depressed person always feels to take long breaks.

Symptom number four: Physical symptom of depression

Depression also affects physically. Study conducted by Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that depression causes joint pain, back pain, chest pain, fatigue and even gastro-intestinal problems.

Symptom number five: A depressed person feels hollow and irritable

Generic depression leaves a person completely hollow or empty. He does not find any encouragement from any corner and remains totally dejected. A depressed person always remains irritable while talking to others. Sometime he reacts violently even during normal conversation.

Symptom number six: Lying awake at night

Depression causes sleep disorder. Many a time it has been found that a depressed person remains awake all night. As a result he does not feel fresh in the morning and is not able to work with enthusiasm or zeal.

Symptom number seven: He may experience nightmares

This is another symptom of sleep disorder. Even if a depressed person manages to get some sleep, he may wake up due to nightmares. Researchers have found a link between depression and nightmares. However, the detailed discussion is beyond the scope of this article.

Symptom number eight: The depressed person feels isolated

When a person is depressed he slowly closes all windows of communication. He does not feel like sharing his problem with his near and dear ones. Even he may feel lazy to talk. As a result, relatives and friends start avoiding a depressed person and he gets isolated not only in the society, but also in his home.

Symptom number nine: People find him lazy

As already stated a depressed person will find normal household work overwhelming and exhaustive. He won't be able to take care of his personal hygiene. He won't take bath or even brush his teeth regularly. As a result, his relatives, friends and neighbours would find him very lazy.

Concluding comments

The above nine symptoms indicate acute depression. If a person suffers from depression, then it is the duty of his near and dear ones to take care of him and immediately seek medical/psychiatric intervention. Not only this, his relatives and friends must try to understand the mental trauma of a depressed person and have sympathy for such persons.

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Author: jenny06 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Depression is one of the major health concern across the globe. Depression has become one of the health epidemic in the world posing challenges for health experts to combat this epidemic. Medical researchers are exploring ways and means to find causes and cures for depression which is increasing at a fast pace. Depression is associated with mood disorders related to person becoming lost in his world/sense of loss, withdrawing himself from interactions with others, showing frustrations, anger, remaining sad all the time and not showing interest in day to day activities.

Depression can be caused due to sleep disorders, loss of some one near and dear one, usage of drugs for a long period, consuming alcohol, traumatic incidences etc. Ayurveda provides a different approach for treating patients with depression. The process involves in holistic methodology of healing by natural means. So there won't be side effects due to allopathic treatments which prescribes antidepressants as medication. There are many wellness treatments available for depressed people.

The treatments in Ayurveda includes simple lifestyle habits, eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains etc. The treatments makes them to exercise both physically and mentally to deal with depression. The treatment also includes the routine changes in life styles such as going for sleep at regular timings, excising to keep body fit and doing meditations to release stress and soothe the senses/calm the senses.

Persons suffering from depression can be taken to treatments in Ayurveda and consult the medical doctors for treatments and suggestions.

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