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Disorders of Bones and Cartilages

In this article you will find some important disorders related to our bones and cartilages. You will also learn about the skeleton system and its importance.


Bones and cartilage make our internal skeleton. There are different used of bones and cartilage. Bones are cartilage are tissues and included in skeleton system. There are total 206 bones in human body. Bones are hard but cartilages are comparatively soft.

Functions of the Skeleton

The functions of skeleton are as follow:
  • Skeleton forms a well organized framework and imparts definite shape to the body.
  • Skeleton provides support to the whole body including limbs, so that body does not collapse or become shapeless.
  • Skeleton provides protection to all delicate parts of the body like lungs, brain, spinal cord, heart, etc. from external pressures, injuries and other hazards.
  • Skeleton provides surface for the attachment of muscles.
  • Skeleton helps in breathing, the movement of ribs and sternum facilitate the process of breathing.
  • The long hollow bones of limbs like femur, humerus, sternum and scapula contain soft tissue the bone-marrow in their cavities which produce blood corpuscles like erythrocytes and leucocytes.
  • Skeleton serves as reservoir for calcium and phosphate which are released, whenever required for several functions of the body.
  • Ear bones present in the middle ear of the mammals convey sound vibration to the internal ear, thus, facilitate the process of hearing.
  • About 40% vertebrate body is made of skeletal muscles which are attached to bones and flexible connective tissue bands known as tendons. Thus, skeletal muscles form lever like mechanism with bones to provide various movements of the body.

Now I am going to explain some disorders of skeleton system i.e. bones and cartilage.


Sprain is caused due to excess stretching of ligaments or tendon which results into their breakage. In case of breakage of ligaments, the bones dislocated from their original place. Therefore, sprain is known as dislocation of bone.

Arthritis or Aching joints

Arthritis or inflammation of joints may result due to the lack of synovial fluid in the joint or due to the ossification of articulating cartilage. Arthritis may also result due to the deposition of uric acid crystals in the joint. Arthritis is very painful disease and the person suffering from Arthritis feels great difficulty in bending his body parts particularly at the joints.

Slipped disc

In slipped disc disease, vertebrae of the vertebral column are displaced from their normal position due to mechanical injuries and stretching in the ligaments which hold them together. Slipped disc is also very painful disease.


Osteoporosis is reduction in bone tissue causing weakness of skeleton strength. Osteoporosis may result due to defective intestinal calcium absorption and menopause. Osteoporosis is more common in women than in men and older than in middle aged person. In osteoporosis pain occur in weight bearing vertebrae. Preventive measure in high risk patients include supplementary calcium and exercise and in post menopausal women, estrogen replacement therapy.

Gout and gouty arthritis

Gout and Gouty arthritis is caused due to defect in purine metabolism that causes an excess of uric acid and its salt. In gout, level of uric acid is raised in the blood. When crystals of uric acid salts accumulate in the joints it causes gouty arthritis.


So, dear friends these are some disorders of bones and cartilages. If want to make our body, we must exercise daily. Here, I am providing the benefits of exercise:
  • Exercise makes our body always fit.
  • All the organs of the body become healthy and functions properly.
  • As a result of exercise, the blood supply to the muscles and all the organs of the body increases, so that, they functions properly.
  • Muscles become more elastic and can perform work with greater speed.
  • the muscles become strong due to the gain in strength of the individual muscle fiber.
  • all the joints of the body functions properly.

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Author: jenny10 May 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A Little piece of information I am giving here to maintain body health related to the skeletal system. As one gets older it is essential or becomes very important to exercise to reduce risks of fractures and diseases of joints. Following a balanced yoga practice, one can gain healthy benefits to avoid wear and tear of the joints and help in strengthening the bones. Practising yoga with proper instructions from a trained yoga practitioner many diseases of bones and joints can be prevented such as osteoporosis joint pains etc. Yoga postures help to retain calcium and also lubricates the joints between the bones. The postures help in balancing the muscular system, keeping in position the skeletal system and thus reducing the wear and tear of bones. Yoga postures help to distribute the weight throughout the body and help to strengthen bones, in the flexibility of movement and removes stiffness in the body. This brings about flexibility to the whole body. Different body posture exercises increase blood circulation and health of the body. With proper guidance from a yoga teacher, health can be taken care of, body balance, coordination of the muscular and skeletal system. By doing regular yoga exercises one can prevent diseases of bones and muscles.

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