Biology : In Dispelling Myths, Soicial evils and misbeliefs

In this article you will find role of biology in dispelling myths, social evils and misbeliefs. You will also find definition of biology, branches of biology and misuses of biology. To know more about biology, please read this article.

What is Biology?

Biology is a branch of science in which we study of living beings. There are two main branches of Biology :

  • Botany: The branch of biology in which we study about plants is known as botany. Theophrastus is known as the father of botany.
  • Zoology: The Branch of biology in which we study about animals is known as zoology. Aristotle is called the father of zoology.

Role of Biology in Dispelling Myths, Social Evils and Misbeliefs

There are so many myths and misconceptions prevailing in the society, but biology tackles these problems effectively and scientifically and rendering them insignificant. Some of these are given below:

  1. People used to offer milk to snakes, thinking it can drink, but snakes do not possess any sucking mechanism, above all, they are carnivorous. They thrive on frogs, rodents etc.
  2. Many people think that in Africa, there are some plants which can eat man. Although there are some carnivorous plants which feed on insects like flies, mosquitoes etc. for their nitrogen requirement, but there is no plant as such, which can eat animals or man.
  3. Male person often complains to his wife for giving birth to girl child only, there are so many separations and divorces due to incapability of wife to give birth to male child. Biology answers this problem very effectively. Female always produces only one type of ovum having X chromosomes whereas male produces two types of sperms having X and Y chromosomes, fusion of X and X type of gametes results is girl, while fusion of X and Y chromosomes results boy. Thus it is very clear that Y chromosome is responsible for giving rise to male child. Hence it is male partner who decides the sex of the child.
  4. Most people think that the HIV spreads by kissing, sharing food, sharing utensils, sneezing, coughing, touching or shaking hands etc. Biology tells us that HIV spreads only by the direct contact of body fluids like semen, blood etc.
    Thus it can spread by any one of the following ways:

    • Mother to fetus, due to the intermixing of body fluids through placenta.
    • From mother's breast milk to the baby.
    • Using infected syringe /needle for taking injections or narcotics.
    • By blood transfusion and organ transplantation.
    • By sexual intercourse with the infected partner.
    • By homosexual act of anal intercourse.
    • Infected blade which is used to clear scalp or beard by the barber.

  5. Biology can also be helpful in eradicating following misbeliefs:

    • Mother is responsible for the birth of female child.
    • Existence of ghosts.
    • Misconception about many human diseases that these are the result of divine anger.
    • Thruthness of dreams.
    • Existence of witchcraft.
    • Children re the gift of God.
    • Snakes drink milk from mammary glands of cows and buffalo.
    • Cats should not cross the way while travelling.
    • Kings are the son of God.
    • Empty pots should not be kept in front of a person whole he is going out of home.

Misuse of Biology

There are two ways to approach a thing or a person, always two sides of an object, brighter and darker. Likewise science also has two approaches it is up the human being which effect he will going to choose, beneficial or destructive.
Following are some of its misuses or terrorist activities:

  • Predetermination of foetal sex by the process of amniocentesis. They may lead to serious problems of imbalance of sex ratio.
  • Use of anthrax spores as biological weapons may bring great sufferings to mankind.
  • Formation of human clones, greatly reduce the importance of social liberty and existence of man, he will become like machine or any non-living object which can be sold or purchased in the market.
  • Generating HIV infected spare parts of man, by tissue culture method, thus creating havoc in the masses.
  • BTX is another war agent obtained from Clostridium botulinum causes severe food poisoning.

Last Word

So biology can be used for the benefits of human race or for the destruction. It is our duty to use biology for the welfare of human being. Biology can be used to understand and to remove myths, social evils and misbelief.


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