How to become an excellent teacher?

Are you dreaming to make your career in the field of teaching? Then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn what are the main characteristics of an excellent teacher. You will also find details on how to become a teacher, eligibility criteria for doing so and different options to make money by teaching.


Teaching is the most prestigious and respected job in the world. Teachers are seen as the most respected persons in the society. Teachers have the potential to change the world. Teaching is the most challenging work where you have put your knowledge into the mind of your pupils. All the great person are great due to their teachers.

Eligibility to become a teacher

If you want to be a teacher, you must have completed following minimum eligibility. The eligibility of a teacher can be divided into two categories:
  1. Academic qualification: For being a teacher, you must have completed academic qualification as follows:
    • Primary teacher: For a primary teacher, you must have passed intermediate or 12gh standard.
    • Middle teacher: For a middle section teacher, you must have completed graduation.
    • High school or Higher Secondary teacher: For a teacher of high school or higher secondary school, you must have completed post-graduation.

  2. professional Qualifications: For being a teacher, you must have completed the following professional qualification:
    • Primary teacher: For a primary teacher, you must have passed National Teacher Eligibility test and must have a degree of D.Ed. (Diploma in education).
    • Middle teacher: For a middle section teacher, you must have Passed National Teacher Eligibility Test and must have a degree of B. Ed. ( Bachelor in Education).
    • High school or Higher Secondary teacher: For a teacher of high school or higher secondary school, you must have passed National Teacher Eligibility Test and have a degree of B.Ed.

How to find a job of a teacher?

To get a teaching job, you must read newspapers, in which you will find advertisements from different schools for the vacancies of a teacher. You can also search on the internet to get a job. There are many websites where you can find vacancies for the job of teachers .

How to be an excellent teacher?

There is a big difference between a teacher and an excellent teacher. It is not easy to be an excellent teacher but you can become one by adopting the following steps.
  1. Learn from your experience: Always try to learn some new things every time you go to class. Experience is very necessary for a teacher. If you have passed all your exams with good marks (above 90%) it is not necessary that you would be an excellent teacher. So always try to get teaching experience and learn from everyday experience.
  2. Know Child Psychology: It is also very important for a teacher to know child Psychology. Child Psychology is learnt in B.Ed. and D. Ed. but students at that time do not take child Psychology seriously. So if you want to be an excellent teacher, first of all, try to learn child Psychology.
  3. Lesson Plan and teaching aids: Lesson plan is the key of teaching. So make your lesson plan according to the level of the student, your local environment, availability of resources etc. You will not succeed if you have not prepared your lesson plan. Always try to use teaching aids either ready-made or self-made during the lectures. Give assignments and check them on time.
  4. Get them interested: I believe that every subject can be interesting. So try to make your lecture interesting for students. Try to give an example or some interesting facts during your lecture. If you have an ability to make your lecture interesting, no doubt, you would be an excellent teacher.
  5. Set an Ideal Example: Your student always try to mimic you so be careful and set an ideal example in front of your pupils. Do not forget that students are always watching you and ready to mimic you.
  6. Be inspiring: Always try to inspire and motivate your students. Students always need inspiration and motivation from teachers and the principal.
  7. Be friendly and a counsellor Be friendly with your students but remember that you are a teacher and they are students. Students have many problems especially in teenage years. So try to understand your students and be their counsellor.
  8. Do differently: Try to use different ways of teaching every time. It will certainly work and students will eagerly wait for your lecture. Do not use the traditional method of teaching. Be creative and make an atmosphere for the students so that they would be able to be creative.
  9. Class controlling: Class controlling is also necessary for an excellent teacher. You must have the potential to make discipline in your class.

How to make some extra money through teaching job?

If you have selected a teaching job for your career, there are many ways by which you can make money instead of your salary. Some other ways of making extra money are:
  • Private Educator: You can make money by giving private tuition in your local area. You can also be an online educator and make some extra money.
  • Start a YouTube Channel: You can start a YouTube channel to share your videos related to your subject. Once you get famous, you would be able to earn money through the Google AdSense program.
  • Start a blog : You can also share your knowledge by starting your blog. You can post different qualitative articles on your blog. You can earn money from the blog through Google AdSense. You can also post and share your articles at other sites which will pay you money according to the quality of your articles.

It is not difficult to be an excellent teacher. Only remember the above points and I am sure you would be an excellent teacher in your life. Your students will also thank you for your dedication. And last, but not least, make teaching you passion.

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Author: K Mohan11 May 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

How to become a excellent teacher ? This is not that easy to answer as there are many factors which decide and showcase the success of a teacher. A successful teacher should have lots of patience. It is her duty to repeat and repeat again so that every one in the class learns and follows. A good teacher is one who should not get agitated or irritated. In a class of 40 students there would be discussions, commotions and even fist cuffs. She has to handle the issue delicately and not giving support to a particular student. Most importantly a good teacher should not compare an intelligent student with a dull one. Marks should not be the measurement of comparison. She should identify the weakness of every student and concentrate to improve the confidence of that student. Remember a teacher is the second mother for any child and thus even a small chiding or scolding affects the student very much. So no chiding and no beating. A friendly teacher is the winner and every student will like her.

Author: jenny11 May 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

A good teacher has to prepare her lessons well with proper planning, be equipped with relevant teaching aids and implement them successfully. It is necessary to manage time well and be always eager to answer children's questions. A teacher should be a role model and a mentor to the children. The teacher should possess compassion and affection to the children, help the children to solve their problems. Teacher should be able to understand the mind-set of children. Be able to provide support and show concern when children need them. The teacher should have strong skills in communication and listening. He/she must possess leadership qualities and should be approachable for all students. The teacher must build the trust in children for effective learning processes. A teacher should be empathetic and provide quality time for learning. The teacher should be polite but firm in giving instructions. The teacher should provide a happy atmosphere in the class room for joyful learning and should also be a learner. A good teacher will encourage and facilitate the student for understanding the concepts. A good teacher shows interest for each child and also gives importance for each one of them. She should build confidence and competence to help them to achieve their goals. The teacher has to correct children's mistakes and provide advice for their betterment and building a good personality. The role of teachers is vast and they are role models in nation building.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 May 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good teacher has to go to the level of his/her student and teach at that level. Then the reception from the student will be good. The lesson is to be started with a known point and take him with the teacher into the subject. Then the students will receive it more easily.
The teacher should make notes of the lesson, before start teaching. As per the notes and plan, the lesson has to progress. In a class, some students will grasp the subject very fast, but some may be a little slow. The teacher should aim the last student. More teaching aids, case studies, examples, audio-visual teaching aids, will make a teacher more perfect. In between questioning the students to know whether they are with or not is another quality of a good teacher. Giving some past experiences as examples is always better.

Author: Partha K.21 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

This is a very good and informative article of Mr. Hakimuddin. The author has systematically dealt with the qualification required to become a teacher, the procedure of becoming a teacher and the qualities required to become successful in this profession. I liked this article. However, I may add some relevant points on the issue:-

(i) For teaching in a college, a candidate must qualify National Eligibility Test (NET) or hold PhD degree in a subject.
(ii0 Almost all State Governments now hold competitive examinations to select and appoint qualified teachers in Government schools. In fact, this provides suitable opportunities to candidates interested in teaching.
(iii) Not only private tuition, but also online tutoring provides income opportunities for the teachers.
(iv) Lastly but most importantly, a teacher needs passion for teaching. A teacher has to come down to the level of his students and explain the topic on hand. Moreover, he/she has to take care of all students, good, average and poor. This requires special quality and passion.

Concluding my response, I thank the author for this informative and useful article, which would help many young men and women.

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